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Mailbag: President’s Day Questions Answered!

You've got pressing Presidents' Day questions. We've got answers.

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Vehicles Lawyers Should Not Drive

What vehicles scare away clients? Find out if yours made the list.

Development of Firm Manager Has Been Suspended

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How to Find the Right Mentor

Finding a good mentor means understanding both their obligations and yours. Here are some tips on what you should look for in a mentor and what you need to do to be a good mentee.

Best Law Firm Websites

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Podcast #107: Niche Practice: Weed Law, with Matthew Buck

"Weed law," it turns out, is neither as exciting nor as boring as you might think. In this episode of the Lawyerist Podcast, Matthew Buck offers a window into the world of weed law, the ethics of advising clients who are committing federal crimes, and how to market a niche practice.

Press Release: Lawyerist Launches New Law Practice Management Software Directory

Lawyerist is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Law Practice Management Software Directory.