Marketing your law firm is crucial to attracting new potential clients. Marketing, especially legal marketing, is one of the most important skills you’ll need to develop and run a successful practice. For new firms, it’s essential. Legal marketing helps showcase and develop your firm’s image. This helps you stand out in an oversaturated market and helps potential clients, or leads, find you. 

Legal marketing can cover a mix of digital marketing, SEO, blogging, networking, content marketing, and print and digital ads. Each of those has its own strategies and considerations, which can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting started. Deciding how to invest your time and money in marketing while also focusing on practicing law can be tricky. This is where marketing automation comes in handy. 

Law Firm Marketing Automation Saves You Time

Marketing automation uses software to automate manual, daily marketing work. Using marketing automation software lets you automate repetitive tasks like blog posting, ad campaigns, or sending out client communications. Marketing automation is key, especially when handling a high volume of intakes. Automation doesn’t just make these tasks faster and easier to do. It can also provide a more personalized experience for both your new and existing clients. Marketing automation, and how well you take advantage of it, can make or break your firm’s growth. 

As life and business move more and more into the digital space, clients expect a quick response after reaching out. More than 78% of customers buy from the first company that responds. Generating leads and keeping clients engaged throughout their journey with your firm should be top of mind. Most firms use marketing automation for automated email sequences, like sending an email after a client completes a website form. While this is a great use of automation, without further thought, this approach can lead to a disjointed or impersonal experience. 

Using Automation to Create a Personalized Experience

Thoughtfully integrated law firm marketing automation creates the foundation to develop fruitful, long-term relationships with your clients. This all starts when they reach out to you. Each prospective client is telling a different story depending on how they contact you. Are they filling out a form on your firm’s website? Sending you an email? Calling you? Texting you? Are they reaching out to you in English or in another language? Are they finding you through Google? How clients reach out is an important data point. And there’s nothing more disappointing for clients than reaching out with a problem and receiving a generic response from an 800 number or info email. 

Law Ruler helps you engage with your clients meaningfully, giving them the right information at the right time, no matter how they contact you.

Create Meaningful Client Engagement with Law Ruler

Send Personalized Emails and Texts Automatically

Law Ruler makes it easy to create and send customized automated messages to your clients. Its AI-enabled automation features allow you to preset messages based on your preferences and how clients contact you. You can send custom and personalized emails or texts to your clients based on predefined statuses and templates. For example, if a client reaches out to you in Vietnamese from a Google Ad, you can respond with a personalized message acknowledging the Google Ad in Vietnamese. And if you’re texting clients back, you’re texting back from your own number, and not a generic number, so clients can save your contact information right off the bat. 

Use Law Ruler’s Softphone to Increase Conversion with Calls

Law Ruler is the only legal CRM with a built-in softphone dialer. If you’re not familiar with what a softphone is, you might be familiar with VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. VOIP allows law firms to make and receive calls through an internet connection instead of a telephone line. A softphone is an interface that allows you to make and receive phone calls over the internet via your computer or smartphone, among other features. 

Law Ruler’s softphone dialer can automatically prioritize leads and save you time by automating callbacks to new and existing clients. If the client doesn’t answer, no problem, you can leave a pre-recorded voicemail. With Law Ruler, you can pre-recorded voicemails to leave for clients to further your marketing efforts or automate follow-ups. You’ll also be able to track and record calls for more detailed analytics. 

Easy to Use System

Law Ruler is a powerful software to automate your marketing and your firm’s workflow. While the features it offers sound complicated to set up, it’s actually quite easy. Its intuitive and user friendly system makes Law Ruler easy to learn and get started in just a few minutes. Law Ruler also integrates with dozens of legal vendor tools to help you keep your digital toolbox lean and efficient. Law Ruler is also completely mobile friendly, making it a great option for attorneys who want to run a flexible and modern practice. 

Demo Video

Matthew at Law Ruler recently gave us a demo of how their marketing automation features can help give your firm a more personal touch and save you hours in your week. Watch the video below to see a walkthrough he provided our Legal Tech Advisor, Zack Glaser.

How to Get It

Law Ruler is a legal client relationship manager and intake platform built with your growth in mind. If your law firm wants to learn more about Law Ruler, contact them at and get a free personalized demo. You can also sign-up for a free trial: no credit card needed. Want to learn more about Law Ruler? Check out our previous Product Spotlight on them, or check out the full review, where you can see a features list, other demo videos, and community comments. Remember that Lawyerist readers get an affinity benefit through the review page.

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Last updated June 23rd, 2022