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Law Firm SEO Services & Marketing Agencies

Visibility is key to the success of a law firm. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, and marketing agencies can help your firm stand out. Some agencies work on both SEO and marketing, while others specialize in one or the other. You'll need to assess your own needs before determining which is right for you.

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Law Firm SEO Services & Marketing Agencies FAQs

What is SEO and how can it help my law firm?

Law Firm SEO simply means ensuring your site shows up in Google, Bing and other search engines. When people search for related topics, you want your page to be as close to the top of the list as possible. An SEO agency works to optimize your website for both of these concerns. Their work can include keyword optimization, content production, link building, and more.

SEO agencies can also help your firm with Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This typically refers to paid search activities like paid search ads, display ads, pay-per-click (PPC), social media ads, and remarketing (or retargeting).

Does my law firm need a marketing agency?

Your law firm obviously needs marketing efforts, but not necessarily a marketing agency. In order to determine this, complete your initial procedures manual. Then, your firm should have a good idea of your intake processes and where it can be refined. If your system is lacking in Potential New Clients (PNC), or just in the quality of PNCs, you may want to consider using a law firm marketing agency.

What does law firm marketing entail?

Marketing agencies for lawyers work with law firms to manage any combination of marketing functions, often including branding, marketing plan development, website design and development,  content marketing, social media marketing, paid ad management, and more. A digital marketing agency can help you refine your brand and tell your firm’s story. They help you tell potential clients who you are, who you serve, and why. Once you have a strong brand story, you can use it to guide the development of your firm’s digital marketing efforts.

How much should my firm spend on legal marketing?

Obviously, this depends on a lot of factors that are very specific to your law practice. Personal Injury attorneys in major markets will spend more than a general practitioner in rural mid-america. Tracking your marketing efforts will help you determine what your firm needs to spend, and where. A good marketing agency will help you with this task, whether it’s tracking phone calls, Google Ads, or simply your SEO efforts.

How important is a law firm website?

At the core of any SEO or digital marketing campaign is your law firm’s website. This is where many of your clients will see your company for the first time. And it is generally what all of your marketing efforts will focus on. Some of the companies in this portal will build and maintain your website, while others will enhance it in some way. But, before you can use most of these services, you’ll need to have someone create your site.

If you’re new to this, and in need of some inspiration, take a look at some of our Best Law Firm Websites for some ideas.

Best Law Firm Websites Screenshots

How to Choose Law Firm SEO Services & Marketing Agencies

Making a decision about which SEO service or attorney marketing agency to use first requires that you assess your firm’s needs and budget. Are you concerned about your performance in search results? Do you have the financial capacity to do some paid advertising? Are you happy with the look of your current website? Do you need an external agency to provide fresh content for your site or for your social media presence? If you’d like some help, use the product recommendation wizard at the top of this page to narrow down your choices.

4 Steps to Choosing Law Firm SEO Services & Marketing Agencies

1. Know Your Rights

First, know what you should expect from software with our Legal Software Bill of Rights.

2. Determine Your Needs

Use our Features List as a guide to determine what these types of providers offer, and what services you need/want. Make a list of these features and prioritize them. SEO and Marketing is not something that is solved overnight, so you’ll want to have a plan for what you need immediately, and where you want your marketing efforts to go.

3. Assess Provider Functions and Features

Once you’ve determined what services are out there and what your needs are, it’s time to see how providers align with your vision. In some cases, you can get comprehensive service providers to take care of all of your needs–although you’ll pay more for that. While, other times, you may want to engage someone who specializes in a particular service and has proven results. Use the product recommendation wizard at the top of this page to help guide you.

4. Try Before You Buy

Although it is impossible to get a “free trial” from a service provider like this, you should still get a feel for their work before you engage them. Many of the options in this portal provide online portfolios or examples of their past work. Even if they don’t, however, you shouldn’t be shy about asking for references and examples.

Many law firm SEO or marketing agencies offer free site audits or SEO assessments. This can quickly give you ideas about what you might improve. Additionally, you’ll have an opportunity to see if the agency is a good fit for you. Both SEO and design services contracts can last several months. So, you’ll want to be sure to work with an agency where you have smooth communication and enjoy working with each other.

Law Firm SEO Services & Marketing Agencies Feature Descriptions

Free Consultation

A free consultation or website audit can help you figure out if a particular marketing agency is a good fit with your law firm.

Focused on Law

Some marketing agencies focus on representing law firms, while others apply their skills to multiple industries.


Marketing can be winner-take-most, especially when it comes to search. That can present a conflict if a marketing agency represents direct competitors. Many marketing agencies won’t represent direct competitors for this reason, although exclusivity may cost more.

Law Firm Websites

A well-designed law firm website with a solid SEO strategy is the foundation of any law-firm marketing plan. Besides just creating the website, companies may offer to draft copy, produce videos, and maintain and support the website.

Will You Own Your Website?

If your web design company owns the assets it creates for your website, it can be difficult to transfer your website to another hosting provider or marketing agency.


Drafting effective website copy, including pages and blog posts, is a specialized skill, and it can help your firm launch a new law website much more quickly than if you intend to draft the copy yourself.

Video Production

Professional video production can enhance your website and drive visitors to contact your firm.


Before you hire, you should look at other websites the company has designed. A public portfolio makes this easy.

Website Maintenance

Websites require technical upkeep, which isn’t always included in your fee.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO involves more than just optimizing keywords for search engines, but the end goal is for potential clients to find your website. Note: effective SEO is not cheap, and cheap SEO is rarely effective.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimizing the content and metadata of your law firm website pages. This is essential but fairly basic.


Building off-site links back to your website effectively probably requires a strategy and a fair amount of work. Linkbuilding tactics can include writing guest posts, outreach, and more.

Local SEO

Search engines use what they know about your location when they deliver search results, and not just in map apps. Local SEO aims to boost your results when location is relevant.

Pay-Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising puts your search results on top of targeted search queries.

Google Certified Partner

An optional certification that means Google has certified the vendor as an expert in Google Ads. It does not mean the vendor has any kind of special relationship with Google.

Brand Design

If you need a logo or other marketing assets, you might want a branding package for your law firm.

Social Media Marketing

Your marketing agency can help you design and maintain a social media presence.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be highly effective, and a marketing agency can help your firm develop and execute an email strategy.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing may include things like letterhead, newspaper ad design, etc.

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