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Rocket Matter Makes Signatures Simple for Clients and Attorneys

In today’s tech-focused world, the last thing clients want to do is print, sign, and mail a document. With Rocket Matter, attorneys won’t have to. Quickly and securely request, send, and receive legal documents using Rocket Matter’s new, file-sharing and e-signature service, powered by Imagineshare.

Rocket Matter’s E-Signature Tool Allows Clients to Sign from Anywhere

Rocket Matter makes it easy for lawyers to send documents to clients for their signature—without a third-party application or a client portal. With a few simple clicks, lawyers can simply add the e-signature block to any document inside Rocket Matter. Clients will appreciate that they can sign the document with one easy click without downloading any software. Even better, clients can open and sign the document from their phone, tablet, or desktop.

Because the e-signature feature lives within the Rocket Matter platform, lawyers will appreciate that signed documents automatically live inside the client matter. This eliminates the need to visit outside platforms to find signed documents or import and save them. With Rocket Matter, everything shows up inside the client file—nothing additional for the team to do.

Law firms will appreciate that Rocket Matter’s e-signature tool has all the features one would expect, including the ability to:

  • Batch and send files to one or multiple clients.
  • Add a signature to any Word document or PDF.
  • Provide customized instructions to the recipient for signatures and form fields.
  • Customize new signature templates or use existing ones.

Lawyers Can Rest Easy Knowing Their Data Is Secure

Rocket Matter knows security remains a top priority for lawyers. That’s why Rocket Matter ensures lawyers can request or send files securely through the file sharing platform. Lawyers can share a secure link when providing documents to third-parties. Clients can also use a secure link to upload sensitive documents and information to the law firm. Additionally, lawyers can protect documents with customizable question/answer protections and link expiration dates.

Rocket Matter’s e-signature platform automatically uploads signed documents in the client’s file.
No coding experience is required. Easily add e-signature fields to any Word document or PDF.

Improve Client Service with Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter offers law firms a complete law practice management solution. Firms using Rocket Matter find they can deliver an improved client service and increase revenues by more than 20%. Rocket Matter makes it easy for law firms to go paperless, serve their clients well, gain confidence in their trust accounting, and ultimately make more money.  

In this video, Kelly Nicholson of Rocket Matter walks us through the new e-signature process and how to secure signatures with Rocket Matter. If you’d like to learn more, talk to one of the experts over at Rocket Matter and book a demo of the platform.

Rocket Matter Reporting Makes Managing Your Firm Easier

That which is measured, improves. Yet, not all firms have the ability to track the numbers they are concerned about. Reports need data. And if your data is unorganized, siloed, or simply missing, you won’t have much to measure. Rocket Matter, through its Business Intelligence platform, makes law firm reporting easy—or, at least, easier. 

Rocket Matter’s Advanced Business Reporting

Since Rocket Matter is an all-in-one practice management platform, all of your business’ data is in one place. There’s no siloing between your client relationship manager and your accounting system. Your office can track information related to your cases from intake to disengagement (and beyond). 

Additionally, you can run reports on your custom fields. Importantly, however, you have a litany of field types to choose from. Which means your data is cleaner. Date fields can be compared against each other, drop-down menus allow for fewer errors, and check-boxes mean your staff doesn’t have to wonder if something is an option.

With all your data in one place, and data points that are comparable to each other, you can run better reports. Take a look at the video below to see Rocket Matter’s reporting in action.

Demo Video

How to Get It

Ready to learn more? Check out our full review of Rocket Matter. There you will find community reviews, additional demos, features charts, and more. Remember that Lawyerist subscribers get additional discounts through the Affinity Benefits offered by our partners.

An In-depth Look at Business Intelligence for Law Firms

Successful law firms measure their business’s performance—frequently. They determine key performance indicators (KPIs) for their firm, and take action based on what the data tells them. Tools like Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence software can give a law firm a leg-up on the competition by informing where to spend marketing dollars, when to hire new teammates, or even what type of clients they are more effective at helping.

Why Should Law Firms Run Reports?

At Lawyerist, we believe firmly that running a healthy law firm is a multi-faceted endeavor. You should have healthy finances, healthy clients, a healthy owner, and a healthy team,to name a few aspects. Like anything else, to determine the health of something, you must take a measure of it. What you measure is entirely up to you. Each firm, likely, survives on vastly different numbers. However, it is safe to say some common categories help law firms intelligently measure their business success.

Financial Data

First and foremost, a firm should have a healthy grasp on its financial situation. Firms do this with Profit and Loss statements, aging Accounts Receivable data, and other reports that indicate where firm finances may be going. Many firms are already handling these using their current accounting software. Software like Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence tool helps to connect this information to other data about your law firm.

Marketing Data

Most firms understand they must do something to bring new clients in the door. Whether it’s sponsoring a little league team, participating in a local club, or buying a billboard on the interstate, you have to take action, and there is a cost to that action. Many firms, however, have no idea just how much they benefit from these efforts. 

By tracking things like marketing sources, lead conversion rates, and the average value of certain law firm client types, a business can start to understand the return on their investments. This, in turn, will help manage where future investments should go.

Client Satisfaction

With online reviews playing an important role in attorney selection, client satisfaction should be important to any healthy law firm. This is not to say we simply want to encourage good reviews and hide the bad. We can learn a lot from client feedback. A confusing intake process could turn potential clients off and a complicated payment system could delay revenue.

Other Metrics

We are sure your firm has other metrics by which you measure success. You could be concerned with the average billable hours per user per week. Or, you could look at the time it takes to return a web inquiry from a potential client. You could even measure how many hours your firm typically spends responding to discovery. The point is, there are many indicators of success in your firm, but you’ll never know what they say unless you measure them.

Where do Law Firms Get Data?

Simply understanding that your law firm wants to measure its business intelligently is a significant first step. However, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t have data on which to run these reports. Financial reports are commonly the most familiar to lawyers because firms tend to have accounting software that tracks it. Profit and Loss statements are easy to come by. So, to run reports on other data, your firm must first store the data somewhere.

Although most of this could be tracked using an excel spreadsheet, we generally don’t advise that. A law firm’s information should be tracked with software built to manage that information. For Marketing data, a client relationship manager (CRM) will often store the data you need.  Likewise, most accounting software will work for your law firm’s purpose for financial data. Additionally, information about the management of your case files will generally come from law practice management software.

How do Law Firms use Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence Software?

A truly data-driven law firm will find a way to connect all the disparate pieces of information they track. Some firms use Zapier or Power Automate, while others integrate their platforms using application programming interfaces (APIs). This allows the law firm to run intelligent business reports on information across all business functions. It means KPIs can be more complex and provide better insight.

Because it’s an all-in-one law practice management platform, Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence tool can retrieve and interact with all aspects of your law firm—without integrations. This sets it apart from other business reporting tools for law firms. With it, a firm can track marketing efforts, intake funnels, client value, and billable hours all in one report.

Beyond the information that comes standard in Rocket Matter’s platform, the Business Intelligence tool gains a lot of value from a law firm’s custom fields. Rocket Matter allows users to add custom fields on both the Matter level and the Client level. Importantly, the Business Intelligence tool can connect with these fields when building and running custom reports. This means any piece of data you want to track in your matter or for your clients, you add it as a custom field, and you can start filtering, sorting, and tracking it in a custom-built report.

Although the Business Intelligence tool comes with some standard popular reports, most law firms will want to build custom reports themselves. Fortunately, you won’t need a data science degree to create these reports. Yes, there will likely be some learning curve, but the platform feels similar to the reporting tools in Hubspot, Zen Desk, or other platforms attorneys are familiar with.

Screenshot of Rocket Matter's Business Intelligence Tool

Demo Video

The product team at Rocket Matter recently gave us a tour of their business intelligence tool for law firms. Take a look at the video below to see a walkthrough they provided our Legal Tech Advisor, Zack Glaser.

How to Get It

If your law firm wants to learn more about Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence software, contact them at and get a free demo and trial account. 

Want to learn more about Rocket Matter’s other features? Check out our full review, where you can see a features list, other demo videos, and community comments. Remember that Lawyerist readers get an affinity benefit through the review page.

Rocket Matter Rolls out Advanced Features with New Pricing Tiers

Rocket Matter, one of the leading players in the Law Practice Management Software field, has expanded their features to include three separate pricing tiers. This essentially adds an advanced tier and an introductory tier, because not everyone is ready for loads of accounting and reporting features. And, frankly, some people are just dipping their toes into cloud-based practice management.

Users can now select from an Essential, Pro, or Premier pricing tier at signup. Essentials, for its part, has basic features. Something for lawyers who need simple, uncomplicated cloud-based management software. While Pro brings the features current users are accustomed to, sophisticated reporting, advanced billing, and more. Premier, however, is built for super-users. Personal Injury and Insurance Defense attorneys will find a lot of hard-to-find features built-in, while law firms who want solid analytics will also enjoy the added functionality. 

Paperless Pre-billing

Rocket Matter has always had top-of-the-market billing functionality. LEDES billing, expense tracking, and split-origination are all relatively standard for them. In the Premier pricing tier, however, Rocket Matter caters to their power users. They’re leaning into the efficiencies of a cloud-based system with features like paperless pre-billing. 

This means, no more printing of pre-billing sheets and leaving them on an attorney’s desk for review. Each billing user can now approve or disapprove of their (or other’s) time entries directly in the Rocket Matter system. It’s simple. A pre-bill report is run and then sent to the relevant users through the system. These users review their entries and the billing is automatically updated.

Discrete User Restrictions

The same super-users who like paperless pre-billing usually find value in thorough user restrictions. Rocket Matter not only allows law firms to restrict users to certain areas of the system, but they can even restrict billing code access. This allows firms to track their billing with more detail without added confusion between codes like trial prep, trial travel, and trial set-up. 

Advanced Law Firm Reporting: Business Intelligence Tools

For law firms who want Healthy Systems, Healthy Profits, and Healthy Strategy (which should be all of you), the most exciting new Premier pricing tier features is their Business Intelligence tool. This tool allows law firms to run custom reports on just about anything they track in the Rocket Matter system.

Run a Profit and Loss statement. Run an outstanding Accounts Receivable report. Hell, run an outstanding A/R report for Net-30 clients who have set up ePayments through RocketPay. Yeah, it’s powerful—and it includes all of your custom fields.

Take a look at our demo with Rocket Matter where they walk us through how the Business Intelligence tool works.

How to get it

What to learn more about Rocket Matter? Check out our full review and see how it stacks up against other Law Practice Management Software. While you’re there, check out the Lawyerist Affinity Benefit. Lawyerist subscribers get a special discount.

Or, if you’re ready for a demo of your own, head over to and get a free trial. Remember, Lawyerist