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LEX Reception Simplifies Video Intake with Teleport

Virtual Receptionists are an integral part of the intake and client communication process for many law firms. This process, however, can have a lot of moving parts. Virtual Reception companies can often set themselves apart through integrations with the rest of a lawyer’s legal tech stack. These integrations attempt to simplify the process. Much like LEX Reception’s video conferencing platform, Teleport.

LEX Reception Video Conferencing

With Teleport, law firms can make virtual meetings a breeze for clients. There’s no app for a potential new client (PNC) to download and no extraneous steps for the PNC to take. Just send them a link, and they can join via any modern web browser. This means that a PNC can connect with a law firm using their phone, a computer, or a tablet.

It’s not just about initial client convenience, though. Lawyers can share their screens, take meetings with multiple parties, and even create custom branding. And integrating all of this into the intake process is easy with LEX Reception.

How to Get It

Ready to learn more? See more features and community comments in our full review of LEX Reception. Don’t forget to claim your Affinity Partner discount. Or, if you’re ready to jump right in, get a custom demo at

LEX Reception Integrations Automate Client Intake

LEX Reception is a virtual receptionist service specifically designed for lawyers. They are available 24/7/365, have bilingual services, and can make outbound calls on your behalf. What sets them apart from some other virtual receptionist services, however, is how they fit into your law firm’s legal tech stack.

LEX Reception and Your Tech Stack

LEX Reception has built both web and mobile apps to help you manage your incoming phone calls. Lawyers can update their call scripts, change forwarding numbers, and even make outbound calls using the system. It is a solid foundation for the broader virtual receptionist services LEX provides.

This app, however, wouldn’t provide much help to your firm if it was unwieldy or unusable. To that end, LEX Reception provides direct integrations with some of the most popular law practice management software providers. Although it is not necessary for LEX to integrate with your system, it is certainly helpful.

With this integration comes an added level of automation. Using some of the integrated CRMs, or practice management software, a firm could move a potential new client from initial call to accepted client with very little effort—even during non-business hours.

LEX Reception Interview

Zack sat down with Bree Swanson, from LEX Reception, to discuss how the integrations can fit into a lawyer’s complete tech stack. Take a look at their conversation below.

How to Get It

Ready to learn more? See more features and community comments at our full review of LEX Reception. Don’t forget to claim your Affinity Partner discount. Or, if you’re ready to jump right in, get a custom demo at

Lex Reception Grows CRM Integrations with MyCase and Lawcus

LEX Reception has added MyCase and Lawcus to their growing list of CRM integrations.

Quite simply, virtual reception services, like LEX Reception, should make your firm’s intake and client communication easier. Often, the best way to do this is to work directly with the client relationship management (CRM) software you already use. 

To that end, LEX Reception integrates with many of the most popular CRM platforms available for lawyers, including Clio Grow, Lawmatics, and Hubspot. Which means, the information your virtual receptionists gather, and the messages they take, all go directly into your intake software.

But, law firms use a lot of different CRMs and law practice management software (LPMS). So LEX Reception, and any other VR platform with an app, should continually add integrations. Although, honestly, LEX works pretty well even without a direct integration into your chosen software.

Recently, LEX has added MyCase and Lawcus to their growing list. As LPMS platforms with CRM capabilities, this appears to be a good choice. 

Take a look at the video below to see what other integrations LEX Reception has.

How to Get it

Ready to learn more? See more features and community comments at our full review of LEX Reception. Don’t forget to claim your Affinity Partner discount. Or, if you’re ready to jump right in, get a custom demo at

LexReception Crafts the Perfect Phone Script

When clients call your law firm, having the right script in place can set the right tone for your clients’ experience. A great script means a great client experience, and with LexReception, they’ll help you create a script that’s perfect for your firm, no matter why clients call.


LexReception is a virtual receptionist firm that does so much more than answer your phone calls. They schedule appointments and act as your friendly receptionists, giving your clients the personalized experience they deserve.

As part of your onboarding process with LexReception, they’ll get to know your firm so they’ll better be able to help you and your clients. They take the time to understand your practice and build scripts custom to your needs. You’ll go through a 45-minute call where your client account manager uses a screen share tool to walk you through LexReception, its Client Web Access Portal, and what you can do there, including how to edit your scripts.

Once your scripts have been written, you’ll be able to review and edit them whenever you want. You can edit scripts based on decision tree logic, so clients calling about personal injury won’t be subject to the same script as those calling about estate planning.

LexReception Edit Script Screenshot

You’ll also be able to edit your script to prompt your receptionist to either take messages and send them to you via email or text immediately after a call, schedule appointments or consultations or have your receptionist patch calls through to certain people in your firm.

LexReception Call Patching Script Screenshot

You’ll even be able to listen to recordings of calls using your script to see if it plays out the way you want, with the ability to make changes to your script in real-time through your client portal. Simply log into your account, and with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to update your script as you please.

How To Get It

LexReception provides a warm, friendly, and professional service to make sure your clients are treated well and never sent to voicemail. With its dedication, services, and integrations with popular third-party software, LexReception is designed to help you grow and can scale with your practice. To learn more about LexReception and how to craft a perfect phone script, visit

LexReception’s Client Access Simplifies Account Management

LexReception’s Client Web Access portal is a sleek and user-friendly dashboard that lets you view and manage your account and virtual receptionists at your convenience.


LexReception is a virtual receptionist service for solo attorneys and small law firms that offers all you need from a virtual receptionist service. It offers intake services and appointment scheduling, among other offerings, and they’re available 24/7/365, so your clients will never get sent to voicemail. It’s a highly rated service with thousands of happy customers. And with the ease of managing your account through LexReception’s comprehensive and easy to use Client Web Access portal, it’s easy to see why.

Managing your minutes, your script, and your payment with virtual receptionists shouldn’t be difficult, and shouldn’t require a phone call. With the LexReception Client Web Access portal, simply login and you’ll be taken to the dashboard where you’ll be able to make the changes you want to make.

The LexReception Client Web Access portal (CWA) is something customers get access to for free when sign up for LexReception. It’s an intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps you better manage your virtual receptionist services.

Within the CWA, with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to manage and verify contracts, check minute usage:

LexReception Client Web Access Usage

Check messages, run reports, set up CRM integrations, see and edit scripts:

LexReception Client Web Access Scripts

adjust minute plans, and make payments:

LexReception Client Web Access Payments

Simply log into your LexReception account online and you’ll automatically be taken to the dashboard.

The dashboard itself is intuitive and easy to use, though if you ever have any questions, LexReception’s friendly team is ready to help with any issues that may arise.

How to Get it

To learn more about LexReception or to schedule a free consultation, visit

Life isn’t what you do. It’s why you do it. (Sponsored)

Doug Koenig, then a recent graduate of law school, had just finished helping a 94-year old client sort out some family legal issues. As they were winding down with a polite chat, his client began to describe the first time she had ridden a horse with her dad at the age of eight. With perfect clarity, she recalled the heady rush of the wind in her hair and the thrill of that first ride more than eighty-five years ago. “I heard that story and thought: I’m done,” says Doug. “I’m done with everything else I’m doing. I want to be an Elder Law attorney and hear more of these stories.”

What’s your why?

What’s your cause? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? These are the questions Simon Sinek asks in his iconic TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. “The inspired leaders and the inspired organizations—regardless of their size, regardless of their industry—all think, act and communicate from the inside out.” In other words, what’s your Why?

Doug’s affinity for the elderly and love of a good story were two small factors in his decision to become an Elder Law attorney. He discovered just how crucial Elder Law attorneys are in a time when the Baby Boomer generation are entering their twilight years with few resources available to them. His Why was to help the huge percentage of the population facing life-altering decisions such as power of attorney, long-term care, and financial assistance.

“I sit with them. When they’re done, they understand what’s happening and what their options are. When they walk out and say, ‘Thank you, I feel better.’ That’s fulfilling.”

You didn’t become a lawyer to file paperwork. You didn’t become a lawyer to juggle meetings in your appointment book. You became a lawyer to make a difference. To have a hand in creating a just world or to simply help people during their most challenging times.

Be their voice. We’ll be yours.

At LexReception, our Why is to provide your legal practice with the highest caliber personnel so you can keep fighting the good fight. With our “work anywhere” model, we’re able to find the best people based on talent, not proximity. And our virtual receptionists spend less time commuting, less time contributing to the alarming levels of tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions, and more time on their reasons for getting out of bed each day. You end up being represented by not only the most talented receptionists, but the happiest.

The best part? You can work Anywhere. We’ll take on the phone calls, the appointment-booking, the CRM updates. You can attend your client meetings, argue in court, and make those calls knowing we have you covered. Represent people and be their voice. We’ll be yours.

In People v Bots, Stand for People (Sponsored)

While some of Silicon Valley is busy building robots and algorithms to deceptively sound like people, we offer a time-proven solution to win your legal clients and cases with a smile :).

Technology to Empower, Not to Impersonate.

Technology is a tool that can be used for good or for evil. It is indeed a very dystopian future if the receptionists, the lawyers, the people are all automated and replaced. Simply, Press 1 if you disagree and the machine will round file your objection.

Recently, LawGeex pitted their artificial intelligence engine against twenty lawyers to see who could do a better job evaluating business contracts. The AI won with a higher accuracy level and significantly quicker processing time. These results may explain why a significant amount of lawyers’ and law clerks’ jobs are transitioning to AI and automated processes.

“If I was the parent of a law student, I would be concerned a bit,” says Todd Solomon, a partner at the Chicago-based law firm McDermott Will & Emery, in an MIT article titled Lawyer-Bots Are Shaking Up Jobs. “There are fewer opportunities for young lawyers to get trained, and that’s the case outside of AI already. But if you add AI onto that, there are ways that is advancement, and there are ways it is hurting us as well.”

Even more sinister, however, are programs such as Google Duplex, a service enabling BOTs to call businesses and perform mundane tasks, such as scheduling an appointment. The BOT pretends to be human, going so far as to interject “umms” and “ahs” into the conversation.

While new laws requiring bots to disclose themselves are currently going into effect in California, AI and customer interaction is still a largely unregulated frontier.

Great Service Comes From Great People.

We rest our case.

We use tech as a means to build more meaningful human connections, not replace them. Those connections can come in the form of a real receptionist in the middle of the night, when a potential client calls your office with a legal emergency. Or they can be the ease with which your callers’ info integrates with Lexicata, Clio, or your Outlook Calendar.

A lawyer’s job is to represent people. In the field of law, more than anywhere, empathy and human connection are vital. With LexReception, your callers can trust they’ll be heard by a professional, empathetic person, no matter the time of day, and receive the courteous empathy impossible to replace by voicemail, automated systems, or even the most sophisticated of BOTs.

LexReceptionists work anywhere. Without the restrictions of an office, you have access to a pool of receptionists based on talent, not proximity. People like other great people. With tech used right, you can connect the best people talent to your customers, who are also people, we hope :).

LexReception’s Flexibility Works For You in Four Ways

A good answering service can be a lawyer’s secret weapon, but only if it brings things to the table an in-house, 9-to-5 receptionist can’t. Thanks to our cloud-based tools, LexReception’s virtual receptionists can work anywhere, giving them flexibility and 24/7 availability. Unlike office-based answering services limited to business hours only, LexReception offers game-changing perks, such as:

Stellar Customer Service, Anytime, Anywhere

Give your callers the luxury of reaching a live person any time, day or night. While a no-brainer for DUI and criminal attorneys, other legal fields gain surprising benefits from 24/7 availability too.

Peggy Hammerschmidt of bankruptcy firm Hammerschmidt, Stickradt, and Associates was skeptical when first approaching LexReception. There are no real, middle-of-the-night emergencies in the bankruptcy law and debt management industry. “There’s nothing that happens overnight or on the weekends,” says Peggy. “And I can’t fix it if it does, because we’re not open. So we’ve never thought we needed a virtual receptionist.”

Her tune changed when her virtual receptionists scheduled appointments for two callers who went on to become clients, earning Hammerschmidt, Stickradt, and Associates approximately $4,000 to $5,000 dollars within their first weekend of partnering with LexReception.

Coast-to-Coast Talent Pool

If you want to give your clients truly exceptional customer service, you need the best people manning your phones. LexReception draws from a talent pool the size of the United States. With so many candidates at our fingertips, we’re able to choose only the highest caliber workers as your virtual receptionists.

Not that we have to look very far. LexReceptionists work from their home offices. This, combined with paid learning time, a focus on work/life balance, and frequent promotion opportunities, attract the best and brightest. We get happier workers, your callers get excellent service. In fact, a recent article by shows that remote workers outperform their office-bound counterpart.

Weather Any Disaster

Natural disaster strikes? Server goes down? No problem. Your service will always be reliable thanks to a distributed workforce that easily adapts to unexpected hiccups. A storm hits the East Coast, and our West Coast receptionists take up the slack. A city-wide power outage in Houston, Texas means nothing to our team in Portland, Oregon. Rest easy knowing nothing will stop your callers from getting through.

The Best Coverage for Lower Cost

How much extra is 24/7/365 after-hours and holiday availability? $0.00. No massive office building means no massive office lease, and we pass those savings onto you. You get talented, professional virtual receptionists around the clock without the extra cost.

The savings don’t stop there. Each LexReception plan comes with a suite of freebies including: cloud-based appointment scheduling software, chat support, CRM integration, and access to your recorded calls guaranteeing exceptional quality control.

You’re looking for an answering service because you need a better solution for your incoming calls. Our remote workforce can handle your calls anytime, anywhere at a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist. Check out our plans or give us a call at 1-800-245-8589 to get started!