You’re always working to provide the best for your clients, and Ruby does the same. That’s why they’ll soon be offering online chat to its services so they can help you better help your clients.


Ruby Receptionists has offered friendly, professional, and personal receptionist services for its customers over the past 15 years. They see every call as an opportunity to make someone’s day, and their enthusiasm is infectious. They’ve helped avoid missed calls for attorneys and help build and maintain client relationships over the phone. But what about online chats?

Online chat is an increasingly popular way for customer to engage with businesses, and law firms are no exception. Clients increasingly want the option to engage with a real person in real time online as an alternative to phone calls. In fact, recent statistics show that over 42% of customers prefer live chat, and live chat is expected to grow as much as 87% in the next year. Plus, having live chat on your website means a 100% response rate for visitors who have questions while browsing your site.

Not having live chat is ignoring an easy way to engage with your clients, which is something Ruby wants to help you avoid. With its recent acquisition of ProfessionalChats, Ruby will help you easily and seamlessly add live online chat to your website, Facebook, or Google listing. Your online chat will be professionally implemented and managed by Ruby’s team of charming online chat specialists who are knowledgeable about the legal industry.

Clients who visit your website will be able to engage in a friendly and polished live chat and can even connect directly with your law firm with live call connect. Live call connect is where a chat specialist provides a live warm phone transfer to your law firm, which adds a high-touch value to the visitor’s experience and helps you turn a page viewer into a potential client.

How To Get It

To learn more about adding live chat to your Ruby Receptionists repertoire right now, you can reach out to To learn more about its live receptionist and other services, visit

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Last updated January 21st, 2019