Call for Nominations: 2017 Best Law Firm Websites Contest

We need you to tell us about the best law firm websites you’ve come across.


How to Be a Human Lawyer

It is important to be professional with your clients, but it is also important to be approachable. Here are some tips on how to be a human lawyer.

AbacusLaw Law Practice Management Software

Operational Security for Lawyers

drawing of computer and lock symbol

Secure Messaging for Lawyers

In certain situations, lawyers need to use secure messaging. Here's how to get started with Signal and OnionShare, two highly secure ways to communicate with clients.

Amicus Attorney Law Practice Management Software

Restore Order to Your Desk to Reduce Stress

Stacks of paper, overflowing inboxes, and cluttered desks are major contributors to stress. To regain a sense of calm, take control of your space.

Firm Central Law Practice Management Software

Illustration of business shark smiles slyly, cartoon.

New Attorney? Don’t Get Intimidated by Opposing Counsel

New attorneys can often be easily intimidated. Here are some tips on how young attorneys can effectively deal with bullying from opposing counsel.