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MyCase Rating:


  • Customer Experience & Support - 9/10
  • Pricing & Value - 9.75/10
  • Security - 10/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 9/10
Comments Rating 4.5 (4 reviews)

Rating Breakdown

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

Community Rating: 4.5/5 (based on 4 ratings)

The community rating is based on the average of the community reviews below.

Composite Rating: 4.6/5

The composite rating is a weighted average of our rating and the community ratings below.

MyCase is user-friendly, cloud-based law practice management software (LPMS). They have a simple, straight-forward, “one login, one bill” pricing philosophy. With each user login, they offer a full compliment of built-in features, with limited, yet select, integrations.

The software includes built-in document storage, integrated leads management, and a full email client. With all of their features, you shouldn’t have too many reasons to go outside of MyCase to manage your firm. They are about as plug-and-play as you can get. Additionally, they have bank-grade encryption, and store your information on Amazon’s web servers (AWS). So, you can rest assured that your data is protected while in their hands.

Who MyCase Is For

MyCase is a good fit and a great value for firms looking for a full-featured, affordable LPMS system. It includes some features, like e-signatures and a full email client, that aren’t easy to find built-in. Because MyCase offers limited outside integrations, it’s probably not a good fit for firms that rely heavily on third-party software. However, with MyCase’s pricing, and its ease of set-up, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the review and comparing their features.

MyCase Features

Starting Cost
$49/user/month (with yearly-billing discount)
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • Cloud
Core Features
For law practice management software, the following are essential features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.
Case/Matter Management
Matter management is the defining feature of law practice management software, of course. However, some software is targeted at specific practice areas and may implement case management in different ways in order to manage information specific to those practice areas.
Client/Contact Management
Managing clients and other contacts is a core feature of law practice management software.
Task Management
Basic task management includes creating tasks with due dates that can be associated with cases/matters and assigned to different lawyers. Some products stick to pretty basic task management, while others offer enough features to make any Getting Things Done devotee happy.
As with email, this feature means a full calendar client, not just an integration with Outlook or Google Calendar.
Timekeeping is a core feature of practice management software, essential for lawyers who bill by the hour but useful even for those who don't.
Additional Features
Conflict Checking
An actual conflict checker is more than just a search box. This applies to software that actually has a conflict checking feature. Implementation varies, but at a minimum you should be able to search the entire database for matching names. It should check for conflicts accurately and intuitively, allow for a lateral hire to input their conflict database into the system, work quickly when new clients call, and comply with the rules of professional conduct for checking conflicts.
Email Client
Does it include a full email client? (Alternative solutions that don't amount to an email client, like plugins for Outlook or Gmail, do not earn a check for this feature. See software integrations, below.))
Text Messaging
Can you send and receive text messages and associate them with your matters?
Document Management
Basic document management allows you to add documents and associate them with your cases/matters.
Document Assembly
Loading your firm’s document templates into your law practice management software can save time and ensure consistency. This check means basic document assembly suitable for form letters, invoices, etc. For advanced document assembly, you’ll probably need additional software.
Secure Client Portal
Basic Bookkeeping
This means basic checkbook register–style bookkeeping, which is more limited than full accounting. You should be able to keep track of your operating accounts and reconcile your balances, but you may still need full accounting software.
Trust Accounting
This means you can track your client trust accounts, including expenses and payments. It is normal to see trust accounting without basic bookkeeping or full accounting, in which case you will need something else for accounting.
Full Accounting
Some software includes full double-entry accounting features, making additional accounting software unnecessary.
Billing & Invoicing
Does the software allow you to send bills or invoices?
Online Payments
Payment processing is increasingly offered either as an included or add-on feature, especially with cloud-based law practice management software.
Software Integrations
  • Dropbox
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • QuickBooks Online
Open API

Additional Details

CRM & Leads Management

Integrated Leads Management. Although it may not be as robust as some stand-alone products, MyCase ships with a client relationship management (CRM) system already built into the application. Which means you don’t have to spend any time setting up the integration or choosing a system that works-and-plays-well with your LPMS.

Intake forms and appointment scheduling. Attorneys, or their staff, can build intake forms from within the system. They can then embed them directly on your website and allow potential clients to enter their contact  information directly into your system for you. Additionally, you can set up your website to let clients schedule consultations and other appointments without needing to call your office.

Client Portal & Communication

Client Portal. The MyCase Client Portal allows for cloud-based, secure communication between your firm and your clients through email, instant messaging, and commentary on uploaded files. It may not be the easiest thing to get your Clients to use (which is the case for most Client Portals), but it offers much of the ease of texting without the additional security risks.

Email. MyCase now includes a full email client. It syncs up with just about any email provider, so you can continue to use Gmail, Office 365, etc. However, you can also use the built-in MyCase email client and associate your emails with matters. MyCase is also smart enough to remember those associations, so the same contacts will automatically be associated with the relevant matter.

Shared Documents. Although you can integrate with DropBox, MyCase will also allow you to store your client documents within the system. You can then share these documents with your clients, make commentary on them, or even allow your clients to upload their own documents.

E-signatures. MyCase includes built-in e-signing for retainer agreements and other documents. You can increase your efficiency without adding any third-party software or integrations.

Billing & Accounting

Payment options. MyCase Payments lets you charge for consultations, take payments in your office, and set up payment plans with auto-billing (or reminders, if you prefer).

Smart Time Finder. If you bill by the hour, MyCase’s Smart Time Finder will help you keep track of your time. Whenever you take an action in the system, MyCase automatically creates a draft time entry, so your attorney billing is simplified.

Security & Integrity

Security. MyCase is built on Amazon’s EC2 cloud servers.  These are in anonymous locations in the United States, and are protected by military-grade perimeters. As you can imagine, Amazon also strictly controls physical access to these sites. MyCase utilizes these servers for storage, data redundancy, and information backup. Your data, and your client information, is secured in transit (moving from computer to computer) and at rest (sitting on the data servers) with “bank-grade” encryption, and the option of two-factor authentication (2FA).

Backup. As a standard cloud-based security measure, MyCase regularly backs-up your data to its own servers. However, it is always good practice to have your own back-up protocol. To that end, you can download a .CSV file once-a-day. This can include all of your firm’s data, and all of your firm’s open files. Or, it can just include cases linked to a particular user. This gives you the freedom to set-up different data management based on specific users, and with your own storage limits in mind.

MyCase Pricing & Customer Support

Pricing. MyCase has a one log-in, one price billing model. Accordingly, there are no separate tiers to review, no enterprise options, or “freemium” upgrades to choose from. If you pay annually, they charge you $49.00 per-user-per-month, whereas, a monthly billing package price will run you $59.00 per-user-per-month. Each user gets all the features MyCase offers.

Migrating. MyCase offers self-service and assisted data-migration at no additional cost to new customers. This is extremely helpful, however, as with most practice management software, you probably won’t be able to import all your data. This new system may not have the same fields as the software from which you are importing. But, with its assisted support, mapping and importing your data into MyCase isn’t as daunting as it may seem. MyCase, for its part, recommends importing a maximum of 2000 records at a time, so you may want to build in some time to transfer all of your data.

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4 MyCase Community Reviews

  1. Avatar Jose Rafael G. says:

    A fantastic tool from fantastic people.

    I have a small law firm in Puerto Rico. Because we are a US Territory, our procedural legal system is exactly as in the mainland, with the terms and deadlines that come with the career we chose. I am also a CPA, and very familiar with computers. Our CPAs society has been pushing paperless audits for awhile, and because of that, about 8 years ago, I decided to become paperless. I gave my firm 3 years. After reading all the recommendations of, I went with a very popular case management, cloud based software (not My Case). I found it useful, powerful, resourceful and adequately priced, but the learning curve for my staff was too steep. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, my clients did not understand it and never used it. After 4 years, and many cases, only 4 clients had used it. Furthermore, my paper files continued… So, without giving up the former, I tried My Case. The response from my staff and clients was unanimous, they LOVED IT. And so did I. That was at the end of 2016. Since then, ALL of my cases have been managed by My Case. My Spanish speaking staff and clients, have had no problem following the super user friendly software of My Case.

    Since then, My Case has continued to improve. Every month something new is added, and a great program becomes better. The integration with Outlook, with Dropbox, the ability to send text messages from the platform, the ability to accept payments by E-check (no charge), the ability to obtain electronic signatures, the ability to generate reports using the custom fields, are just some of the improvements of the last year… and again, they keep improving.

    The most amazing part is the fact that their staff is available and they actually listen and implement our suggestions. Not only that, they are human. On September 20, 2017 we were hit by Hurricane Maria and our beautiful island was devastated. We had no power, no communications, and of course, no internet. The My Case people did not bill us for three months, without us asking. That was humane!!! I had no way to access My Case, and when I finally logged on, about a month later, from the side of the road in San Juan, it was great to see what they had done.

    There are a still a couple of things that My Case needs to improve, for example, entering data into custom fields after the case has been created, and, they have increased their prices several times over the last four years with little advance notice, while the other case management software has not… I believe they should announce at least 3 months in advance. Regardless of those small misgivings, if you want a software that your clients and your staff will use, My Case is the best case management software for the price right now.

  2. Avatar Michael L. says:

    MyCase - Intuitive and Evolving

    I’ve been using MyCase as the practice management solution for my office for two years or more. Its intuitive lay-out made the transition simple and got me up and running in a virtual environment without problem. Time keeping and billing has become a snap with clients receiving timely and professional invoices. Electronic messages and e-mails have reduced administrative time and expense and the system provides a audit trail of case activity. E-signatures are a snap and payments via credit cards and e-checks are processed effortlessly right into the appropriate bank account. When COVID hit, my “office” was shut down but my practice continued largely uninterrupted. MyCase was instrumental in making the transition to working from home. The MyCase app even makes it possible to work from my cell phone. The people at MyCase are responsive and work constantly to improve the product. It’s a great product at a great price and it is the platform I choose for taking my practice “virtual” in the post-COVID business environment.

  3. Avatar Joan G. says:

    MyCase Review

    My team and I have been using MYCASE since 2016 and we were easily able to go paperless. I tried out several options including CLIO. I chose MYCASE as it is user friendly and really has helped us move our cases forward. It is reasonable and accessible and I highly recommend.

  4. Avatar Josh C. says:

    Better Price, Fewer Unnecessary Bells, and Easy to Use

    I have been using MyCase since 2012 when I opened my firm. The software is easy to use and does everything we need. It has one feature that no other software seems to be able to handle: it allows a third-party to be designated the billing contact and receive/pay all invoices.

    The down side to MyCase is that it lacks many of the tie-ins that Clio and other alternatives offer. Beyond calendar, email, and Quickbooks synchronization, there isn’t much. No Dropbox, Zapier, Ruby, or LawPay.

    But this lack of tie-ins also makes MyCase incredibly easy to use. They have their own payment platform with competitive rates and no monthly fees.

    Possibly most important: MyCase is almost half the price of Clio and other competitors, assuming you have an ABA discount. Even without the discount it is still a better value.

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