New Job Openings at Lawyerist!

We're hiring new positions to help manage and grow the Lawyerist community. Learn more about our current job openings.

Call for Nominations: 2018 Best Law Firm Websites Contest

There are thousands of law firm websites out there, which means we need your help to find the cream of the crop—the best law firm websites of 2018.

Join Your Tribe, Grow Your Firm: Lawyerist Insider

Insiders are excited to engage with new ideas about the future of their practices. We think about law practice as a profession as well as a business. We design law firms for growth with the client at the center. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Good. Join your tribe!

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New Tech, Barriers to Innovation, and Open Letters

Three podcasts we're listening to this week: Legal Toolkit, Planet Lex, and Corner Office.

How Lawyers Work: Jayne Sykora & Jennifer Santini, Estate Planning Nerds & Enthusiastic Networking Aficionados

In this week's edition of How Lawyers Work, we hear from Jayne Sykora and Jennifer Santini, law partners and co-founders of Sykora & Santini PLLP in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Podcast #155: Why Intake is the Key to Law Firm Success, with Billie Tarascio

In this episode, Billie Tarascio explains why intake is the key to her firm's success, and how her firm uses empathy and data to strategically optimize the intake process.

Lawyerist Builds Leadership Team to Focus on Community Building and Growth

Over the past three years, we’ve put a lot of effort into transitioning Lawyerist from an older business model built around digital publishing and blogging, to a new one built around growing an engaged community of small firm lawyers. These transitions include the launch of the Lawyerist Podcast in 2015, the launch of our TBD […]

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Why Women “Don’t Write” Business Books, Plus 10 Good Business Books Written by Women

Why are most popular business books written by men? Three reasons why that might be—plus 10 business books that aren't.

“I Have a Dream”

Our annual tribute to the "I Have a Dream" speech in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. on MLK Day.

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Quakers, Killers, and Dead Pilots

Three podcasts we're listening to this week: ABA Journal Modern Law Library, Casefile, and Dead Pilot's Society.