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Product Details

  • Web
Software Integrations
  • Clio
  • PracticePanther
  • LawPay
  • Zapier
  • FileVine
  • LEXReception
  • smith.ai
  • RocketMatter
  • CallRail
  • Smokeball
  • Kenect
  • WealthCounsel

Core Features

For Intake CRM, the following are essential features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.


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Automated Workflows

A core feature of marketing automation software and many intake and CRM tools is the ability to automate workflows like follow-up emails after a potential client inquiry, pre-consult questionnaires, new client onboarding, and more.

Appointment Scheduling

With appointment scheduling, you can connect your calendar and let potential clients pick consultation slots right from your website.

Calendar Sync

Sync up your calendar so you can see associated appointments when viewing a potential client's record.

Email Templates

Building out your marketing workflows is quicker and easier if you have templates to work from.

Email Sync

Sync up your email account so you can see emails sent or received when viewing a potential client's record.

Text Messaging

While email is a fairly standard part of most software, your clients may prefer text messaging. If so, you'll want to keep track of them in your software so you can see your conversations associated with potential clients.

Document Templates

When it comes to intake questionnaires or engagement letters, a template can help get you up and running with your software more easily.


Allow clients to sign and return documents quickly, using their computer or phone—but not a printer.


See reports like the number of clients in each stage of your marketing or intake process, or the return on investment from your various marketing investments.

Client Portal

Communicate with clients, exchange documents, and provide clients with secure, real-time information on the status of their case. Client portals can set the tone with clients from the beginning.

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Lawmatics CRM logo
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  • Integrations
  • Marketing Tracking
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  • Lacks PI Integrations

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  • Broad Appeal
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Lawmatics?

Lawmatics is a cloud-based Client Relationship Management tool that can be used from any modern browser.

What is the price of Lawmatics?

Lawmatics offers two products with their CRM; Intake, and Marketing. Intake will run you $199.99 per month, while the Marketing add-on will increase your pricing to $249 per month. There is a $399.00 one-time set-up fee associated with either of these configurations. Enterprise pricing is also available.

Does Lawmatics integrate with my Law Practice Management Software?

Lawmatics integrates with many of the most popular LPMS systems, including Clio Manage, Smokeball, PracticePanther, FileVine, and Rocket Matter.

Does Lawmatics have client forms for my website?

Yes. With Lawmatics it is relatively easy to integrate intake forms into your current website. This can help automate a vast portion of your intake process for you.

Does Lawmatics have project or task management?

Yes. Lawmatics has agile-style project management built into their platform. This allows lawyers to track PNCs as they move through the intake process.

Can Lawmatics track my marketing efforts?

Yes. With the Marketing add-on, lawyers can easily track their advanced, multi-channel marketing efforts, both digital and offline.

Can I accept online payments with Lawmatics?

Yes. Lawyers can accept ePayments through Lawmatics' integration with LawPay.

Does Lawmatics integrate with Calendly?

As of this review, Lawmatics does not directly integrate with Calendly. However, their documentation will walk users through how to set up a Zapier automation to work around this.

Is Lawmatics good for solos?

Lawmatics is good for solos to medium-sized law firms who are taking an active role in their marketing and are looking to streamline their intake process.

Can I send engagement letters through Lawmatics?

Yes. Lawmatics has a relatively easy to use document automation platform built-in.

Additional Details about Lawmatics

Custom forms. Well, it would be more accurate to say you can create custom forms and questionnaires and create custom file requests for clients. You can customize the fields, questions, and style you need for a particular matter, practice area, or case. The custom forms can be embedded into your website, making it super easy to collect the data you need. For file requests, clients will receive a link to a straightforward webpage prompting them to upload the documents you requested. Easy peasy.

Custom reporting. So what are you going to do with all that data you’ve collected from your custom forms? Why, custom reporting of course! Review your data in Lawmatics in any way you see fit. You’ll gain better insight into your procedures and approach. And, more importantly, you’ll enhance your client interactions.

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