Growing law firms need a simple and secure way to get more work done and collaborate with less friction. Shared folders are slow and cumbersome, and finding what you need is a productivity nightmare. NetDocuments gives you powerful document management tools that allow you to share, edit, and organize documents and emails in the way that best meets the demands of your practice. 


NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management system with military-grade security. Your documents are secured and organized through NetDocuments’ intuitive user interface, augmented by a complete suite of document and email management tools. 

Organize your documents and emails with ease. NetDocuments automatically organizes and stores your documents by file number. Just click and drag to rearrange your documents. Same with emails. The Outlook integration makes it simple to file emails with just a few clicks. Other recipients at your firm will all be notified that the email was filed.

Search for documents faster. NetDocuments architecture makes searching for documents fast and easy. Plus, you’ll be able to seamlessly view and copy from the document you’re working on without leaving NetDocuments or opening other programs. 

Easily share files with clients. You’ll also be able to share documents with clients through client portals or a password protected link. With NetDocuments, you can restrict access to files and documents based on roles and need to know, so you can share content without worrying about access permissions. 

Work directly from your desktop. If you prefer to work from your desktop rather than a browser, NetDocuments makes it easy. The NetDocuments desktop interface makes it look and feel like you’re using a local directory, but you’ll be working and syncing securely through the cloud. Unlike closed systems offered by other platforms, NetDocuments has an open API and a global technology partner network, which means frictionless integration with any law practice management software to boost efficiency and productivity.

How to Get It

To learn more about NetDocuments and how it can improve your firm’s document management, request a demo by clicking here today.

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Last updated September 14th, 2022