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Core Features

For Accounting & Bookkeeping, the following are essential features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.


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Double-entry bookkeeping.

Connect Bank Accounts

Link your bank accounts for up-to-date transaction information with little or no manual data entry.


Online Payments

This means the ability to accept credit card or echeck payments within your accounting software, either through its own payment portal or via a third-party integration like PayPal or Square. Most online payments involve a separate processing fee.


Mileage Tracking

Keep track of miles traveled visiting clients or heading to the courthouse, making it easier to tally for taxes or billing purposes or add to your expense reports.

Bill Payment

Pay your firm's bills without leaving your accounting software.

Statement Reconciliation

Helps with the complex task of balancing your business accounts. Does not necessarily include more advanced reconciliation features like three-way trust account reconciliation.


Payroll includes automatically calculating employee taxes, printing checks, and paying by direct deposit.

Tax Preparation

Some accounting software can also be used to prepare taxes for your firm so you can review, approve, and even pay your taxes all in one place.


Businesses need reports to help assess key business performance indicators like profit and accounts receivable. Some products have more robust reporting features than others.

Foreign Currencies

Check Printing

Contact Management

Store contacts for invoicing or billing purposes.

User Management

Manage multiple users, including your accountant and tax preparer, or multiple billers or timekeepers at the firm.

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Additional Details about Nota

Tied into Banking Infrastructure

Since Nota is a product of M&T Bank, it is essentially an extension of their current online banking offering. Importantly, Nota is not a software application that is simply connected to your bank account (using something like Plaid). It is tied directly into the infrastructure of M&T Bank’s online banking. Not only does this eliminate steps, but it reduces uncertainty in your (or your clients’) account balances.

Three-way Reconciliation

Nota makes it easy to reconcile your Trust Account balance, your Client Account balances, and your internal trust account books. By maintaining the Client Account balances within the application, there are less steps to deal with in this process, and your balances remain much more up-to-date.

Checks and Balances

One of the most convenient features of Nota is the ability to write checks directly out of the system (although, you can link QuickBooks Online). As a result of this feature, since the application tracks Client Account balances, it will warn you when a check is written for more than is available.

Further, since M&T Bank built this application specifically for attorney trust accounts, Nota will warn you if a disbursed check remains un-deposited for more than 30 days,.

User Management

Nota allows for multiple user types in the system. Obviously, some users will have full privileges. However, owners can easily set-up specific accounts to only tag transactions, and not have the ability to move any money.

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