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  • Not DIY
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Accounting Girl?

Pricing for Accounting Girl is always specific to the individual lawyer or firm. However, for the most part, they charge a flat-fee to onboard, and then a percentage of revenue as your ongoing fee.

What is the price of Accounting Girl?

Accounting Girl works directly with your firm, using your practice management and accounting software to provide their services to you.

Is Accounting Girl secure?

Yes. Accounting Girl provides fractional CFO services to your firm, including business and financial strategy and advice.

Does Accounting Girl integrate with my Law Practice Management Software?

Yes. Since they work with the programs you already have, there is no need for them to technically "integrate" with your software.

Can Accounting Girl handle my law firm's trust accounting?

Yes. Accounting Girl is very familiar with the needs of solo, small firm, and medium-sized lawyers, including three-way reconciliation.

Is Accounting Girl good for solos?

Although they can make recommendations, as of this review, Accounting Girl does not handle law firm income tax filings.

Will Accounting Girl Review: Accounting Software for Lawyers connect to my online bank account?

Yes. Accounting Girl can manage your firm's day-to-day bookkeeping. They will connect with your accountign software, your practice management software, and your online bank account to appropriately manage your day-to-day transactions.

Can my law firm manage users with Accounting Girl?

No. As a service provider, Accounting Girl has no need to manage users.

Will my law firm's accountant be able to use Accounting Girl?

Yes. It is never too early to outsource your firm's bookkeeping. Accounting Girl helps solos, small firms, and medium-sized firms alike.

Can my firm accept ePayments with Accounting Girl?

No. Accounting Girl does not require use of a separate app. They connect directly to your QuickBooks Online, your law practice management software, and your online bank account to manage your accounting.

Additional Details about Accounting Girl

Working Relationship 

When first contacting Accounting Girl to assist with its finances, the firm schedules an initial meeting to review the potential scope of the relationship and work.  Accounting Girl may quote a flat fee for onboarding, depending on the firm’s financial complexity. Then, as the relationship continues, they charge a percentage of revenue as their ongoing fee. 

During the onboarding process, Accounting Girl will migrate the firm to QuickBooks online.  Then, if necessary, they rebuild existing accounts efficiently and appropriately. This allows the virtual CFO to access firm accounts through the online portal, which obviates the need to send files over the internet or use alternative programs to communicate. (So long as everyone uses responsible password management and 2FA, this should be reasonably secure).  The firm can always see what Accounting Girl is doing, and the books stay appropriately up-to-date. 

After the initial setup, they’ll even dig into the accounting and billing in the firm’s Law Practice Management Software. Although experience indicates that they can likely work in any LPMS, employees have specific knowledge of Clio, MyCase, Cosmolex, PracticePanther, and a few others. After all, this is what one expects from an internal accounting department. A virtual CFO should be no different. 

In addition to tracking books and accounts, Accounting Girl can also help with financial planning, budgeting, and monitoring things like KPIs. Here, the firm benefits from Accounting Girl’s experience in future financial planning, including upcoming hiring situations, office expansion, and even retirement. 

Benefits of a Virtual CFO 

Generally, the more hands-off an attorney is in this relationship, the more beneficial to all, which seems counterintuitive. Lawyers typically like to have their hands in every aspect of the business. But, occasionally—actually, more often than not—it’s better to let experts handle what they do best. 

 Outsourcing the accounting department allows a firm to hire for experience rather than convenience, location, or something even less related to capability. Although Accounting Girl doesn’t solely work with attorneys, legal makes up most of what they do. This means they’re well versed in lawyer trust accounting and the accompanying ethical obligations. So, a firm can feel confident leaving accounting in their hands. 

However, the firm will never be totally disengaged—that’s how lawyers lose their licenses. Even with a virtual CFO creating all client bills, the office (hopefully a managing attorney) will still be expected to review what Accounting Girl sends and push them out the door. The firm retains a degree of direct oversight and the vital direct relationship with its clients. 

How Accounting Girl is Different 

The stand-out difference between Accounting Girl and other outsourced accounting firms is the three-way reconciliation they do. They connect with the firm’s online bank account, QuickBooks account, and LPMS ensure firm financials are correct each month. 

Importantly, as one would expect from any CFO, they aren’t just in the accounts at the beginning and the end of each month. Generally, someone from Accounting Girl connects with the firm’s accounts daily. This means no one loses time waiting for someone to get the books straight before firm personnel can run reports, confidently create bills, or run-down accounts receivable. But, in reality, firm members won’t have to do that either; that’s what the virtual CFO is for. 

Who Accounting Girl is For 

For the most part, anyone with enough business to justify hiring a bookkeeper should consider Accounting Girl. Although it is important to note, they aren’t bookkeepers. Accounting Girl provides a whole lot more. 

Essentially, Accounting Girl is a virtual, part-time accounting department that interacts with the firm’s accounts daily. They refer to themselves as a “virtual CFO.” And, this virtual CFO can help leadership set up, plan, and run a profit-first law firm. 

Keep in mind, however, that they are not tax accountants. That is not what they do. And it’s not how the relationship works. Of course, they can make recommendations in this department. But don’t expect a relationship where the firm sends off an “Accountant’s Copy” once a month to reconcile for taxes. 

Additionally, smaller attorneys just starting out, or larger firms needing a full-time accounting department, may not find Accounting Girl the right fit. 

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Accounting Girl Community Reviews

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  • Janet G. says:

    Made my life EASIER!!!

    I love Accounting Girl because they made my life easier. I get everything I need in an intelligent package, great insights and professional help. I am not sure how I ran my law firm, much less ever handled our financials before them. We have been able to make so many more good decisions, run our firm’s finances, and become seriously profitable with to help! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • Craig Y. says:
    We’ve been with Accounting Girls since our inception, and they have proven their worth, time and time again. They are responsive and knowledgable in ways you couldn’t even imagine, and have helped us create processes that make our job, as lawyers, easier. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a team as their virtual CFO. We couldn’t be happier with them!
  • Amanda Basch says:

    Makes Accounting Easy!

    Jill and her team made the accounting portion of our transition to a new firm as smooth as possible. They are responsive and always prompt in addressing questions, never making us feel like we are imposing. Having absolutely no training in accounting, I needed a team that could take that piece and would make me feel confident in their ability to do so efficiently and effectively. Accounting Girl is definitely that team!
  • Crystal Banse says:

    Excellent Accounting Services

    I highly recommend Jill and her team for a seamless accounting experience. She uses the latest technology and easy-to-read reporting. She made my monthly accounting and yearly reporting a breeze!
  • Abigail Seymour says:

    She's a virtual CFO - grateful to have found her!

    I am so glad I found Jill and her team, they have been incredibly supportive as I get my firm off the ground. She is always available to answer questions, they handle all the financials to allow me to focus on other areas of building my business. Dealing with the nuts and bolts/money part was the area I felt least confident about, so I knew I needed someone who could see the big picture, and not “just” a bookkeeper. She was a therapist in her former career, so she knows how to help navigate the money AND the baggage we all have in dealing with our money. If you need a virtual CFO, Jill is your gal.
  • Amanda Butler says:

    CFO services

    I used another bookkeeper for a few years but she wasn’t able to explain what my numbers meant and how to make better sense of them and hence better decisions. Jill was able to do that for me in our very first meeting and I’m looking forward to having an on demand CFO to help me make better financial decisions for the firm.
  • Dennis Donahue says:

    Accounting Girl - Worthy of Praise

    It is great it is to have Jill and her Accounting Girl team on our side. At CreatiVenture Law, we appreciate the quality of work and care that everyone at Accounting Girl has provided to our firm. THANK YOU!!!
  • Katia Teirstein says:

    Wish I'd found Jill & Accounting Girl earlier

    I’m a busy solo practitioner with an immigration practice and for years I’ve been barely keeping up on our bookkeeping. As my practice grew, I knew I needed help. Jill Ulett and her team have taken all of the stress off of the accounting aspect of managing a business and I’m so grateful that a fellow attorney referred her. She’s responsive and knowledgable– offering options and features that are truly tailored to my business. THANK YOU JILL!!!!
  • Virginia McMichael says:

    Accounting Girl is a lifesaver!

    My small law firm’s busy appellate practice left little time to handle firm finances. Jill Ulett and her team at Accounting Girl manage the firm’s payroll, billing, trust accounting, account reconciliation, tax preparation, and budgeting, which frees up time for the rest of us to practice law.
  • Brandy Barth says:


    Jill and her team make running the business side of our law firm simple and organized. I honestly do not know what we would do without Accounting Girl, and I marvel when I hear how other small law firms do their own Quickbooks, payroll, bill paying, etc. It is also invaluable to have an objective, outside-the-firm accounting service that we can discuss reports with and determine bonuses and other financial decisions. I cannot recommend Accounting Girl more, and I know that you will never second guess the business expense once you see how much easier your job becomes when you allow a professional to structure and run the accounting side of your law firm.
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