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Organize, Collaborate, and Manage Your Legal Documents With NetDocuments

Many legal technology companies (and other business productivity apps, for that matter) require you to use their product a single way—their way. You get shoehorned into their workflows, their dashboards, and their reports. NetDocuments, the legal document management platform, meets you where you work. Likely due to their experience in the industry, they allow many different approaches to accessing and using your documents. Whether you’re interacting with the dashboard, searching for a file, delivering, editing, assembling, or simply communicating about a document, you can approach the task the way you want to.

NetDocuments Dashboard

Initially, when you connect with NetDocuments through the web portal, you’ll see a dashboard with all of the quick links you need to operate your day. You can see your frequently accessed reports, your most recent documents, and other favorited items that you want to get to quickly. This dashboard can be personalized to fit your needs by you or others on your team—who you give access to your dashboard. You can easily organize, share, and collaborate, all using your specific dashboard.

Searching for Documents

Obviously, your dashboard isn’t the only way to access documents in your system. NetDocuments also has a global search feature that not only searches information about files, but also information inside of files. The platform performs optical character recognition (OCR) on each document uploaded into the system. Which allows users to essentially ‘shop’ for documents based on their contents.

Delivering Documents to Others

Ultimately, in most cases, a document you’re working on needs to be sent to another party—a client, a team member, or an opposing attorney. With NetDocuments, you can deliver them for Consumption, with a link, for Execution, via DocuSign, or Collaboration through their Collab Spaces. Each of these methods provides high levels of control to the user and extended functionality that lawyers often need—like receipt notification.

Editing Documents

Although storage, retrieval, and delivery of documents are vitally important to a law office, creating and editing documents is usually the heart and soul of legal work. So, NetDocuments has integrated their document management functionality directly into Microsoft Word. This allows you to work locally, and save globally, by checking out documents from the repository, and then saving them directly back into NetDocuments from your local Word app. This also allows for stellar version control.

For those looking for collaboration instead of versioning, however, NetDocuments has also integrated with Microsoft 365. Using the document editor online allows you to access a file with multiple users simultaneously. This may not be your cup of tea, but it is another way NetDocuments allows users to approach their data in whatever way they are most comfortable.

Document Assembly

NetDocuments doesn’t just assume that its users will need to deliver single documents in Word format. After all, it’s a legal document management platform. Using their Setbuilder function, users can assemble large PDFs for delivery to other parties. These documents can be easily bates-stamped, indexed, and turned into a PDF-A document. Additionally, you can customize the document and make it appear the way that you prefer (i.e., numbered sections rather than Roman numerals).


Whether we like it or not, many of us live in our email system. We’ve created complex filing methods in our local Outlook app, and our day is directed by reminders and tasks built into that system. NetDocuments has built its Outlook email integration with these lawyers in mind. Most of the document management functionality you can find on the webapp also lives inside Outlook. Filing emails and incoming files, and even attaching documents to outgoing messages, are seamlessly integrated into NetDocuments.

If you’d like to learn more, take a look at Zack’s recent demo with NetDocuments. You can see all the above features, and more, in action.

How to Get It

Ready to learn more? Head over to to see their solutions, resources, and even an ROI calculator.

Be More Productive Anywhere with the NetDocuments Organize Solution

With more people working from home or needing more flexibility in their workflow, having a cloud-based document and email management tool is a must, especially for law firms striving to go remote or paperless. But simply being cloud-based isn’t enough. You need a system that is dynamic and flexible, with best-in-class tools to be more productive, efficient, and to inspire your best work. That’s where the NetDocuments Organize Solution comes in. 


NetDocuments is an industry-leading document management platform built specifically for legal professionals that lets you access your documents from anywhere, including mobile devices. Its interface and dashboard provide a centralized repository so you can easily create, edit, store, and even collaborate on the most current version of documents with other members of your team, or even clients. 

But what especially distinguishes NetDocuments from other document management software is its Organize Solution. On top of its best-in-class document management functionalities, NetDocument Organize also offers email management through ndMail, which uses predictive technology to accurately file any email into your NetDocuments system with a single click, even linking to a related document; and secure document collaboration through ndSync, which provides safe, efficient two-way file synchronization between NetDocuments and local computers for remote workers, which offers secure document access and collaboration.

NetDocuments also utilizes OCR, or optical character recognition, in its document and email management features to help you digitize and index content to search for documents more quickly, easily, and efficiently. It also uses Microsoft Power Automate to automate workflows and improve business process agility, freeing up more of your time for more demanding tasks.

In addition to its Organize Solutions, NetDocuments also offers other scalable solutions to better help you protect, plan, deliver, and learn to maximize your time and productivity as your firm grows. With it’s products and integrations with software you already use, like the Microsoft Office Suite, NetDocuments helps you be more productive, collaborative, and efficient through its secure cloud platform no matter where you or your team are. 

How to Get It

Visit to learn more about the NetDocuments Organize Solution, its other products, or to request a free demo.

Get Control Over Document & Data Overload with NetDocuments

Growing law firms need a simple and secure way to get more work done and collaborate with less friction. Shared folders are slow and cumbersome, and finding what you need is a productivity nightmare. NetDocuments gives you powerful document management tools that allow you to share, edit, and organize documents and emails in the way that best meets the demands of your practice. 


NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management system with military-grade security. Your documents are secured and organized through NetDocuments’ intuitive user interface, augmented by a complete suite of document and email management tools. 

Organize your documents and emails with ease. NetDocuments automatically organizes and stores your documents by file number. Just click and drag to rearrange your documents. Same with emails. The Outlook integration makes it simple to file emails with just a few clicks. Other recipients at your firm will all be notified that the email was filed.

Search for documents faster. NetDocuments architecture makes searching for documents fast and easy. Plus, you’ll be able to seamlessly view and copy from the document you’re working on without leaving NetDocuments or opening other programs. 

Easily share files with clients. You’ll also be able to share documents with clients through client portals or a password protected link. With NetDocuments, you can restrict access to files and documents based on roles and need to know, so you can share content without worrying about access permissions. 

Work directly from your desktop. If you prefer to work from your desktop rather than a browser, NetDocuments makes it easy. The NetDocuments desktop interface makes it look and feel like you’re using a local directory, but you’ll be working and syncing securely through the cloud. Unlike closed systems offered by other platforms, NetDocuments has an open API and a global technology partner network, which means frictionless integration with any law practice management software to boost efficiency and productivity.

How to Get It

To learn more about NetDocuments and how it can improve your firm’s document management, request a demo by clicking here today.