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  • Security - 6/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 4.5/10
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Amicus Attorney is a Law Practice Management Software platform with built-in case management, calendaring, billing, and document automation. It can be run online, as the web application Amicus Online, or as a desktop platform in Amicus Attorney.

Who Amicus Attorney is For

Law firms that need a wide range of functions and features to manage their practice would benefit from the Amicus platform. It’s also a good fit for firms that want the option to work from the cloud or their desktop. However, attorneys looking for templates that help streamline your workflow should probably look for an alternative.


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Starting Cost
  • Web (self-hosted)
  • Windows
  • Cloud
  • On-Premise
Core Features
For law practice management software, the following are essential features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.
Case/Matter Management
Matter management is the defining feature of law practice management software, of course. However, some software is targeted at specific practice areas and may implement case management in different ways in order to manage information specific to those practice areas.
Client/Contact Management
Managing clients and other contacts is a core feature of law practice management software.
Task Management
Basic task management includes creating tasks with due dates that can be associated with cases/matters and assigned to different lawyers. Some products stick to pretty basic task management, while others offer enough features to make any Getting Things Done devotee happy.
As with email, this feature means a full calendar client, not just an integration with Outlook or Google Calendar.
Timekeeping is a core feature of practice management software, essential for lawyers who bill by the hour but useful even for those who don't.
Additional Features
Conflict Checking
An actual conflict checker is more than just a search box. This applies to software that actually has a conflict checking feature. Implementation varies, but at a minimum you should be able to search the entire database for matching names. It should check for conflicts accurately and intuitively, allow for a lateral hire to input their conflict database into the system, work quickly when new clients call, and comply with the rules of professional conduct for checking conflicts.
Email Client
Does it include a full email client? (Alternative solutions that don't amount to an email client, like plugins for Outlook or Gmail, do not earn a check for this feature. See software integrations, below.))
Text Messaging
Can you send and receive text messages and associate them with your matters?
Document Management
Basic document management allows you to add documents and associate them with your cases/matters.
Document Assembly
Loading your firm’s document templates into your law practice management software can save time and ensure consistency. This check means basic document assembly suitable for form letters, invoices, etc. For advanced document assembly, you’ll probably need additional software.
Secure Client Portal
Basic Bookkeeping
This means basic checkbook register–style bookkeeping, which is more limited than full accounting. You should be able to keep track of your operating accounts and reconcile your balances, but you may still need full accounting software.
Trust Accounting
This means you can track your client trust accounts, including expenses and payments. It is normal to see trust accounting without basic bookkeeping or full accounting, in which case you will need something else for accounting.
Full Accounting
Some software includes full double-entry accounting features, making additional accounting software unnecessary.
Billing & Invoicing
Does the software allow you to send bills or invoices?
Online Payments
Payment processing is increasingly offered either as an included or add-on feature, especially with cloud-based law practice management software.
Software Integrations
  • Adobe Actobat
  • Dropbox
  • G Suite
  • HotDocs
  • Juris
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Word
  • Outlook
  • PCLaw
  • QuickBooks
  • Tabs3
  • Timeslips
Open API

Additional Details about Amicus Attorney

The Amicus software is a law practice management tool designed to help you keep track of everything, from matters and documents, to time tracking and accounting. There are three subscription options with varying degrees of services depending on your work and storage preferences.

The Private Cloud is a totally private virtual workspace that lets you access your portal from anywhere—home, office, mobile or tablet. It offers all available features in the cloud, can securely integrate with Office 365 and has full-spectrum security that ensures a secure and compliant experience for users.

Amicus Attorney is a desktop platform that allows your practice to be fully mobile while all data remains on your firm’s server.

Amicus Online runs over the internet in your browser—giving you the flexibility of cloud-based options with much simpler and streamlined features that you can access from your PC, Mac or tablet.

One downside to the Amicus software is that they don’t have any templates or an internal email server—however you can connect and sync email via Outlook.

Company Info

Amicus Attorney was launched in 1993 and Abacus Data Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Canada. Their customer service is available  7 days a week by phone or online. Visit their support page.

2 Amicus Attorney Community Reviews

  1. Avatar Diane P. says:

    Tech help

    The technical support is uneven. A few techs are very helpful but many don’t seem to care and don’t seem well trained. I wouldn’t subscribe to this again.

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Great features, but a little out of date.

    Amicus Attorney is full of features, but the interface feels out of date.

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