If you don’t already have a Facebook profile for your firm, you’re missing out. With over 2 billion active daily users, Facebook is a great way to engage with current clients and to let prospective clients learn more about your law firm. But most people won’t be leaving comments to communicate with you, they’ll be sending you a message. 

Clients expect fast and convenient communication, and Facebook Messenger meets both of those criteria. But it’s more than just an easy communication avenue that most of your clients already use, having a Facebook presence and being responsive to messages also builds and inspires trust. Having that one-to-one interaction helps clients feel confident in your firm, which in turn boosts your firm’s reputation. 

It can be daunting to add yet another communication medium for your firm, but that’s where Smith.ai comes in. Smith.ai’s virtual receptionists take care of fielding and responding to your messages, including Facebook messages, just as thoroughly as they do for law firms when they answer calls from new and existing clients.


You already know about Smith.ai’s receptionist services for those calls, but they can do much more than that. Smith.ai’s live agents can also help you manage your website chat, texts, and now Facebook messages. 

Smith.ai receptionists work to answer questions, screen potential clients, and schedule appointments for your firm, 24/7. This means that your law firm will be ready to capture leads and be available for your clients, offering the instant answers clients demand without incurring an interruption to you or your team. 

Rolled under their Chat package, their Facebook Messaging is included with text answering at no extra cost, and it works the same way as Smith.ai’s other services. Simply provide your specific criteria for client intake and appointment scheduling, and Smith.ai will take care of the rest. What’s more, you don’t need to provide any of your Facebook login credentials to get started with this service. Smith.ai is able to manage all of your communications through their platform, without the need for a username. 

How to Get It

To learn more about Smith.ai, how it works with Facebook Messaging, or its Chat Services in general, visit https://smith.ai/chat and receive a 20-chat/14-day free trial today!

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Last updated April 28th, 2020