A significant part of an attorney’s day is out of this office, whether that means meeting with clients, going to court, or attending meetings that take you out of your office. If you’re on the go, you need a practice management solution that can move with you. Amicus Online by AbacusNext is a cloud-based practice management software that is fully accessible with any device with a browser, no setup or maintenance required and is built with the highest security standards. You’ll be able to manage your practice with your laptop, tablet, or phone. With Amicus Online, you are no longer tethered to your office. Amicus Online gives you the freedom to work the way you want to. 


Designed for attorneys on the move, Amicus Online is a full-featured practice management software in a browser or mobile app. It’s built into the cloud and supported by Microsoft systems so you can connect and work from anywhere. All you need to run your law practice is a device that runs a modern browser and you’re ready to go, no computer or setup required. 

Amicus Online offers the functionality and features attorneys need to succeed. In addition to practice automation, conflict checks, and task, document, and contact management, it also offers:

Email integration. Sync your email accounts with Amicus Online so you’ll be able to check your email, send and receive messages, match emails to client files, and enter time with a single click all within the Amicus Online interface. 

Legal calendaring. You’ll be able to integrate your calendar and scheduling within Amicus Online to create a calendar that is fully integrated with your client files and timesheets. Drag and drop appointments to different days and times in Amicus Online and those changes will be updated in your other calendars as well. 

Client Portal. You want your clients to feel connected and in the loop about their case status. With the Client Portal, your clients will be able to log onto a secure portal where they’ll easily be able to view their case, upload documents, and share information with you, and you with them.

Billing and Expenses. Amicus Online also offers a trust compliant billing system so you can have an all-inclusive practice management system. If you already use a billing system you like, that’s no problem. Any time entries you make can easily be sent to your billing or accounting system that’s capable of imports. 

Advanced Data Security. Amicus Online offers world-class security for your data, utilizing Microsoft Azure’s state-of-the-art features and protection, so you can rest assured your information is safe. 

How to Get It

Amicus Online is a great option for attorneys on the go, or for those that don’t want to be tethered to their computer for practice management. Sign up for a free trial today, or learn more about the benefits and features at https://www.amicusonline.com.

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Last updated August 27th, 2019