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Our Rating: 4.4/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

Community Rating: 4.2/5 (based on 17 ratings)

The community rating is based on the average of the community reviews below.

Composite Rating: 4.3/5

The composite rating is a weighted average of our rating and the community ratings below.


Product Details

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • Windows
  • Hybrid
Software Integrations
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Xero
  • LawToolBox
  • InfoTrack
  • LawConnect
  • WealthCounsel
  • FeeWise
  • Power BI

Core Features

For Law Practice Management Software, the following are essential features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.


Case/Matter Management

Matter management is the defining feature of law practice management software, of course. However, some software is targeted at specific practice areas and may implement case management in different ways in order to manage information specific to those practice areas.

Client/Contact Management

Managing clients and other contacts is a core feature of law practice management software.

Task Management

Basic task management includes creating tasks with due dates that can be associated with cases/matters and assigned to different lawyers. Some products stick to pretty basic task management, while others offer enough features to make any Getting Things Done devotee happy.


As with email, this feature means a full calendar client, not just an integration with Outlook or Google Calendar.


Timekeeping is a core feature of practice management software, essential for lawyers who bill by the hour but useful even for those who don't.

Conflict Checking

An actual conflict checker is more than just a search box. This applies to software that actually has a conflict checking feature. Implementation varies, but at a minimum you should be able to search the entire database for matching names. It should check for conflicts accurately and intuitively, allow for a lateral hire to input their conflict database into the system, work quickly when new clients call, and comply with the rules of professional conduct for checking conflicts.

Email Client

Does it include a full email client? (Alternative solutions that don't amount to an email client, like plugins for Outlook or Gmail, do not earn a check for this feature. See software integrations, below.)

Text Messaging

Can you send and receive text messages and associate them with your matters?

Document Management

Basic document management allows you to add documents and associate them with your cases/matters.

Document Assembly

Loading your firm’s document templates into your law practice management software can save time and ensure consistency. This check means basic document assembly suitable for form letters, invoices, etc. For advanced document assembly, you’ll probably need additional software.

Secure Client Portal

Basic Bookkeeping

This means basic checkbook register–style bookkeeping, which is more limited than full accounting. You should be able to keep track of your operating accounts and reconcile your balances, but you may still need full accounting software.

Trust Accounting

This means you can track your client trust accounts, including expenses and payments. It is normal to see trust accounting without basic bookkeeping or full accounting, in which case you will need something else for accounting.

Full Accounting

Some software includes full double-entry accounting features, making additional accounting software unnecessary.

Billing & Invoicing

Does the software allow you to send bills or invoices?

Online Payments

Payment processing is increasingly offered either as an included or add-on feature, especially with cloud-based law practice management software.

Open API

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Leap Logo
  • Cloud-based
  • Timekeeping & Billing
  • Document Automation
  • Expensive
  • No Google Integration
  • No OSX Application



Smokeball Logo
  • On-premises Option
  • Document Automation
  • Advanced Trust Accounting
  • Complex Initial Set-up
  • No Google Integration
  • No OSX Application
  • Not for Solos



cosmolex logo
  • True All-in-one
  • Timekeeping & Billing
  • Advanced Trust Accounting
  • Limited Intake
  • Complex Initial Set-up
  • Lack of Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use LEAP?

LEAP is a hybrid solution with both desktop and mobile apps. This means you can use it both remotely, and without internet connection (for a time). As it is constantly attempting to sync with your information in the cloud. As a hybrid solution, LEAP requires software installed on your local computer. This software is Windows-only. Mac users, with Intel-based Macs, can run this software in a virtualized or dual-boot setup. LEAP’s software does not support Apple Silicon.

What is the price of LEAP?

LEAP does not publish pricing. Contact the company for a demo and to learn about costs.

Is LEAP secure?

As of this review, LEAP legal software uses industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security when transferring information from your computer (or mobile device) to their cloud servers. Additionally, those cloud servers are located on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers where they are encrypted using AES-256 encryption. The likely vulnerability, if there is one, will be on the lawyer’s local network, or if the office doesn't set-up two-factor authentication (2FA).

Does LEAP integrate with Microsoft 365?

Yes. LEAP has a deep integration with Microsoft 365 (f/k/a Office 365), including time-tracking and two-way sync in Outlook, document automation in Word, and collaboration in Teams.

Does LEAP integrate with Google Workspace?

No. At the time of this review, LEAP legal software does not integrate directly with Google Workspace.

Can LEAP handle my Trust Accounting?

Yes. LEAP has strong accounting functionality. This includes some of the more elusive Trust Accounting features such as three-way reconciliation, and customizable reporting.

Can I accept online payments with LEAP?

Yes, LEAP offers an exclusive ebilling integration through FeeWise (f/k/a RapidPay). With this integration, LEAP allows users to accept online payments and offer email and text message invoicing.

Does LEAP integrate with Zapier?

At the time of this review, LEAP legal software does not have a Zapier integration. However, through their integration marketplace, they allow developers to connect other applications that have an API.

Can I automate documents with LEAP?

Yes, LEAP has a relatively strong document assembly function comparable to solutions like Smokeball.

Is LEAP compatible with both PC and Mac?

LEAP legal software exists as a web app, mobile app (both iOS and Android), and a Windows PC program. This means that although it is usable on any device, it is probably best for firms running Windows, as Apple users will need to use the web app in a modern browser or run Parallels on an Intel-based Mac.

Additional Details about LEAP

Court Forms Library

LEAP has an extensive library of document templates and preconfigured matter types, helping cut down on data entry by automating your most commonly-used forms. Access up-to-date forms and take advantage of its extensive array of legal reports that help you track depositions and communicate with third parties, such as attorneys or court reporters.

Client Portal

LEAP’s client portal includes appointment scheduling, forms, and e-signing, in addition to the more typical client portal features like communication, bill payment, and document sharing.

Document Scanning

As a nice perk, the LEAP mobile app includes a document scanner.

Who LEAP is for

Our LEAP legal software review finds it is a good fit for small firms looking for Windows-based law practice management software with a robust library of court forms for document assembly. Specifically, as a joint venture with LexisNexis, it can be a great solution for firms looking to make the switch from PC Law or Time Matters to a modern solution.

It is probably not a good fit for those looking for an inexpensive solution for managing their practice as it costs more than most law practice management software.

Not sure where to begin? Download our Field Guide

Take the guesswork out of researching, purchasing, and implementing the right legal tech products and services for your law firm. Our Field Guide answers your essential questions and breaks down the features most important to your business, so you can buy with confidence.

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LEAP Community Reviews


Based on 17 Ratings

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  • Rebecca A. says:

    Great Product & Great Team

    I’ve wanted to move away from Time Matters, which is outdated to LEAP for about two years before I changed. It can do more than I thought. What’s been most surprising and helpful is that LEAP wants you to succeed and use their program. Erick P. and the individuals that have also assisted have been very patient and kind. It’s not a sell it and see you later company, which for me is up there . Having the support to continue to use it, change as needed and do what I want it to do for me, will change the way I practice.
  • Dorrie B. says:

    Happy we took the LEAP!

    Wow! After having used another database/program for a year, transitioning to LEAP was a breath of fresh air. User-friendly and great program and tech support. Fantastic!
  • Paul T. says:

    Best purchase in nine years.

    I think LEAP Legal Software is very good because …… ready for it…………..IT DOES WHAT THE COMPANY SAYS IT DOES!!!!! LEAP is only the second vendor in 26 years that tells the truth. We have a dedicated contact who assists us (Peter he is the best.) when we have a question and he is t
    on it . (He is not looking up the answer when you call him……he knows it !)

    This was the best purchase i have made in the last nine years.”

  • Jon R. says:

    Nick From LEAP

    I had a problem with my Leap software that no one seemed to know how to fix until Nick got involved. He was personable and courteous and above all he fixed my problem. I would highly recomend Nick and LEAP!!
  • Meghan G. says:

    LEAP and tech support

    Our law firm started using LEAP in January 2021. We had a few hiccups but after talking with tech support, we love LEAP! They are quick to respond and typically resolve an issue same day. Specifically, Nick with tech support solved an issue that was, as he described, one of the worst accounting messes he has ever seen, in the same day! It has changed the way we manage the firm and we are making more money than ever before!
  • Ed C. says:

    LEAP is a great help

    I’ve been using LEAP about a year. It’s really helpful with document and case management. It’s relatively easy to use. They also keep adding features to the program. BundlePro makes it really easy to submit court documents by e-file. It saves me at least two hours when I assemble a filing for the NY courts. If you need help with something, the staff is very helpful. All in all, I’m very satisfied with the program.
  • Lori C. says:

    LEAP is awesome!

    LEAP helps me to be more efficient at practicing law. The forms and auto population help me to work smarter and not harder. The product and customer service have been fantastic! When I had a technical issue, Nick used his problem-solving skills and persistence to get the job done. I highly recommend LEAP!
  • Tina F. says:

    Tech Support

    Nick and tech support for LEAP go out of their way to make sure your office is up and running at 100%. They are courteous, knowledgeable and even make it easy for us non-tech individuals to understand what they are doing all while they keep the programs working as efficiently as possible. They are an integral part of my practice and could not operate without them.
  • Ellen N. says:

    State of the Art Software and Service

    We have been using LEAP for a couple of weeks and so far it has more than double our staff’s productivity. The software is very straightforward and makes it easy for all attorneys to track and log their billing. The team at LEAP has been extremely friendly and easy to deal with.
  • Kristen M. says:

    We are much more productive (and profitable) with LEAP!

    I started using LEAP about 16 months ago. It has dramatically changed my practice, and makes it so easy to work remotely, or from one of my four office locations. While there was a ‘learning curve’ to get proficient using the software to it’s best intended use, and there are still days where things are problematic, it is far better than anything else out there to manage every aspect of the practice from any location at any time. My entire staff always has access to client files, wherever they may be. And even when there is a problematic day, our account success manager is quick to step in and fix the problem. We have also been able to capture much more billable time with the timer and timesheet features. I am thankful for LEAP daily, as I would not be able to operative my business at the same level without it!
  • Billy S. says:

    State of the Art Practice Management

    We’ve been using LEAP at our firm for a little less than a year. I’ve used various practice management software in the past including Amicus Attorney, PC Law, Practice Master, and Clio. Nothing compared to LEAP. The automatic capture of time, extensive forms library, CRM system, and client portal are just a few of the features that have revolutionized the way we practice law. Customer support has been superb. The data transition from PC Law was seamless, and the training team was first-rate. Our billable hours have increased 20% and our IT costs have gone down dramatically, even with the difficulties of the pandemic. Our bookkeeper complained at first about having to use Quickbooks online for general firm accounting, but she has since come to enjoy the freedom of QBO and would not go back to the desktop version we used before. I highly recommend LEAP.
  • Emad S. L. says:

    LEAP is the best fit for my firm

    I have been using Leap for 6 years, and it is by far the best fit for my firm. I have used and tested almost every product on the market, but Leap is the best client management software out there. The ability to manage the file, trust accounting, billing, and EMAIL all from ONE PAGE is incomparable to any other system. Invoicing couldn’t be easier, and billable hours timesheet is always running in the background to generate income. Document automation, case management, integrations, are a time-saver and money maker. Also, the LEAP App has countless feature so you can call clients and even practice law from any smart device. My account success manger is always available, and we have weekly zoom meeting to answer questions and update my forms and invoices. He even helps with balancing my trust account to I can focus on clients and billing. Of course, the system is not perfect, but nothing ever is.
  • Lisa W. says:

    Great software

    We’ve been using LEAP for approximately two years and we are pleased. It is easy to use and the automated forms have been convenient. You can access your files right from home or on your phone. Customer Service is always very helpful and they do their best to resolve the problem as expeditiously as possible (shout out to Alex !). Overall, it’s a great legal software.
  • ANDREA L. says:

    Leap has helped our firm so much!

    Leap has been a wonderful tool for my firm for over 2 years now. We needed a robust system that could handle not only the bookkeeping end including time entry and billing, but also a system that incorporated document management. The time entry is so easy that all staff and attorneys now enter their own time. This has improved the amount of time entered tremendously. We also love having all documents and emails housed in the same area under the client. It has improved our day to day with things as simple as requesting a check online from our bookkeeper. The customer service has been fabulous and we have had dedicated people within Leap to help us when needed.
  • Lance M. says:

    Solo Lawyer

    This product and service lacks the value at $165/month. I tried it because of the COVID pandemic and it just didn’t do what I wanted it to do as it relates to billing, accounting and bookkeeping. It did not save me time and at best I broke even as it relates to time, but I am still paying $165/month. Critically, when I tried to end my service during the Trial Period, they would not let me do it, and now I am wasting time fighting with them to stop taking my money for a service I do not use. DO NOT SIGN THEIR CONTRACT.
  • Leon B. says:

    Don't do it

    Needed to give a client a copy of the file so thought that I could simply export the file. The software is limited to only 100 files so you have to call leap to see if they can export. They want to charge $4,000 to export a single file !! Daylight robbery. Don’t sign up – they lock you in and you will never get out !! Don’t make the same mistake that I did
  • Joseph M. says:

    Don't fall for LEAP

    We switched from Time Matters and Slips to LEAP two months ago. Now we are in the process of going through the painful experience of pulling our data from LEAP, one matter at a time; limited to 100 files. This is LEAP’s attempt to force the user to stay with them. I have been on the phone nearly 10 hours this week (all unbillable time) for tech support to attempt to resolve my billing issues. We now have to run a parrel system, LEAP and Time Matters for the next 4 months go we can invoke the money-back guarantee. I will have LEAP for the next for months and if any other family law practice attorneys are considering LEAP; I am willing to provide a live demonstration and share the emails exchanged with tech support so you can see the issues yourself prior to making the LEAP. Joe McIntosh 610-566-1700.
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