Immigration law has a reputation for being one of the most complex and demanding practice areas for attorneys. It’s not enough to just know the law. Your practice also needs to be precise. A single oversight in a visa or other immigration form could delay a case for years. And on top of the actual, precision legal work, you’ll also need to run your law firm, manage clients—sometimes a family of clients—and complete other administrative tasks. Immigration law is a rewarding practice, but it can get overwhelming quickly. Aside from the complexity of the work, there’s the sheer volume of forms, data entry, and the ever-changing demands of your cases. You have to learn to be flexible, prioritize your time, and work dynamically. But those critical skills don’t come easily, unless you have software to help. Specifically, unless you have law practice management software built for immigration attorneys—like LollyLaw.

Saving Hours (and Sanity) with Software

Using law practice management software to run a more efficient firm is not a new concept. LPMS helps you standardize practices in your firm, delegate or automate tasks, and helps you strike a balance between business owner and attorney. But most of this software is generalized. Meaning that they offer features that help any law firm. Much of the popular platforms out there do not get practice specific. While still useful, such software won’t facilitate that high degree of complexity and accuracy required at every stage of your immigration matter. 

It’s better to have software specific to your office’s needs. Something to help you effortlessly manage all major functions of your immigration practice through a single, intuitive platform. Something that can streamline your cases from start to finish. Something like LollyLaw. 

Immigration Practice Management with LollyLaw

LollyLaw is a law practice management software platform built specifically for immigration law firms. It’s easy to use, easy to learn (you could become a power user within a day), and provides great customer support. LollyLaw’s features allow you to run a more efficient, remote, and flexible practice. Its fully native, all-in-one case management features include intake, calendaring, time and billing, kanban style task management, and cloud storage integration with your preferred cloud storage providers.

Client Management

LollyLaw also makes client management simple. It offers a branded and secure client portal that is easy to use and convenient for your clients. Users can manage files, submit intakes, and complete forms with just an internet connection. The client portal also has built-in text messaging (to centralize communications with clients), bank-grade security standards, and is HIPPA compliant. You can also connect clients to multiple matters, so you don’t have to re-input data and keep information together. This makes it easy to pivot matters as needed, giving you more flexibility in managing client’s related cases.

These features, combined with LollyLaw’s user-friendly interface, make this a great option for established and new immigration law firms, especially if you’re moving to a paperless and remote practice. However, what makes LollyLaw stand out above the rest are its form features. 

Automated Form Filling and Live Collaboration

LollyLaw boasts a complete USCIS immigration forms library—plus immigration forms from DOS, DOJ, and the FBI. Not only will you have all the forms you need at your disposal, your practice can even add forms to the library. Additionally, LollyLaw will also send you notifications on new form versions as they are published. They’ll let you know when an edition will expire and give you the option to move data to a newer version. 

On top of this, LollyLaw is able to associate a certain form with a specific type of matter. This makes document automation and assembly a breeze. When you or your clients complete intake forms or questionnaires, LollyLaw can take that data to auto-populate any form in its library. You can also set up customizable workflows so forms will auto-populate with just a few clicks. This feature alone will save hours of time, avoid duplicative data entry, and reduce errors. 

Two-way Data Entry Sync

What’s more, the data entry goes both ways. If a form contains information that is not yet in the client’s record, LollyLaw will add that information to your files. This means that as your clients fill out necessary forms, they can also be completing your intake. Further, every form and document is saved to each client’s profile so your entire office can access them as needed. 

Real-time Immigration Document Collaboration

You can also collaborate with clients and colleagues in real-time on forms. So, multiple users can quickly gather information, chat online, and assist with form related questions remotely. This is the only software that supports real-time collaboration with multiple people. You can work collaboratively from any device with colleagues and clients without ever needing to go into the office. 

LollyLaw practice management software can change your law office. Its powerful features and user-friendly design can help you run a more efficient, high-volume immigration law practice. Task management is built for how immigration firms run their practices, document storage is robust and convenient, and client relationships are more streamlined. Most importantly, however, the forms creation and management is thoughtful, efficient, and robust. 

Demo Video 

John Levesque, co-founder and general manager of LollyLaw, recently gave us a demo of the software. In it, he takes us through many of the common features, and how it can help your immigration firm. Take a look at the video below to see a walkthrough he provided our Legal Tech Advisor, Zack Glaser.

How to Get It

LollyLaw is immigration-specific law practice management software designed to streamline all major functions of your practice. With LollyLaw, you can conduct client intake, immigration form completion, document management, and more from any device.

If you’d like to learn more about LollyLaw and its features, especially LollyForms, checkout From there, you’ll be able to schedule a custom demo or sign up for a free trial. No credit card needed.

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Last updated August 18th, 2022