As an attorney, your days are already filled with appointments, deadlines, and other responsibilities. Following up on incomplete intake forms, making court-appearance reminder calls, and chasing down paperwork can take up precious time in your packed schedule. 

Let take care of your outbound calls and free up hours for you and your staff. receptionists can call leads and clients to follow-up on online “contact form” fills and website chats, to give case updates to clients, or even to refer leads looking for help outside your practice area to other better-suited firms you recommend. 


Let’s say you’re set to meet some clients at court tomorrow. You’re nervous they won’t show up, but you don’t have time to call them before their hearings. You can simply have your receptionists call and remind your clients to be in court on time, properly dressed, parked nearby (so they’re not late after hunting for a spot). 

Or maybe you received dozens of new intake forms on your website over the weekend, but your week is booked with depositions. receptionists can email, call, and even text those new potential clients — all from your number — to follow up on their matters and set up consultations for you. Once the meeting is set, their call can trigger an automatic email follow-up that outlines your policies to properly set new client expectations. outbound calls and emails aren’t limited to lead screening, scheduling, and reminders. You can also use their receptionists to provide work status updates to clients, request online client reviews, conduct outreach to potential clients (they draw the line at marketing cold-calls), and request payments on past-due invoices.’s outbound communication services instantly help you take important, but sometimes tedious, tasks off your plate. 

If you’ve been using your paralegal for this sort of work, you can now finally hand them higher-level tasks better suited to their skills.

How to Get It

If you’re already a customer, simply email their support team with all relevant contact details, directions, and the message you’d like to convey, and that’s it! will handle the rest. If you don’t have business texting or emailing enabled for your phone number, they can even take care of these systems for you.

If you’re not a customer, learn more about, its outbound communication services, 24/7 live-staffed and AI chat, and other services, by visiting today!

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Last updated March 26th, 2020