Lawyerist is home to the largest online community of solo and small-firm lawyers in the world, but it didn’t start out that way.


Lawyerist started out in 2007 as a blog called SoloSmallTech, born of Sam Glover‘s search for better tech tools for law practice. As a small community started to come together in the comments, it became one of the best places online to find innovative ideas for solo and small practices. After a little while, Sam renamed the publication to Lawyerist and started inviting other writers, starting with Eric Cooperstein, to help cover other law practice subjects.

Not long after that, Aaron Street joined Lawyerist to turn Sam’s promising little website into a company, with the goal of fostering a community of innovative solo and small-firm lawyers. The site grew quickly, and dozens of writers have emerged from the community to publish their writing on the front page. Now, thousands of people visit Lawyerist every day, and Lawyerist is home to the largest online community of solo and small-firm lawyers in the world.

Our goal, as always, is to help lawyers build better law practices by bringing together a group of innovative lawyers to share ideas, experiments, and best practices. We do this in several “channels” that you can always access from the top menu on Lawyerist:

  • Our posts range from longer, comprehensive articles to shorter notes.
  • Our email newsletter, the Lawyerist Insider, goes out Monday through Friday with popular and recent posts, interesting links, bonus content, and special offers from our sponsors.
  • The Lawyerist Podcast is a weekly show about lawyering and law practice hosted by Sam Glover and Aaron Street.
  • Our survival guides are ebooks you can download and print or read on your screen.


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