While some of Silicon Valley is busy building robots and algorithms to deceptively sound like people, we offer a time-proven solution to win your legal clients and cases with a smile :).

Technology to Empower, Not to Impersonate.

Technology is a tool that can be used for good or for evil. It is indeed a very dystopian future if the receptionists, the lawyers, the people are all automated and replaced. Simply, Press 1 if you disagree and the machine will round file your objection.

Recently, LawGeex pitted their artificial intelligence engine against twenty lawyers to see who could do a better job evaluating business contracts. The AI won with a higher accuracy level and significantly quicker processing time. These results may explain why a significant amount of lawyers’ and law clerks’ jobs are transitioning to AI and automated processes.

“If I was the parent of a law student, I would be concerned a bit,” says Todd Solomon, a partner at the Chicago-based law firm McDermott Will & Emery, in an MIT article titled Lawyer-Bots Are Shaking Up Jobs. “There are fewer opportunities for young lawyers to get trained, and that’s the case outside of AI already. But if you add AI onto that, there are ways that is advancement, and there are ways it is hurting us as well.”

Even more sinister, however, are programs such as Google Duplex, a service enabling BOTs to call businesses and perform mundane tasks, such as scheduling an appointment. The BOT pretends to be human, going so far as to interject “umms” and “ahs” into the conversation.

While new laws requiring bots to disclose themselves are currently going into effect in California, AI and customer interaction is still a largely unregulated frontier.

Great Service Comes From Great People.

We rest our case.

We use tech as a means to build more meaningful human connections, not replace them. Those connections can come in the form of a real receptionist in the middle of the night, when a potential client calls your office with a legal emergency. Or they can be the ease with which your callers’ info integrates with Lexicata, Clio, or your Outlook Calendar.

A lawyer’s job is to represent people. In the field of law, more than anywhere, empathy and human connection are vital. With LexReception, your callers can trust they’ll be heard by a professional, empathetic person, no matter the time of day, and receive the courteous empathy impossible to replace by voicemail, automated systems, or even the most sophisticated of BOTs.

LexReceptionists work anywhere. Without the restrictions of an office, you have access to a pool of receptionists based on talent, not proximity. People like other great people. With tech used right, you can connect the best people talent to your customers, who are also people, we hope :).

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Last updated November 12th, 2018