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  1. Build the tribe.
  2. Improve the ecosystem.
  3. Deliver value first; seek profit second.
  4. Learn and teach.
  5. Think inclusively.
  6. Do great work that supports a great life.

Our Business

Lawyerist’s core focus is to build the tribe of small-firm lawyers who are building sustainable law practices for the next 20 years and beyond. Firms in the Lawyerist tribe are built around client-centric services, future-oriented technology, profit-oriented business models, and have access to justice and inclusion among their core values.

Here is an overview of what we offer:

Our Story

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Lawyerist started out in 2007 as a blog called SoloSmallTech, born of Sam’s search for better tech tools for law practice. As a small community started to come together in the comments, it became a great place for solo and small-firm lawyers to find innovative ideas.

After a little while, Sam renamed the publication to Lawyerist and started inviting other writers, starting with Eric Cooperstein, to help cover other law practice subjects. Not long after that, in March 2009, Aaron Street joined Lawyerist to turn Sam’s promising little website into a company, with the goal of fostering a community of innovative solo and small-firm lawyers. The site grew quickly, and so has the community along with it.

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The innovative and entrepreneurial small-firm lawyers in the Lawyerist community are not like-minded, exactly. Call us similarly different-minded lawyers who are trying to figure out a better way to solve legal problems for clients.

Now you can join that community by joining the Lawyerist Insider. Perks include access to our Insider Library, our weekly Insiders-only email newsletter, and small-firm lawyers can join our private Facebook group for Insiders.

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