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Remove Roadblocks in Your Law Firm

Unlike other programs that just focus on getting more clients, Lab focuses on all aspects of running your business so it doesn’t run your life. We’ll help you create a plan to move your business forward and show you the steps to make it happen.

  • Strategy:  Create a clear purpose and path
  • Team:  Find the right people for the right roles
  • Clients:  Attract ideal clients and provide a great experience
  • Systems:  Streamline your law firm operations
  • Financials:  Build a more profitable pricing model
  • Balance:  Take control over your life and business
  • Community:  Mastermind with like-minded lawyers and coaches

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Jeff Houin

Lawyerist Lab Member

I finally nailed down accountability chart and job descriptions within the firm

LabCon and coaching made the biggest difference.”

Megan McCall

Lawyerist Lab Member

I realized that most of my big ideas that can be implemented this quarter/year/next year will make my ‘someday’ big idea achievable

That is great motivation to take action on my shorter-term big ideas.”

Eric Kraft

Lawyerist Lab Member

My biggest win is feeling that I CAN get a handle on my firm’s finances!


Be in the Right Room

Lab is differently minded lawyers just like you–visionaries who knew there had to be a better way. You’ll find support, encouragement, and great advice. Our community:

  • Knows you don’t have to exhaust yourself to be successful
  • Cheers you on with a generous space for your struggles and wins
  • Welcomes all those wild ideas you were told weren’t possible
  • Gives candid “yes and” feedback rather than “you should”
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Deena Buchanan

Lawyerist Lab Member

Lab helps me feel less alone with the struggles that come with running a solo/small firm

That alone is very helpful.”

Karol Brown

Lawyerist Lab Member

Lab helps me feel less alone with the struggles that come with running a solo/small firm

The willingness to share the good, the bad, the ugly, and the victories is truly inspiring.”

Lawyerist Lab Member

Trevor Rose

Lab is my people

I love spending time here.”


Meet Your Guides

Our coaches are business owners. They’ve been in your shoes—and they have the map. We are here to help you:

  • Remove uncertainty and indecision
  • Find freedom in your law firm
  • Create a plan that works
  • Improve your processes
  • Take back your personal life
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Allison Harrison

Lawyerist Lab Member

The 1:1 coaching is super helpful

Sometimes just saying it out loud makes it real and actionable.”

Jeff Houin

Lawyerist Lab Member

The 1:1 coaching is the piece I was missing

Since starting that consistently, I am starting to improve my focus on what I need to do.”

Lawyerist Lab Member

Spencer Schmidt

Knowing that your coach is up to date on your journey and giving you assignments helps me stay on track

I actually get excited about being accountable.”

Let’s start transforming your practice and life together.

The road to the law firm you’ve always wanted is now in reach.

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