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Lawyerist’s core focus is to build a community of small-firm lawyers who are building healthy and sustainable law practices for the next 20 years and beyond. Firms in the Lawyerist community are built around client-centric services, future-oriented technology, profit-oriented business models, and—like us—have access to justice and inclusion among their core values.

We know you have a vision for your law firm- we’re here to help you strategize that into action so you can have the streamlined, profitable, and healthy small law firm you’ve always wanted.

What We Offer

The Lawyerist Podcast

The Lawyerist Podcast features successful lawyers, authors and thought leaders, and other creatives helping to shape the future of law practice.

We guarantee you’ll find something to help you improve your business (and, probably, your life). Hear weekly from Stephanie Everett, Lawyerist Lab members, and business and legal industry experts.

Lawyerist’s website is the leading source of support for modern small law firms. Our website has hundreds of posts, pages, resources, product reviews, downloads, podcast episodes, and comments that will help you build your future-focused law firm. From marketing to strategy and hiring and firing tips, we’ve got it all.

The Small Firm Scorecard

The Small Firm Scorecard is a guided self-assessment tool we designed to help small firms check their strengths and weaknesses and explore goals, strategy, systems, marketing, client service model, finances, and people and staffing. We recommend you take the Scorecard twice a year.

The Small Firm Roadmap

Our bestselling book, The Small Firm Roadmap, lays out our vision for what ails the legal profession, where small law firms are headed, and how small law firm leaders can build profitable, sustainable, and fulfilling practices into the future.

Lawyerist Insider (Free)

Our free Lawyerist Insider subscription deepens your relationship with the community. You’ll join a large—and growing—cohort of similarly different-minded lawyers trying to find better ways to solve legal problems for clients. Your free subscription gives you:

  • Access to the Lawyerist Insider Library and its collection of charts, templates, worksheets, and checklists;
  • Our weekly Lawyerist Insiders-only email newsletter; 
  • Access to our super-useful and active private Facebook group; and
  • Discounts from our partners through our Affinity Partner Program.

Lawyerist Lab

Lawyerist Lab is our flagship offering. It is unquestionably our most valuable—and ambitious—offering. The program includes business coaching and strategy sessions, guided projects, intimate and hand-picked mastermind groups, video and audio training, a vibrant community, weekly workshops, and other tools designed to help you build the law business you have always envisioned.

Building from the Small Firm Scorecard’s core concepts, Lab’s guided accountability journey dives into your goals, strategy, client acquisition, client-centered services, personal productivity, technology, innovation, systems & procedures, finances, and people & staffing.

What’s included?

  • Learning that starts where you are. Using our customized system, you’ll be directed to the program you need so that you can start building your law firm where you’re at right now.
  • Coaching. You will work with a business coach to create a personalized strategic plan and S.M.A.R.T. goals. You’ll get access to expert coaches with experience in legal tech, marketing and outsourcing, and building remote teams. Interact with coaches who have expertise in delegation, building remote teams, legal tech, finances, and more.
  • Content. You will receive content each week focused on one of the fundamental areas of practice management.
  • Implementation tools. Daily worksheets and templates guide you through steps to create and implement strategies in each of the core practice management areas.
  • Accountability & support. Lab team members and other community members will hold you accountable, provide feedback, and answer questions in a private online discussion group.
  • Understanding. Do you need to take a week off for trial? We get it. We’ve been there. We’ll be here to pick you up on the other side.
  • Mastermind calls. You will be grouped into carefully-curated small groups (based on firm size, age, etc.) and meet for facilitated monthly mastermind calls.
  • Private community. You’ll be front and center in our closed community platform where your drive and ideas take flight while your community flies alongside.
  • Expert workshops. You will hear from leading experts in the practice management core competencies and interact with them through online workshops.
  • Lawyerist LabCon. You’ll get an invitation to this amazing in-person event modeled on the ever-popular TBD Law (price of the conference to be paid separately).

Curious to hear more about Lab and see if you’d be a fit for our community of thriving lawyers? Click here to set up a time to chat.

Lawyerist LabCon 

LabCon is Lawyerist’s capstone event for Lawyerist Lab participants and select other members of the Lawyerist community. At this live, in-person conference, you’ll join a crew of ahead-of-the-curve lawyers to reimagine the practice of law, rethink how lawyers and their clients work together, and retool your law firm business models for the next decade.

  • LabCon is not open to everyone and it is not a CLE. This invite-only event for Lawyerist Lab members is capped at 75 attendees so everyone’s voice can be heard and so we can curate who is in the room.
  • LabCon is a unique mix of conference, summit, and retreat. LabCon features scintillating facilitated and interactive conversations, workshops, and activities.

Join Your Community

The innovative and entrepreneurial small-firm lawyers in the Lawyerist community are not like-minded, exactly. Call us similarly different-minded lawyers who are trying to figure out a better way to solve legal problems for clients.

Now you can join that community by joining the Lawyerist Insider.

Partnerships & Advertising with Lawyerist

We partner with best-in-class programs, people, and software for companies who serve small law firms. Learn more about our partnerships & advertising options.

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