The Power of the Phone Call

There is no denying we’ve plunged into a high-touch, digital age. But amidst the emails, text messages, and chat boxes, one medium of communication reigns supreme: the phone call.

65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone.

The power of interpersonal communication is alive and well in our high-tech world. Nearly twice as many people opt for the telephone over an online form. In choosing to dial your number, a potential client has made the decision to see how you can help them.

74% of callers are likely to choose another business after a poor phone experience.

Missed calls are missed opportunities. If you don’t answer when clients come to call, odds are, they’ll hang up without leaving a message. How many potential clients have you lost to voicemail? Offer a warm, professional voice to your callers and leave a lasting first impression.

30% of those said they’re likely to leave a bad review.

Word of mouth referrals prove to be the most effective form of advertisement and come without cost. By creating an exceptional client experience from the first touch, you’re laying the groundwork for a trusting, loyal relationship. Give your clients a reason to recommend your practice from the moment you say “hello.”

80% of callers say a good phone experience makes them a repeat customer.

You want to be there for your clients—but between court dates, client meetings, paperwork, and travel, how can you find the time to answer every call that comes in?

Ruby® Receptionists answers 100% of your calls live!

Ruby® Receptionists answers 100% of your calls live! We ensure every one of your callers receives an excellent experience—helping you win clients and delight those you already have. During business hours, evenings, and weekends, Ruby’s virtual receptionists answer and transfer calls to you live, take messages, delight callers in English or Spanish, collect intake, make outbound calls on your behalf, and more!

Coupled with our legendary service is our proprietary technology. Our software integrates with Clio, Rocketmatter, and Lexicata to streamline your workflow while the Ruby mobile app syncs with your contacts and calendar to keep you connected and prepared.

Our app empowers you to work wherever, whenever and adjust your call handling preferences on the fly. With the power of a receptionist team in the palm of your hand, all you need to run your practice is Ruby and a cell phone.

Curious? Give us a call at 866-611-7829 (RUBY) and experience our receptionists for yourself! You can also visit to discover how Ruby can help you grow your practice.

Source: Invoca, State of the Mobile Experience, 2016

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Last updated December 3rd, 2018