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The attorneys in our Lawyerist Lab program wanted something different for their business and their lives. For instance,

  • Aaron discovered that with a smart business strategy and the right team, he could run his small family practice while living abroad for months at a time.
  • Allison wanted to stop trading her time for money while still providing meaningful help to her small business clients, so she offered a flat fee litigation defense by leveraging her systems and automations for maximum profitability.
  • Max was exhausted litigating. She found a way to focus on low conflict cases and created a team that allowed her to focus on what she loves best.
  • Julio realized there was no way he could help the thousands of people calling his immigration practice each week until he created online courses that gave people the basic information they needed about the process for a nominal cost.

These lawyers, and the hundreds of other small law firm owners we’ve worked with, all share a common belief: the old firm model is broken and it’s time to explore a new way to build a business. We believe that there is a better way to build a successful, future-oriented, client-centered small law firm.

We’re here to guide lawyers on that journey.


Lawyerist Lab Member

I finally feel in control. I am running my firm, not my firm running me

I have felt a huge difference in my stress level since joining Lawyerist Lab and intentionally building a healthy firm.”

woman standing in front of an orange triangle

01. The Old Model is Broken

For hundreds of years, lawyers have served as civic stewards, upholding justice and the rule of law. Lawyers serve an important role in our society—correcting injustices, exonerating the innocent, and advocating for the sick, injured, and marginalized. It’s a noble profession.

And despite the important work lawyers are doing, the old model of practicing law is inherently lawyer-centric. We’ve positioned lawyers as elite professionals who are uniquely able to solve people’s problems. Somewhere along the way, that unique and elite status has encouraged us to build firms centered around the whims and egos of lawyers.

“Non-lawyers” working at firm were often viewed as less important than the lawyers (we think this is terribly dumb and hate the term “non-lawyer” to refer to people and we only use it here to show you how lawyers have created a distinction that demeans the important work that many people do). If you were a client of the firm, you’re expected to interact with the firm on the lawyer’s terms—the lawyer decides when and where to meet, when and how to communicate about the case status, how to manage the case, and what the client will spend.

It turns out that the lawyer-centric professional firm model was never really a strong business model. It didn’t incentivize lawyers to use best business practices. For instance, because most small law firms still price their work on an hourly basis, the owner is often the most profitable lawyer and is only incentivized to bill. Time spent working on business strategy, systems, technology, accounting, management, creative problem solving, and hiring, managing and mentoring employees is viewed as lost revenue. The list of problems goes on and on.

02. We’re Arming A New Kind of Small Law Firm Owner

The lawyers in our community understand that the old-way is broken (and let’s face it, boring). They are ready to change, but change requires a new way of thinking.

We’re sick of hearing ‘that will never work’ or ‘you can’t do that’…

We’re welcoming the next generation of law firm owners who are ready to say “yes, and!”

To build a future-focused small law firm, we think you need the following traits:

01 Intentional
You can’t just start a firm and hope the details sort themselves out. You need to intentionally design and create a business that serves you, your clients, and your team.

02 Entrepreneurial
You’re ready to build and invest in your business. You see an opportunity to do more than just copy and paste what every other small law firm is doing. Entrepreneurs focus on how their business works and how to keep improving it.

03 Empathetic
You realize being a law firm client is unnerving (maybe even terrifying) and so you put yourself in their shoes at every venture and intentionally create a client-first experience.

04 Self-Aware
You’re ready to shed the routinely overworked and unfulfilled lawyer shell. You invest in yourself and your well-being.

05 Adaptable
Change is constant. You’re building a business that is structured in a way that allows you to anticipate coming changes, determine how they might impact your business, and respond in a structured and deliberate way.

06 Tech-Enabled
You see technology as a foundational tool for your business and you leverage it to better serve yourself, your team, and your clients.

Sound like you? Awesome.

You’re in the right place. Too many rooms are filled with lawyers scoffing at change and stuck in their ways. We’re sick of hearing “that will never work” or “you can’t do that.” We’re welcoming the next generation of small law firm owners who are ready to say “yes, and!”

One more thing. At Lawyerist, our vision is a world where every lawyer wins. We don’t think the success of your business requires the destruction of your competitor. Your goals don’t have to be a zero-sum game against anybody else. We think there is enough for everyone to win—and we can even help each other win together. In turn, our clients and our communities win too.


Lawyerist Lab Member

Before Lawyerist Lab, the lawyers who heard my business ideas would push back questioning my direction and the risks

The Lawyerist Lab community couldn’t be more opposite. They encouraged me and helped me think things through so I could find success.”

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03.Lawyerist’s Vision for A New Healthy Way

We know the legal landscape will continue to change. How exactly remains to be seen but 2020 was a lesson in the importance of having a nimble, forward thinking, and technology enabled business. These kinds of businesses flourish during pandemics and whatever else the universe puts in front of them.

We also know law school doesn’t even come close to equipping you with the skills you need to create this future-forward small law firm. We know that between practicing law, running your business, and keeping up with your family and personal life, you probably don’t have time to get an MBA on the side and figure out all the latest in best business practices. That’s where we come in.

We’re here to guide you on your journey to building a healthy business.

A healthy small law firm includes:

  • Healthy Strategy. You have to start here. Your strategy isn’t just consultant speak. This is the foundation of your business and guides every major decision you make. 
  • Healthy Team. You’re in the service business. The one thing that separates you from your competition is your people. You need to make sure you hire the right ones and then onboard, train, and actively manage and coach them. You also want to maximize everyone’s strengths so you have engaged team members working to make your vision a reality. 
  • Healthy Clients. You can’t serve everyone. You want to intentionally attract and engage the right clients for your small law firm. Then, you want to WOW them with a client experience that gives them information, confidence, and peace of mind about how you’re helping them solve their problems.
  • Healthy Systems. Your business is the sum of your systems and the only way to grow your team and serve your clients consistently is to have this dialed in.   
  • Healthy Profits. You’re in business and your firm needs a financial strategy that allows you to achieve your goals, pays the team for the work they do and provides the owners with a healthy return on their investment. You’ll also make thoughtful, data-driven decisions to move your business forward.
  • Healthy Owners. Your business should exist to serve you and allow you to fulfill your personal goals, work reasonable hours, and take sufficient vacations.

Ready to get started? Great! We’ll dive into each part of your business and tell you more.

Healthy Strategy

We know that a healthy business starts with a healthy strategy. You need a clear vision and values with real goals that help you see where you’re going and what you’re building.

Healthy Teams
Healthy Team

Next, you need to build a healthy team—team members who are aligned with your strategy, are properly managed, and understand how to consistently deliver.

Healthy Clients
Healthy Clients

Are you attracting and converting the right clients? Do you consistently offer an exceptional client experience that creates raving fans who happily refer your team?

Healthy Systems
Healthy Systems

Your systems, technology, procedures, and data security all exist to make your life easier and your client’s experience better.

Healthy Profit
Healthy Profits

Every business needs a financial strategy with a growth strategy; and data (or KPIs) to make meaningful decisions.

Healthy Owner
Healthy Owner

Your business should serve you and your goals. Are you living the life you dreamed of? Properly compensated? And professionally fulfilled?