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Promote and Protect Your Law Firm Brand with a PR Agency

Like any other PR, law firm PR is about building authority and visibility for your practice. Whether you use an agency or handle it in-house, Postali’s Tamara Sykes says you need to create a solid public relations foundation and then make a plan to manage and maintain your efforts.

Previously, Tamara walked us through laying a solid foundation with a healthy website, up-to-date social media, and good branding. However, once done, your office or an agency should consistently manage your law firm PR.

Managing Law Firm PR

Setting Clear Goals and Objectives

As with most endeavors, the first step is to set clear goals and objectives. Although the larger goal—which you should definitely start with—is usually to get more clients in the door, most of us should start with the buyer’s journey. What are our ideal clients looking for, and where are they looking?

Promote and Protect your Brand

Next, your law firm will need to make a plan around these goals. Look to promote and protect your brand—yes, protect your brand. Although most of us think of PR as selling, it’s really about storytelling and connecting with our audience (i.e., your potential clients). Promoting your brand is about finding where your audience is and talking to them in that channel (or channels).

In much the same way, protecting your brand is also about connecting with your audience. It’s just focused more on making sure you’re mitigating or minimizing things that might tarnish your brand. And, yes, this means scouring Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other media outlets for mentions of your brand, your employees, or even your clients.

Consistently Execute

Lastly, law firm PR is a long game. This is why agencies or a dedicated in-house team can be so helpful. Unlike advertising, PR is not something you can simply put money into and see better results. As Tamara says in the video below, you need to be persistent and resilient. In this space, half efforts are almost as bad as no effort.

Demo Video

Take a look at the video below to hear Postali’s PR Manager, Tamara Sykes, talk to Zack about the steps their agency takes to manage law firm PR.

How to Get It

Want to learn more about how Postali’s marketing agency can help you manage your law firm PR? Check out our full review, where you can compare features, read community reviews, and see other demo videos.Alternatively, if you’re ready to dive right in and connect with Postali, get a free consultation at

Grow Your Law Firm With Thoughtful Media Relationships

At first glance, your law firm’s relationship with the media may not seem very important. After all, your firm is likely trying to stay out of the news—with client confidentiality and all. Yet, free, positive marketing is generally considered good for your firm. Further, being seen as a source for news articles can quickly build your reputation as an expert in your field.

In any case, this doesn’t just happen without effort. Even if you are an expert in your field, it’s hard to get quoted if media personnel can’t find you. There are some basic steps you need to take. Still, for lawyers who can foster their media relationships, an extra area of marketing opens up beyond content marketing, SEO, and ad campaigns.

To clarify, media relations is a specific sub-section of your overall law firm public relations efforts. And, although not every firm has media relations, whether you know it or not, your firm has public relations—some firms just don’t give it any thought. Sponsoring a scholarship to the local university may be great public relations, but getting an article in the paper about the recipient is good media relations. Both of these actions build your firm’s reputation and credibility.

Media Relations in Your Law Firm

Law firm media relations does not exist in a vacuum. It fits inside of your overall marketing strategy to help your firm build its reputation and credibility in your community and your knowledge area. In the grand scheme of your marketing strategy, it is more akin to networking than anything else. It’s about building mutually beneficial relationships between your firm and specific media outlets.

Building Good Relationships

To build these relationships, your law firm should at least have a basic foundation in brand management. As Tamara Sykes, the PR Manager at Postali, says, you’ll need a website, solid branding, and up-to-date social media profiles. This helps to build trust between you and a journalist—or other media professional.

However, those foundations are really just table-stakes. They ensure a partner can find you, contact you, and learn a little about what your firm has to offer. You’ll also want to establish a history of speaking or writing about a relevant subject and show that other people are interested in what you have to say. After all, you need to bring something to this relationship.

A simple way to do this is to develop your voice and grow a following on Twitter. Tamara tells us that journalists and other media professionals are generally frequent users of this space. Not only is it easy for them to research your previous writing, but they can see what kind of following you bring to the relationship.

Of course, this isn’t the only outlet to establish credibility (or lack of credibility, if you’re certain twitter users). In the end, the medium should match your goals. If you want to land the nightly news, you might create content on YouTube. Or, if you want to write guest articles in industry magazines, you may want to write long-form content on a platform like LinkedIn.

Goals of Media Relations

Ultimately, you need to keep your marketing goals in mind. In general, having a Twitter following for snarky fashion commentary won’t land you many more immigration cases. With media relations, speaking engagements, guest blogging, or even acting as a source for an article, the goal is to build your credibility and your firm’s reputation. This can take some time and requires steady effort.

Law Firm Media Relations Professionals

Here’s where media relations professionals come in. Although it is possible to handle these relationships on your own, it is likely not a good use of your time. You see, media relations professionals bring a host of capabilities to the table. Generally, these capabilities include proactive media outreach, media inquiry management, pursuing speaking engagements, cultivating awards and ratings, and—in some cases—crisis management.

Although the ultimate goal is for you or your firm to speak directly with (or write directly for) the partner you are pursuing, this may take some time. Law firm media relations professionals know the ropes. And, there may be some courtesies or conventions your media relations professional can clue you in on. 

Getting Started with Media Relations

As Tamara Sykes says in the video below, it doesn’t happen with one phone call or the touch of a button. The process is about cultivating (hopefully) lasting relationships. So, if you want to leverage media relations in your law firm tomorrow, you’ll have to lay the groundwork today. First, if you haven’t already, determine what topic you want to build your reputation around. Then, consider what sort of publications would help you build that reputation (keep in mind where your potential new clients are likely to see you). Finally, get started creating. As you’ll learn in the video below, before you create content for someone else (or even comment on a story), you’ll likely need to create content of your own.

Take a look at the video below to see what Postali’s PR Manager, Tamara Sykes, says about building your reputation with law firm media relations.

How to Get It

Ready to make PR part of your law firm’s marketing strategy? Contact Postali. You can view some of their work, set up a free consultation, or even read a bit of their educational material. However, if you’d rather do a little more digging, head to our full review of Postali. There, you can read user comments, see a list of relevant features, and compare other providers.

Get a Handle on Law Firm PR with Postali Marketing Services

To many, public relations (PR) sounds like something only large law firms need to worry about, or maybe firms who have an image they need to repair. In reality, though, it’s something you already do at your practice—just not necessarily with intention. Postali would like to help you change that, to help you become more intentional with your law firm’s PR.

You see, you’re already speaking at events, meeting people at your social organizations, and sponsoring little league baseball teams. You may be posting about this on your social media or writing blog posts on your website. Postali will tell you that this is all PR for your law firm, and, it’s good for your practice—but you need a plan. The first step to the plan is laying your foundation.

Initial Foundation for Law Firm Public Relations

First, you can’t do anything without a basic (or, hopefully, solid) firm website. This is where you get to speak to potential clients and other members of the public on your terms. Many times, it’s the place where you will ultimately direct people to learn more about your law firm.

Second, you’ll want good branding. This means logos, letterhead, firm colors, and even (gasp!) a firm font (e.g., Matthew Butterick’s Typography for Lawyers). As far as law firm PR goes, branding is also about the tone your website, and other publications take when presenting information.

Last, you’ll need social media profiles, and they need to be updated regularly. If your last Instagram post is from two presidents ago, you might as well not have an account. You don’t need to use a platform that doesn’t fit your branding or doesn’t speak to your audience. Still, potential clients see your social posts, or—and this may be more important—they don’t.

Check out our interview with Tamara, from Postali, to learn more about how you can get started managing your law firm’s public relations.

How to Get it

Want to learn more about Postali? Check out our full review and see how their features stack up against other law firm marketing providers. Don’t forget, Lawyerist subscribers can claim an Affinity Benefit discount on  Postali’s review page.If you’re ready to connect with Postali directly, head on over to their site at and get a free consultation.

Branch Out and Gain Ground with SEO and Postali

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, refers to internet marketing techniques used to increase a website’s exposure, or ranking, in search engine results. It is also the marketing initiative that many law firms struggle with the most. 

A lot of lawyers think they don’t need SEO when word-of-mouth and traditional advertising still generate leads. This kind of thinking only leads to missed opportunities. Potential law clients are searching for attorneys online more than ever, and an effective law firm SEO strategy is crucial to a firm’s success. Establishing an organic search presence through SEO can drive significant growth, helping law firms reach new clients. In short, brand development and business expansion are next to impossible without a well-considered SEO strategy. 

So how does a law firm get started in SEO? 


Most attorneys may know popular keywords related to their practice, but they need to know more in today’s competitive legal market. Over 200 factors contribute to SEO success, so knowing just the popular keywords won’t cut it. The first step for SEO success is to work with a marketing partner who takes a multi-faceted approach to law firm SEO and incorporates SEO best practices into a comprehensive plan, which is just what Postali does. 

As a full-service legal marketing agency serving attorneys across the country, Postali makes SEO the cornerstone of its digital marketing efforts. They do this by working closely with their clients to create customized SEO strategies based on their practice areas, geography, and market landscape. Postali’s experience working with attorneys gives them unique insight into search behaviors specific to the legal industry, so they know what drives results. 

Postali’s SEO process is comprehensive, transparent, and drives their digital marketing efforts to maximize results. When law firms work with Postali to implement an SEO strategy, they can expect:

  • Thorough Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research
  • Strategic Content Development and Planning
  • Extensive Link Building and Outreach
  • Local SEO, Review, and Reputation Management
  • Technical SEO, Page Speed, and Site Structure Consideration
  • Video and Image Optimization
  • Fully Integrated SEO Campaigns
  • Analytics and Clear Goal Tracking

The strategies to achieve success may differ depending on your market, but SEO works for every law firm type. When you partner with Postali as your Marketing Fiduciary, they share your goals, and their SEO team works tirelessly to achieve them.

How to Get it

To learn more about Postali, SEO, and how Postali can help your law firm gain ground, visit today!

Boost Your Law Firm’s Online Exposure with PPC and Postali

PPC, or pay-per-click, is digital advertising where advertisers bid on advertising space and pay a fee for each click the ad generates. For example, if you perform a Google search for an attorney in your area, the first few results are almost always ads. This presents an instant way to increase your firm’s online exposure and reach interested, prospective clients, actively searching for a lawyer. 

But PPC can be complicated and expensive for attorneys. Recent research shows that the average cost per click is between $1-$2 dollars, with more popular keywords costing as much as $50 per click or higher. Law firms around the country are bidding on keywords, making legal keywords some of the most expensive on the internet. 

Even with that expense, PPC for law firms is very competitive. Without an effective strategy, you could be throwing money away at worst, or have a weak return on your investment at best. So how do you make PPC a worthwhile investment for your law firm? That’s where Postali can help. 


Postali is a full-service legal marketing agency serving attorneys across the country, not just as a marketing partner, but as a marketing fiduciary. As specialists who excel in the legal industry, Postali knows a thing or two about how to make ads stand out, staying on top of the latest marketing tools and trends. 

To make the most out of PPC for your law firm, Postali understands that an effective PPC strategy will depend on your firm’s needs and goals. Everyone knows that keywords containing “lawyer” or “attorney” convert, but Postali knows the nuances in legal-related searches and tests new terms to reach your audience. In criminal defense for example, terms like “charges dismissed” could expand case types at a lower cost, helping you make PPC a worthwhile investment for your firm. 

Postali’s PPC Process employs its full set of digital advertising capabilities as a full-service legal marketing agency, including:

  • Budget Analysis
  • Creative Ad Copy
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Optimized Ad Scheduling
  • Detailed Tracking & Analysis
  • And more!

Postali will work directly with you to develop a customized and comprehensive approach to identify your key objectives and produce the highest possible return on your investment. 

How to Get It

To learn more about Postali, PPC, and how Postali can help boost your law firm’s visibility, visit today!

Take Your Firm to the Next Level

Hiring an outside marketing company can help take your law firm to the next level, but it’s important to not just hire any company.  You want to hire a company that can help you expand your business and enhance your brand, a company that cares about your firm’s growth and well-being as much as you do. In short, you want to work with a marketing partner, not just a marketing company. You want to work with a marketing partner that takes its commitment to its clients as seriously as you do, which is exactly what you’ll find with Postali


Postali prides itself on always providing marketing services and advice that is in the best interests of your firm. Postali works exclusively with attorneys and law firms. This means they not only have the in-depth industry-specific knowledge required to excel in law firm marketing, but they also understand the deep commitment and critical work attorneys do for their clients, which is why they hold themselves to the same fiduciary standard of care with their marketing services. Postali is more than just a marketing partner for your firm, they’re a Marketing Fiduciary®.

The tenets of being a Marketing Fiduciary are held and practiced by all Postali employees, who pledge to:

  • Never be paid a commission to sell you a product or recommend a service;
  • Always act in good faith and with candor;
  • Fully investigate possible decisions and potential impacts to your firm;
  • Provide appropriate care, attention, and consideration as guardians of your law firm’s professional reputation;
  • Act in complete fairness, loyalty, and fidelity in its dealings with you;
  • Prudently advise, administer, and advance the financial interests of your firm;
  • Be proactive in disclosing any conflicts of interest that may impact your business; and
  • Not accept any referral fees or compensation contingent upon the purchase or sale of a marketing product or service without written disclosure.

Their tenants, combined with their top-notch marketing services, ranging from web design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and direct mail, make Postali a Marketing Fiduciary that can truly take your firm to the next level of excellence. 

How to Get It

To learn more about Postali, what it means to be a Marketing Fiduciary, or how Postali can help your firm grow, visit today!