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Legal Marketing

Whether you are just getting started or looking to take your firm to the next level, you need to understand these legal marketing concepts and strategies.

Many, many lawyers have started or joined solo or small law firms. Many of them are perfectly adequate lawyers. Some of them are even reasonably-competent in some operations and management skills. Lawyers, though, have shown a persistent reluctance to embrace skills in client acquisition, branding, legal marketing, advertising, and sales best practices. Oddly, lawyers still seem to think that “referrals from other lawyers and clients” is all the law firm marketing they need.

At Lawyerist, we believe solo and small firm lawyers, particularly those trying to grow their firms into client-centric, technology-forward law businesses, should be guided by aspirational and meaningful lawyer marketing values, including:

  1. Your firm’s reputation in your community reflects the brand image you are trying to convey and the unique value you provide to clients.
  2. You have a written marketing plan and you use objective data to determine the success of your marketing activities.
  3. You track your marketing efforts to potential clients, existing clients, former clients, and referral sources.
  4. Your firm has a modern, mobile-responsive website that is focused on communicating your brand message. It has clear calls to action based on your marketing plan.
  5. You use a variety of online and offline marketing activities to communicate your value in a way that resonates with your target client market and is designed to convert them into leads to your firm.
  6. You have a system for converting potential clients into paying clients.

A successful law firm marketing strategy will absolutely incorporate your website and social media presence. It will rely on referrals from other lawyers and clients and even some traditional networking and advertising. But we’re also going to inspire you to incorporate blogging, video, search engine optimization, podcasting, content marketing, and email marketing into the mix of tools you have to level up your legal marketing efforts.

Check out our blog posts and podcast episodes below to learn more about developing your firm’s legal marketing plan. If you want to take your practice to the next level, sign up to be a Lawyerist Insider, if you haven’t already. You’ll get access to our library of downloads and our private Facebook Group. If you’re really eager to build an efficient and future-oriented practice, check out Lawyerist Lab for hands-on, personalized training to help you build your dream law practice.

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