One of the more difficult challenges of running a law firm is balancing the time spent supporting clients, managing potential new clients, and getting your work done. Many times, a visitor will come to your website and leave almost as soon as they arrived because reaching out felt overwhelming or they weren’t immediately able to find what they were looking for.’s new live chat changes that. You’ll be able to have live chat at all hours to answer any questions your visitors might have, keep them engaged, and can even connect them to you when the moment is right. Never miss a lead again!

Details has launched new live-chat features to its impressive set of services.  You’ll now be able to add AI-powered or live-staffed chat to your website to help you keep your website visitors interested and engaged.

The AI chatbot is completely free, includes unlimited chats, and is available for instant setup. Simply create your free account, and you can get started generating FAQs, a knowledge base, and playbooks for your chatbot to start bringing more value to your website. Visitors will be able to have their questions answered 24/7. As more people interact with your chatbot, it gets smarter, constantly refining and improving its conversations. And if you see room to improve a response the chatbot is giving, you can approve or disapprove the answers it develops as it learns.

For the live-staffed chat, which also includes the 24/7 AI chatbot,’s professional chat agents talk with your visitors and clients, answer questions, set appointments, screen leads, and can even respond via SMS text with clients. For those with Spanish-speaking clients, instantly translates between Spanish and English, with more languages coming soon. You’ll also get a white-glove setup and 2+ hours of custom chat programming to make your chat the best it can be without the guesswork or time tinkering on your own, unless that’s your thing.

If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to the live-staffed chat, offers a free trial with 10 chats. And that’s 10 real chats where contact information and intent are captured. You won’t get charged for irrelevant chats. With its AI technology, just like with its receptionist services,’s chat technology weeds out spam chats so you’ll only pay for real chats with real people, most often individuals looking to hire a lawyer.

How to Get It

If you’ve ever wanted to try live chat on your website, this is your opportunity. At a minimum, their free AI chatbot is a no-brainer that every lawyer should install today. If it’s live-staffed chat you’re after, then sign up for their free 10-chat trial. To learn more and sign up, visit today!

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Last updated November 19th, 2019