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Offer Clients Another Way to Pay with Text Message Payments from PracticePanther

Adding to its growing list of native must-have features, PracticePanther has now released PantherPay. This fully integrated ePayments platform obviates the need for a software integration and streamlines the entire client payment process. Now, you can use PracticePanther to accept electronic payments by text messages to your clients.

PracticePanther Features


PantherPayments is an internal ePayment platform that works directly in PracticePanther. With it, your firm can accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and ACH transactions. Additionally, you can connect multiple bank accounts. And, since they are familiar with law firm accounting, transaction fees will never be debited from your Trust Account.

Although you can easily send invoices specifically to your clients, PantherPayments allows users to set up a universal payment link. Firms can attach this link to any invoice or put it directly on their website to accept ePayments more easily. To allow for more control, users can create a number of these links for specific purposes—so you can keep Trust Account payments separate from Operations.

Accept Payments by Text Message

Since PantherPayments is an internal platform, law firms can easily accept payments by text message. Just use PracticePanther’s text message feature and attach a universal link or an invoice so your client can pay directly from their phone.

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How to Get It

Want to learn more? Visit our full review of PracticePanther. There, you can compare features, read community comments, and watch additional demo videos. Or, if you’d like to jump right in, get a demo or a free trial at

PracticePanther adds Native eSignature and More Client-Centered Features

PracticePanther, the cloud-based law practice management software, has added more remote-friendly features to its popular platform. They now boast native eSignature, and two-way text messaging to help engage with clients on-the-go.

No matter your practice area, clients are expecting an increasing level of virtual accessibility. This includes connecting with them on their mobile devices, and allowing them to skip the printer and scanner and sign documents digitally. These features are quickly moving from nice-to-have to must-have in modern law firms.

eSignature capabilities are now included for all Business Plan subscriptions. This includes the ability to email documents to your clients, or other third-parties, with common fields like, Signature, Initials, Date, Title. Additionally, user accounts now include an eSignature page where they can track the status of their eSignature requests.

2-way Text Messaging

On top of their current secure client messaging portal, PracticePanther now includes 2-way text messaging directly from the cloud-based platform. And it’s relatively easy to set-up. Just turn the functionality on, choose an appropriate business-text number, and start messaging. 

Ready to learn more? Check out our demo video for an extended look at these features.

More about PracticePanther

To learn more about these and other features from PracticePanther, visit our full review. Or, if you want to dig-in further, get a free trial at