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Our Rating: 4.3/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

Community Rating: 4.3/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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Composite Rating: 4.3/5

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Product Details

Services Offered
  • Law Firm Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Other Marketing Services

Core Features

For SEO Services & Marketing Agencies, the following are essential features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.


Free Consultation

A free consultation or website audit can help you figure out if a particular marketing agency is a good fit with your law firm.

Focused on Law

Some marketing agencies focus on representing law firms, while others apply their skills to multiple industries.


Marketing can be winner-take-most, especially when it comes to search. That can present a conflict if a marketing agency represents direct competitors. Many marketing agencies won’t represent direct competitors for this reason, although exclusivity may cost more.

Will You Own Your Website?

If your web design company owns the assets it creates for your website, it can be difficult to transfer your website to another hosting provider or marketing agency.


Drafting effective website copy, including pages and blog posts, is a specialized skill, and it can help your firm launch a new law website much more quickly than if you intend to draft the copy yourself.

Video Production

Professional video production can enhance your website and drive visitors to contact your firm.


Before you hire, you should look at other websites the company has designed. A public portfolio makes this easy.

Website Maintenance

Websites require technical upkeep, which isn’t always included in your fee.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimizing the content and metadata of your law firm website pages. This is essential but fairly basic.


Building off-site links back to your website effectively probably requires a strategy and a fair amount of work. Linkbuilding tactics can include writing guest posts, outreach, and more.

Local SEO

Search engines use what they know about your location when they deliver search results, and not just in map apps. Local SEO aims to boost your results when location is relevant.

Pay-Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising puts your search results on top of targeted search queries.

Google Certified Partner

An optional certification that means Google has certified the vendor as an expert in Google Ads. It does not mean the vendor has any kind of special relationship with Google.

Brand Design

If you need a logo or other marketing assets, you might want a branding package for your law firm.

Social Media Marketing

Your marketing agency can help you design and maintain a social media presence.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be highly effective, and a marketing agency can help your firm develop and execute an email strategy.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing may include things like letterhead, newspaper ad design, etc.

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  • No Offline Advertising
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of iLawyer Marketing?

iLawyerMarketing's services are all very specific to the individual law firm. As such, they have custom pricing based on each user's needs.

Is iLawyer Marketing familiar with Law Firm Marketing?

Yes. iLawyerMarketing only handles law firm marketing.

Does iLawyer Marketing offer SEO services?

Yes. They offer on-page SEO as well as broader, more complex SEO optimization that increases the visibility of your website.

Does iLawyer Marketing offer exclusivity?

As with many SEO Marketing providers, iLawyerMarketing offers semi-exclusivity, where they will work with others in your competetive area, but will limit it only to the amount they can feasibly provide services for.

Can iLawyer Marketing build my website?

Yes. In fact, they are generally most effective when they have handled all aspects of your site build.

Does iLawyer Marketing offer link building?

Yes. As an aspect of their deep SEO efforts, iLawyerMarketing will definitely employ back linking strategies.

Will iLawyer Marketing help my firm with non-digital marketing?

No. Although they will offer some brand design, iLawyerMarketing does not assist with off-line marketing efforts like print ad campaigns.

Can iLawyer Marketing manage my social media?

Yes. As part of their services, iLawyerMarketing will manage SEO posts and content.

Does iLawyer Marketing handle PPC and other digital ads?

Yes. iLawyerMarketing's greatest strengths lie in SEO and managed digital ad campaings such as Google ads, Facebook ads, or other PPC.

Does iLawyer Marketing help with content marketing?

Yes. iLawyerMarketing will assist with your content marketing as part of their overall SEO optimization plan.

Additional Details about iLawyer Marketing

SEO Research from iLawyer Marketing 

As Google makes regular changes to its search algorithm throughout the year, iLawyer Marketing focuses many resources on staying up-to-date. To that end, they use proprietary software, test sites, and other research methods to independently determine what is currently driving rankings. This helps them stay ahead of the curve, instead of simply reacting. 

Comprehensive Site Builds 

Although, in rare cases, iLawyer Marketing can simply take an existing website and add their SEO specialties to it, it is more likely that a firm will get a full-site reconstruction (or a new build). Their SEO and marketing campaigns go beyond the superficial keyword optimization. They use the weight of the entire site to increase visibility. This may mean a firm’s current site isn’t up to the task. However, each site is built on a WordPress base. And, once paid for, clients own their code. 

A/B call tracking for PPC campaigns 

Digital marketing agencies often do A/B testing, providing one message to one group of users and a different message to another. This allows them to see which message is more effective. iLawyer Marketing goes one step further and offers A/B call tracking. This means they will set up a site to display one phone number for any paid search traffic and a different phone number for all organic traffic so firms can assess where leads are coming from. 


Where geotargeting shows ads to potential clients within a city or state, geofencing serves an ad based on the location of someone’s mobile device and their possible purpose for being there. Effectively, this means iLawyer Marketing can show a personal injury firm’s ad to people who may have recently been in a hospital. Or it can show a criminal lawyer’s ad to someone who has recently been at a police station. 

Who iLawyer Marketing is For 

iLawyer Marketing is well-suited for attorneys looking to aggressively market themselves online through multiple channels. They use many tools and techniques that allow a firm to adapt and hone its long-term campaigns into robust ROI machines. Additionally, they have a great depth of experience in all forms of SEO optimization. 

Personal injury attorneys, divorce lawyers, and high-volume criminal defense lawyers will likely realize the best results. Although, anyone looking to dominate a competitive market will want to keep iLawyer Marketing on their short-list of providers. 

On the other hand, we expect iLawyer Marketing provides too much specialization for firms looking for a simple web presence. Of course, they could deliver it. But it wouldn’t be the best use of their skills. 

Who iLawyer Marketing is for

iLawyer Marketing is well-suited for attorneys looking to aggressively market themselves online through multiple channels. They use many tools and techniques that allow a firm to adapt and hone its long-term campaigns into robust ROI machines. Additionally, they have a great depth of experience in all forms of SEO optimization. 

Personal injury attorneys, divorce lawyers, and high-volume criminal defense lawyers will likely realize the best results. Although, anyone looking to dominate a competitive market will want to keep iLawyer Marketing on their short-list of providers. 

On the other hand, we expect iLawyer Marketing provides too much specialization for firms looking for a simple web presence. Of course, they could deliver it. But it wouldn’t be the best use of their skills. 

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iLawyer Marketing Community Reviews


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  • David W. says:

    iLawyer is the best. Period

    Our firm has been around for 20 years. We have been successful as a firm in large part because of iLawyer Marketing. Their SEO service is unparalleled, and they have helped us create amazing websites. There is literally nobody else I would trust.
  • Meg M. says:

    5 Stars For ILawyer Marketing

    We approached iLawyer Marketing for a complete website makeover and a revamp of our SEO strategy after a frustrating experience with our previous vendor, whose mishaps led to multiple website crashes and low SEO performance. Thanks to iLawyer, our website is now not only lightning-fast and visually stunning and ranks on the first page of Google.

    The impact of iLawyer’s expertise is crystal clear in the monthly reports they provide. Since partnering with them, our website impressions, form fills, and Google rankings have all witnessed significant boosts, showcasing the tangible results of their efforts.

    Our dedicated Account Manager, Steven Sacro, is a great project manager. Quick responses to emails and transparent timelines for new projects have become the norm. His clear communication style is a standout quality, providing our company with a reliable understanding of when to expect deliverables and the associated costs.

    One of the things we love about iLawyer Marketing is their exclusive focus on law firm marketing. In our past experiences with other digital marketing companies, we often found a lack of understanding regarding the unique needs of law firms. iLawyer is different. From blog posts to website pages, their content incorporates accurate legal verbiage and effectively breaks down complex legal issues for our readers. This niche expertise also shines through in the success of our Google ads, benefiting from their knowledge of the keywords that resonate best. In summary, iLawyer Marketing’s tailored approach gets a solid 5 star recommendation from us.

  • Mike B. says:

    The best in the business for law firm SEO

    I’ve worked with many marketing companies over the years, including several that do legal marketing specifically. Without any hesitation, I’d say the iLawyerMarketing team is the best in the business.

    What I like best about iLawyerMarketing is that they get results for my firm. As the partner in my firm focused on marketing, I’ve worked closely with Mike and the team at iLawyer for years now. We’ve used iLawyer for SEO, PPC, videos and content creation. If they weren’t great at all these things, we would be using another provider but they are simply on another level compared to other companies I’ve worked with.

    They know how important our rankings are on Google for the specific types of cases we are looking to generate, which are catastrophic injury and mass tort cases. The competition is high and getting high rankings on Google isn’t always quick, but I’ve been doing marketing long enough to know that doing SEO the right way takes time and these guys have always delivered for us. Bottom line is they’ve always been able to get us ranking where we need to be to drive more leads and help us sign more cases from our marketing efforts. I will say they aren’t cheap, but they are worth every penny in my opinion.

    I highly recommend the iLawyer team.

  • joseph p. says:

    Avoid this company

    I am the managing partner of a small sized criminal defense firm. We employ about 20 people. I typically spend between 50 and 70k per month on marketing efforts. The following is based on my personal experiences and represents my opinion regarding iLawyer.

    I was referred to iLawyer by a Director at another agency, so it broke down a lot of the typical sales tactics we encounter. Alex, who became my main point of contact, was quick to identify what my weak/pressure points were and did a fantastic job in his presentation. He has an “arc tool” that shows you roughly where you rate on Google vs other people in the market. There are obvious problems with this tool – you cant use it, you have to rely on them and the keywords they use arent really all that relevant. But it sure looks impressive.


    They make very good looking websites.
    Website turn around was faster than promised.
    Designs appeared to be sleek and unique.


    Too many to list.
    Negative ROI on PPC ads. They even had copy from prior company.
    Blamed my intake.
    Actually blamed inflation as a reason for bad leads.
    Massive structural errors in website that hampered SEO efforts.
    Massive errors in PPC methodoly, relied on Google to drive it.
    Negative ROI.

    One of the most offensive parts of my dealings with this company were the PPC manager and the account manager. The account manager seemed like he could care less about my success, seemed in over his head, and just did not care. I was told this by another Firm that had left iLawyer who also had the same account manager. He was never proactive, never offered solutions.

    The PPC Manager, who charged between 15% and 18% based on my total ad spend, was almost totally ineffective. She had the audacity to blame inflation for the leads she was delivering through Adwords, then she blamed my intake, and it just kept coming.

    I had to hire an independent consultant to evaluate my dealings with this company, the results were startling. As it relates to PPC, I was being charged 15 to 18% for Google to basically run my campaign. The ads were not being manually adjusted as much as they needed to be, the audience targeting was wrong, the copy had multiple spelling errors, and in at least two instances the copy being run was not for my firm.

    On the SEO side, the website structure was confusing. I had to fight with them to get relevant practice areas displayed, and it felt like any time I wanted to make a change I was threatened with an additional “cost” or charge that would be imposed.

    I went into my dealings with iLawyer with a lot of hope, but perhaps too much desperation. They capitalized on the prior marketing company’s issues and used that as an excuse for almost seven months.

    The worst part was the insult in the end. They would not free the websites that I paid north of 40k for without an additional month’s charge being paid so they could “wrap things up.”

    In my opinion, this company is just about a money grab. They will overcharge you for everything, deliver on nothing, and in the end blame you. Be careful if you elect to go with this company.

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