Team Lawyerist

Our Amazing Team

Lawyerist is working to change the future of small law firms.

We’re regularly looking to add to our team of fun, smart, driven, talented humans.

We offer a flexible, remote-first workplace, competitive salaries, and benefits – plus lots of inside jokes when you’re a part of the family.

Working Here

Since a big part of our work is helping small firm lawyers build better legal businesses, we take the craft of small business management very seriously. So we’re always trying to find ways to become a great company and a great place to work.

Want to know what our team thinks of working here? Check out our Glassdoor reviews.

Current Openings

Lawyerist is currently looking to hire the following roles:

  • Operations Manager & Executive Assistant (closed 2/28/19)

How We Hire

Lawyerist follows a “right people, right seats” model for hiring new team members.

First, we’re looking for people who will really fit with our team culture defined by our 6 core company values and are the “right people” for Lawyerist:

  1. Build the tribe.
  2. Improve the ecosystem.
  3. Deliver value first; seek profit second.
  4. Learn and teach.
  5. Think inclusively.
  6. Do great work that supports a great life.

Second, we want to make sure you are a fit for the particular role we’re looking to fill and would be in the “right seat” for the job we need.

If you know you’re one of our people and live our values and can do the work we need doing, we would love to hear from you!