With more people working from home or needing more flexibility in their workflow, having a cloud-based document and email management tool is a must, especially for law firms striving to go remote or paperless. But simply being cloud-based isn’t enough. You need a system that is dynamic and flexible, with best-in-class tools to be more productive, efficient, and to inspire your best work. That’s where the NetDocuments Organize Solution comes in. 


NetDocuments is an industry-leading document management platform built specifically for legal professionals that lets you access your documents from anywhere, including mobile devices. Its interface and dashboard provide a centralized repository so you can easily create, edit, store, and even collaborate on the most current version of documents with other members of your team, or even clients. 

But what especially distinguishes NetDocuments from other document management software is its Organize Solution. On top of its best-in-class document management functionalities, NetDocument Organize also offers email management through ndMail, which uses predictive technology to accurately file any email into your NetDocuments system with a single click, even linking to a related document; and secure document collaboration through ndSync, which provides safe, efficient two-way file synchronization between NetDocuments and local computers for remote workers, which offers secure document access and collaboration.

NetDocuments also utilizes OCR, or optical character recognition, in its document and email management features to help you digitize and index content to search for documents more quickly, easily, and efficiently. It also uses Microsoft Power Automate to automate workflows and improve business process agility, freeing up more of your time for more demanding tasks.

In addition to its Organize Solutions, NetDocuments also offers other scalable solutions to better help you protect, plan, deliver, and learn to maximize your time and productivity as your firm grows. With it’s products and integrations with software you already use, like the Microsoft Office Suite, NetDocuments helps you be more productive, collaborative, and efficient through its secure cloud platform no matter where you or your team are. 

How to Get It

Visit NetDocuments.com to learn more about the NetDocuments Organize Solution, its other products, or to request a free demo.

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Last updated October 15th, 2020