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Be There For Your Clients 24/7

Part of providing great client service is being able to help clients and answer their questions when they need it most. Sometimes, this is after you’ve already left the office for the day. Clients, current and potential, aren’t always free when you are. Between work, kids, or other responsibilities, a client may not have time to call you until 8 or 9 in the evening, and they may not be too keen to play telephone tag or deal with a delayed followup. Your chance of connecting with a client dramatically decreases if you don’t connect on the first call.  That client may just look for someone else who can respond right away instead of you. 

If you’re thinking, “Well, I can’t be available 24/7,” you’re right, but that’s where comes in. is a leading virtual receptionist company offering professional and personalized services for solo and small firm attorneys. Their award-winning virtual receptionist and live chat services are now available 24/7, meaning with, you’ll never miss another client.

Details’s receptionists work in tandem with its proprietary AI to answer calls, chats, text messages, and Facebook messages to screen and schedule new clients or help current clients based on your law firm’s customized needs. 

In addition to answering calls, responding to live web chats, capturing and converting new leads, and booking appointments 24/7, also offers:

  • 24/7 Life-staffed Facebook messaging
  • 24/7 Live-staffed SMS text messaging
  • A free and unlimited AI-powered chatbot for your firm’s website
  • Chat-to-call connect for your website visitors, which allows potential clients to request a callback from a live agent directly from their chat conversation on your website. 
  • Instant email or SMS follow-up after calls between potential clients and the receptionist.’s comprehensive services can be personalized to best serve your firm and your clients. With its 24/7 receptionists staffing your phones, website, and Facebook, can help you be there for your clients all day while you focus on the work only you can do – practicing law and managing your firm. 

How to Get It

To learn more about and how their receptionists and live chat agents can help your firm grow, or to sign up for a free 20-call/20-chat trial, visit today!

Connect With Clients Through Facebook Messenger and

If you don’t already have a Facebook profile for your firm, you’re missing out. With over 2 billion active daily users, Facebook is a great way to engage with current clients and to let prospective clients learn more about your law firm. But most people won’t be leaving comments to communicate with you, they’ll be sending you a message. 

Clients expect fast and convenient communication, and Facebook Messenger meets both of those criteria. But it’s more than just an easy communication avenue that most of your clients already use, having a Facebook presence and being responsive to messages also builds and inspires trust. Having that one-to-one interaction helps clients feel confident in your firm, which in turn boosts your firm’s reputation. 

It can be daunting to add yet another communication medium for your firm, but that’s where comes in.’s virtual receptionists take care of fielding and responding to your messages, including Facebook messages, just as thoroughly as they do for law firms when they answer calls from new and existing clients.


You already know about’s receptionist services for those calls, but they can do much more than that.’s live agents can also help you manage your website chat, texts, and now Facebook messages. receptionists work to answer questions, screen potential clients, and schedule appointments for your firm, 24/7. This means that your law firm will be ready to capture leads and be available for your clients, offering the instant answers clients demand without incurring an interruption to you or your team. 

Rolled under their Chat package, their Facebook Messaging is included with text answering at no extra cost, and it works the same way as’s other services. Simply provide your specific criteria for client intake and appointment scheduling, and will take care of the rest. What’s more, you don’t need to provide any of your Facebook login credentials to get started with this service. is able to manage all of your communications through their platform, without the need for a username. 

How to Get It

To learn more about, how it works with Facebook Messaging, or its Chat Services in general, visit and receive a 20-chat/14-day free trial today!

Outsource Your Outbound Calls With

As an attorney, your days are already filled with appointments, deadlines, and other responsibilities. Following up on incomplete intake forms, making court-appearance reminder calls, and chasing down paperwork can take up precious time in your packed schedule. 

Let take care of your outbound calls and free up hours for you and your staff. receptionists can call leads and clients to follow-up on online “contact form” fills and website chats, to give case updates to clients, or even to refer leads looking for help outside your practice area to other better-suited firms you recommend. 


Let’s say you’re set to meet some clients at court tomorrow. You’re nervous they won’t show up, but you don’t have time to call them before their hearings. You can simply have your receptionists call and remind your clients to be in court on time, properly dressed, parked nearby (so they’re not late after hunting for a spot). 

Or maybe you received dozens of new intake forms on your website over the weekend, but your week is booked with depositions. receptionists can email, call, and even text those new potential clients — all from your number — to follow up on their matters and set up consultations for you. Once the meeting is set, their call can trigger an automatic email follow-up that outlines your policies to properly set new client expectations. outbound calls and emails aren’t limited to lead screening, scheduling, and reminders. You can also use their receptionists to provide work status updates to clients, request online client reviews, conduct outreach to potential clients (they draw the line at marketing cold-calls), and request payments on past-due invoices.’s outbound communication services instantly help you take important, but sometimes tedious, tasks off your plate. 

If you’ve been using your paralegal for this sort of work, you can now finally hand them higher-level tasks better suited to their skills.

How to Get It

If you’re already a customer, simply email their support team with all relevant contact details, directions, and the message you’d like to convey, and that’s it! will handle the rest. If you don’t have business texting or emailing enabled for your phone number, they can even take care of these systems for you.

If you’re not a customer, learn more about, its outbound communication services, 24/7 live-staffed and AI chat, and other services, by visiting today!

Never Miss a Lead with Live Chat

One of the more difficult challenges of running a law firm is balancing the time spent supporting clients, managing potential new clients, and getting your work done. Many times, a visitor will come to your website and leave almost as soon as they arrived because reaching out felt overwhelming or they weren’t immediately able to find what they were looking for.’s new live chat changes that. You’ll be able to have live chat at all hours to answer any questions your visitors might have, keep them engaged, and can even connect them to you when the moment is right. Never miss a lead again!

Details has launched new live-chat features to its impressive set of services.  You’ll now be able to add AI-powered or live-staffed chat to your website to help you keep your website visitors interested and engaged.

The AI chatbot is completely free, includes unlimited chats, and is available for instant setup. Simply create your free account, and you can get started generating FAQs, a knowledge base, and playbooks for your chatbot to start bringing more value to your website. Visitors will be able to have their questions answered 24/7. As more people interact with your chatbot, it gets smarter, constantly refining and improving its conversations. And if you see room to improve a response the chatbot is giving, you can approve or disapprove the answers it develops as it learns.

For the live-staffed chat, which also includes the 24/7 AI chatbot,’s professional chat agents talk with your visitors and clients, answer questions, set appointments, screen leads, and can even respond via SMS text with clients. For those with Spanish-speaking clients, instantly translates between Spanish and English, with more languages coming soon. You’ll also get a white-glove setup and 2+ hours of custom chat programming to make your chat the best it can be without the guesswork or time tinkering on your own, unless that’s your thing.

If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to the live-staffed chat, offers a free trial with 10 chats. And that’s 10 real chats where contact information and intent are captured. You won’t get charged for irrelevant chats. With its AI technology, just like with its receptionist services,’s chat technology weeds out spam chats so you’ll only pay for real chats with real people, most often individuals looking to hire a lawyer.

How to Get It

If you’ve ever wanted to try live chat on your website, this is your opportunity. At a minimum, their free AI chatbot is a no-brainer that every lawyer should install today. If it’s live-staffed chat you’re after, then sign up for their free 10-chat trial. To learn more and sign up, visit today!