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The Small Firm Scorecard™ Assessment

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Your Personal Gateway to Expanding Your Firm’s Success

Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired of questioning yourself, and not sure where to begin in improving your law firm? Feel like you see the success stories of other small firms so you know it’s possible, but you’re not sure what they’re doing differently? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! It’s impossible to know what you don’t know. 

We’ve worked with dozens of small law firms and we’ve found the core elements that are most likely to fast-track their success. We custom created this useful tool to help you tangibly measure your firm’s success rate and pinpoint where you’re struggling so you can build a prosperous business while helping your clients

In this assessment, each question is specifically designed to evaluate your firm’s current state of health so you know exactly what to work on rather than getting distracted by all the options. 

We’ll ask key questions surrounding both personal and business goals, strategies, systems, procedures, client services and acquisition, technology, and finances, along with people and staffing. By completing this assessment, you will visually see where you’re thriving, what needs improvement, and if you should consider getting some help along the way. Plus you’ll receive the actionable steps and resources needed to make it all happen!

The best part? As a Lawyerist Subscriber, you can come back to this page at any time to re-take the assessment. That way you can see exactly just how far you’ve come in improving your law firm, overcoming your struggles, and measure your success in real-time!