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Legal Time & Attorney Billing Software

Most Law Practice Management Software (LPMS) includes some sort of timekeeping and billing functionality. However, the vast majority of these provide only basic tracking, and reporting. Software specifically built for legal time tracking, time management, and attorney billing will generally have more granular reporting, increased tracking, and advanced invoicing capabilities, just to name a few enhancements. Many of them will either sync directly with your other software, or work well in tandem.

In this Legal Time & Attorney Billing Software portal you can compare features, read community reviews, get additional details, and find the best application for your law firm. If you see an Affinity Partner badge, it means Lawyerist Insiders are entitled to a discount. (Already a member? Log in here. If not, register here—it’s free!)

Does my law practice need timekeeping software?

Yes, and no. Every lawyer is tracking his or her time. Whether they are flat-fee, or hourly, they have to have some idea of how much their time is worth in order to make a living. Advanced timekeeping software simply allows attorneys to do a better job of it. Whether it’s capturing more time, or just knowing where everyone’s day has gone, legal timekeeping software can generally help you with legal time management.

How is timekeeping & billing software different from Law Practice Management Software?

Many Law Practice Management Software applications have timekeeping and billing built-in. Where better to keep your information than directly in the file? So, for the most part, these applications are a subset of an LPMS. However, most built-in timekeeping and billing software isn’t as advanced as the ones in this portal.

What is the best legal billing software for attorneys who charge flat fees?

Although it would seem like advanced legal billing software would not be necessary for flat fee providers, knowing how much your service costs you is the key to making a living charging flat fees. Just because you aren’t charging directly for your time, doesn’t mean your legal practice shouldn’t be managing and tracking your time.

Should my law firm use online billing with credit card payments?

The short answer is, if you are dealing with the general public, then, yes. And even if you aren’t, you should likely review the option with your clients. Not only is it easier to get paid via online application, but many of the products in this Portal will allow you to set-up reminders, follow-up emails, and other needed A/R functionality.

How can legal timekeeping and billing software help me manage my time?

Lawyers should be running reports on their time and billing software at least monthly. Measuring the value of your time can help determine what cases are more worthwhile, where you should invest marketing dollars, who is bringing in their share of cases, and a whole host of other performance indicators.

How to Choose Timekeeping & Attorney Billing Software

When choosing time and billing software for your legal practice, it can be challenging to know which specific features you need to keep your business running smoothly. We’ll try to make it easy to select the right attorney billing software for you.

4 Steps to Choosing Legal Time & Billing Software

  1. Know Your Rights

    First, know what you should expect from software with our Legal Software Bill of Rights.

  2. Determine Your Needs

    Next, identify your firm’s specific needs. Use your procedures manual to make a list of the functions you are looking for. Break those down into nice-to-have, and must-have features.

  3. Filter Your Legal Time & Attorney Billing Software

    With your requirements in hand, get more information about the software that most interests you by visiting the product page and reading our community reviews. If you’re a Lawyerist Insider, jump into the Facebook group and look around.

  4. Try Before You Buy

    Finally, sign up for a trial account with one or two likely software options, put them through their paces, and select the one that will work best for your firm.

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