As we noted in a previous article, LawPay (or more specifically, AffiniPay) recently purchased MyCase. This move says a lot about the direction of legal tech investment as a whole. And the implementation of this marriage speaks about the platforms’ direction. MyCase, rather than creating a deep two-way integration (as one might have assumed), went a step further. So, they incorporated the functionality of LawPay directly into the MyCase platform.

Lately, this seems to be where legal technology companies are going—and where users are asking them to go. Integrations are becoming less and less about simply transferring information back and forth. Now, as we see in this partnership, users are asking to be able to use the functions of one platform inside of another.

LawPay Embedded in MyCase

LawPay’s functionality is now fully accessible from within MyCase. Users don’t need to leave to run a transaction, send an invoice, or even save a credit card to the vault. There’s no need to keep both platforms up while working throughout the day. If a lawyer wants to store a credit card to the vault, they can do so through MyCase. Similarly, if they want to create a custom payment page, there is no need to go through LawPay. Simply create the page in MyCase.

Additionally, as an embedded application, the information from LawPay is accessible inside MyCase. This means that lawyers can run higher quality reports and track more specific key performance indicators (KPIs). With MyCase’s built-in client relationship manager (CRM), users can easily track the value of their marketing without resorting to third-party software.

Recently, I sat down with MyCase to get a look at what this embedded functionality looks like. LawPay users will already be familiar with the functionality, it will just be delivered inside the MyCase platform. Check out the video below to see more.

Demo Video

How to Get It

Ready to learn more? Check out our full review of MyCase software. There you will find community reviews, additional demos, features charts, and more. Remember that Lawyerist subscribers get additional discounts through the Affinity Benefits offered by our partners.

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Last updated January 26th, 2024