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Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.


Product Details

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • Cloud
Software Integrations
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Zapier
  • MailChimp

Core Features

For Law Practice Management Software, the following are essential features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.


Case/Matter Management

Matter management is the defining feature of law practice management software, of course. However, some software is targeted at specific practice areas and may implement case management in different ways in order to manage information specific to those practice areas.

Client/Contact Management

Managing clients and other contacts is a core feature of law practice management software.

Task Management

Basic task management includes creating tasks with due dates that can be associated with cases/matters and assigned to different lawyers. Some products stick to pretty basic task management, while others offer enough features to make any Getting Things Done devotee happy.


As with email, this feature means a full calendar client, not just an integration with Outlook or Google Calendar.


Timekeeping is a core feature of practice management software, essential for lawyers who bill by the hour but useful even for those who don't.

Conflict Checking

An actual conflict checker is more than just a search box. This applies to software that actually has a conflict checking feature. Implementation varies, but at a minimum you should be able to search the entire database for matching names. It should check for conflicts accurately and intuitively, allow for a lateral hire to input their conflict database into the system, work quickly when new clients call, and comply with the rules of professional conduct for checking conflicts.

Email Client

Does it include a full email client? (Alternative solutions that don't amount to an email client, like plugins for Outlook or Gmail, do not earn a check for this feature. See software integrations, below.)

Text Messaging

Can you send and receive text messages and associate them with your matters?

Document Management

Basic document management allows you to add documents and associate them with your cases/matters.

Document Assembly

Loading your firm’s document templates into your law practice management software can save time and ensure consistency. This check means basic document assembly suitable for form letters, invoices, etc. For advanced document assembly, you’ll probably need additional software.

Secure Client Portal

Basic Bookkeeping

This means basic checkbook register–style bookkeeping, which is more limited than full accounting. You should be able to keep track of your operating accounts and reconcile your balances, but you may still need full accounting software.

Trust Accounting

This means you can track your client trust accounts, including expenses and payments. It is normal to see trust accounting without basic bookkeeping or full accounting, in which case you will need something else for accounting.

Full Accounting

Some software includes full double-entry accounting features, making additional accounting software unnecessary.

Billing & Invoicing

Does the software allow you to send bills or invoices?

Online Payments

Payment processing is increasingly offered either as an included or add-on feature, especially with cloud-based law practice management software.

Open API

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use PracticePanther?

As a cloud-based practice management system, users can access their files from anywhere they have an internet connection and a modern web browser. PracticePanther also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android.

What is the price of PracticePanther?

Users can select from three pricing tiers. Solo, at $49/month, has basic practice management features, where Essential, and Business, at $69 and $89 respectively, offer more collaborative features and access to additional integrations.

Is PracticePanther secure?

PracticePanther boasts 256-bit encryption and enterprise-level security by Microsoft. It also features HIPAA-compliant file management capabilities through its Box.com integration. They also provide a secure messaging portal for you to communicate with your clients, and an internal chat function.

Does PracticePanther integrate with Microsoft 365?

Yes, it has a two-way sync with Outlook (including tasks), OneDrive, Outlook Calendar, and Exchange Calendar.

Does PracticePanther integrate with Google Workspace?

PracticePanther has a Gmail add-on that allows users to file emails, create contacts, and manage time and tasks. Additionally, there is a two-way sync with both Google Calendar and Google Drive. Although this isn't a full integration with Google Workspace (f/k/a Google Suite), it's most of the features you'll need.

Can PracticePanther handle my Trust Accounting?

Yes, with three-way account reconciliation, PracticePanther can handle all but the most complicated trust accounting. This feature comes with all pricing tiers.

Can I accept online payments with PracticePanther?

Yes, PantherPayments is an IOLTA-compliant credit card acceptance system built directly into the application.

Does PracticePanther integrate with Zapier?

Yes, the platform integrates with Zapier and has an open API for your automation and workflow needs.

Can I automate documents with PracticePanther?

Yes, PracticePanther allows you to automate documents and create templates even at the lowest pricing tier.

Is PracticePanther compatible with both PC and Mac?

Yes, as a cloud-based solution, the platform will run on both PC and Mac through any modern browser.

Additional Details about PracticePanther

With features like workflow templates, secure client messaging, and client invoicing, PracticePanther provides a lot of hard-to-find services—even at the lowest pricing tier. However, most users will opt for the Essentials tier (the second price point). This tier provides access to custom fields, recurring payment plans, and document storage integrations.


PracticePanther’s Business Plan pricing (their highest tier) offers unlimited training sessions. (The other pricing plans offer training, as well. But we wanted to highlight the unlimited option). Additionally, these can be scheduled easily from within the software. Sessions range from simple beginner tasks to complex power user automations. Importantly, for a lot of the bootstrappers out there, you can even find lessons on integrating the program with your website.

Further, the large library of videos and articles have step-by-step tutorials on every single feature. Which means, PracticePanther definitely has documentation. Conversely, if you’d like a little more direction, you can always open up a chat with the support team right out of the application.

Data Migration

As far as data migration from other platforms goes, PracticePanther has a team of experts to make sure that your existing information is seamlessly integrated into their platform. When you sign up, your dedicated account manager will schedule a call for you with the migration team. Next, PracticePanther’s team will review your current information. Then, they’ll provide a timeline and details on what they can import for you. Because of their involvement, you can feel confident that you won’t lose data or need to reorganize anything when you make the switch.

Built-in CRM

PracticePanther’s Business tier ships with integrated Client Relationship Management (CRM) functionalities. This allows you to build custom intake forms to help manage your contacts, matters, documents, and workflows more efficiently. Your office can even integrate these forms into the firm’s website. Which, among other things, will allow you to connect with potential clients at any time of day. More importantly, though, the workflows will help you follow-up with those potential clients.

Who PracticePanther is for

PracticePanther is a good fit for small to mid-sized firms looking for a clean and easy-to-use dashboard. It includes at-a-glance finances, calendars to manage deadlines, and an intuitive, built-in document assembly platform. It boasts substantial document storage and integration with Box.com and other third-party storage providers. It also has an intuitive interface and a competitive price. Overall, the platform offers useful and sometimes hard-to-find features.

Attorneys looking to build a mobile and automated law practice without a lot of complexities will definitely want to review PracticePanther’s features. As said above, at certain price points, one could manage a matter from “potential client” to “paid-in-full” solely within the platform. It doesn’t have the intake of CRMs like Lawmatics (with which it integrates). But, users can get an intake form on their website in under 10 minutes.

On the other hand, attorneys looking for complex document creation may want to review options other than PracticePanther. It doesn’t necessarily fall behind other LPMS systems, but it won’t do the job of third-party document assembly software. However, with the open API and the integration with Zapier, it may be possible to get them to work together.

Not sure where to begin? Download our Field Guide

Take the guesswork out of researching, purchasing, and implementing the right legal tech products and services for your law firm. Our Field Guide answers your essential questions and breaks down the features most important to your business, so you can buy with confidence.

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PracticePanther Community Reviews

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  • Hugh R. says:

    Terrible for multiple lawyer use

    the reporting for multiple lawyers if you pay them based on production/collection is awful. their reporting is manual, have to run multiple reports to get the result I want. The worst part is, you cant just apply a discount to a line item, you have to do a new entry to line item the discount. If you discount the entire invoice, it still records all lawyers receiving 100% credit for all time they billed even though there was an invoice discount applied (meaning you would pay out more than you collect to the lawyers who are paid for what they bill.). Solution from PP was to do manual entries for each lawyer to discount. 7 lawyers worked on it = 7 entries. We process hundreds of invoices and their solutions are either impossible or will add yet another hour or two to the billing process.

    They finally fixed the ability to combine multiple matters into one invoice for clients…BUT beware, if you do this, the originating lawyer gets stripped out of the combined invoice so you have to go through ALL combined collections to figure out who to give origination to. (thank you for adding yet another hour to my billing process)

    They already dont have a “next” function while reviewing invoices online, so you have to print them (and can only print 50 at a time), or have to open new tabs for each invoice. Again, their invoice platform for more than 50 clients with more than 2 lawyers is awful.

    Only reason I havent moved yet is that the transition is even more awful than PP lack of addressing real lawyer needs for reporting. When I had 2 lawyers billing with a small number of matters, PP was great. Now I lose 3-4 hours in doing billing due to their failures of addressing the many problems with their billing and reporting.

  • Ron M. says:

    Customized client intake, easy reporting, and simple invoice tracking!

    Being able to track which invoices have been paid, set up custom fields, and utilize intake forms in a way that meets our needs – that’s huge. We’ve really seen a big cost-savings with being able to send an invoice, and then automatically track payments to it. They pay, you can see they paid, and then you can run reports to follow-up with anyone who still hasn’t paid! PracticePanther’s interface is welcoming, smooth and simple. I love how it’s not just pre-set software, but a customizable suite that can be configured to meet our specific practice management requirements.
  • Daniel L. says:

    PracticePanther helps me complete tasks 5 times faster than before

    We chose PracticePanther to modernize our paper-based and labor-intensive data reporting system that was 10 or 15 years old. It was very important for us to choose a product that was intuitive so that our employees could adopt it easily, PracticePanther is so simple that anyone can pick it up quickly. PracticePanther was also willing to help us customize our setup when onboarding, if we needed a change in the software to adapt to the way we do business, the answer was always yes. Since implementation, I am able to complete tasks using workflows and automations that would normally take a lot of phone or face-to-face time to work out, which means I save time and made my job so much easier.
  • Elizabeth I. says:

    Practice Panther

    I cancelled my subscription to Practice Panther because they took an annual subscription payment from my account without permission. I have been trying to get that amount refunded for months and have been completely ignored. They say they get back to you within a couple of hours, but it’s been a couple of months and nothing. I’ve even threatened to sue them several times and have still be ignored. Stay away!
  • Yeon Me K. says:

    User review

    I like the fact that PracticePanther can be accessed anywhere easily with internet access, and I can easily track/bill my time with multiple timers open at the same time.
  • Derek M. says:
    Our firm signed up with PracticePanther in 2019, and it was a seamless transition from our prior legal software. The monthly cost is reasonable relative to other software programs, and the support has been excellent. The PracticePanther platform enables the four lawyers and two staff in our firm to work remotely from any location without a hiccup. We can manage our large volume caseload easily, and we effortlessly can bill entries with the software. Also, the calendar system with PracticePanther meshes well with Outlook. Additionally, we can access PracticePanther on our phone app, and this is very handy when working remotely. Overall, very pleased with PracticePanther, and would highly recommend it to other insurance defense-based practices.
  • Leslie B. says:
    PracticePanther changed our firm in ways I would never have imagined. I STRONGLY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend it to all my colleagues.

    Before PracticePanther, we had splintered information – billing on one application, calendars on another, contact information on another .. no integration. There was difficulty in keeping everything synced up. Nothing worse than needing to return a call to an important contact while out of the office and not able to access the contact information because it’s on a desktop back at the office!!! Not everyone signs emails with contact information included so it was a constant frustration but not anymore with PracticePanther!

    We learned about PracticePanther from a referral from a young attorney who had been doing contract work for me, who then joined the firm and the need for us to have a unified approach to keeping track of calendar dates, billing, contacts, etc. all in one resource accessible anywhere.
    We never expected a pandemic (just was not on the radar) but we were READY and never missed a beat all because of PracticePanther. Our systems were in place and we were ready to face other challenges unconcerned about our technology being able to meet our new needs. PracticePanther was ready even if we never expected such a change in operations

    The application is so intuitive and constantly evolving; adoption of using PracticePanther was not difficult and I am sure there are powerful tools we don’t even use that we may need in the future that are there waiting for us to access them right within PracticePanther. That’s surprising because EVERY single application we had been using in the past had barriers and learning curves, etc. and we tried a lot of different potential solutions before finding and adopting PracticePanther. It’s easy to use, across EVERY platform from desktop to tablet to iPhone – so simple without having to use “helper” apps to get access to our data!

  • Jeff H. says:
    Before PracticePanther, it felt like billable time was an extreme challenge. Everything from missed billable client time to billing and invoicing issues. Since switching to PracticePanther those processes are much more efficient. Our office had done a very thorough review of firm management software that was available and PracticePanther simply met all our required needs.

    The Boss was just saying this morning that billable time ratios are up. I feel that the reason is largely attributed to converting to PracticePanther and I personally feel much more productive during office hours. The usability of Practice Panther has been very impressive. We have a very niche practice and there are many features that are extremely helpful and even more features are available with PracticePanther that we have yet to utilize.

  • Michelle W. says:
    I purchased PracticePanther as I was setting up my new solo law firm (in 2017). I was looking for something that would minimize the time that needed to be spent on administrative matters (billing, time-keeping, record-keeping) but I also wanted the tools to review how my time was spent, the profitability of certain types of cases, and other time-management tools that would help me grow my business. In addition, the option of encrypted messaging was very important for the sensitive information I needed to share with my clients.

    PracticePanther had all of the tools I was looking for (plus more than I was looking for) and it was easy to set up and easy to use. As PracticePanther has added integrations and new tools over the years, it has been growing with my business and allowed me to make new integrations as I was ready for them. The customer service is also excellent – whenever I have a question or a problem, someone responds quickly and thoroughly and follows up to make sure that the information resolved the issue.

    This has freed me up to spend a relatively small amount of time on the administrative side of my law firm and spend the vast majority of my time on the billable matters that make the firm successful. Clients are generally happy with the experience with their Client Portals and the features within them. And the automatic invoice reminders (some set for before they are due and others for after they are overdue) result in excellent payment practices by my clients.

    The responsiveness and thoroughness of all aspects of customer service. Problems are rare on this platform, but when one arises it is addressed quickly. Most of the time, I just want some piece of information about how to accomplish a given task that I cannot find within the FAQs, and either there are already processes or integrations to allow this to happen or someone will work with me for a work-around and submit it to their software development teams for consideration of whether that new tool or process should be added to the platform.

  • Jonathan B. says:
    I picked PracticePanther when I started my solo practice. PracticePanther had the features I needed (time keeping, trust accounting, good billing and Ledes billing) and seemed to be reasonably priced.

    PracticePanther has allowed me to focus on my practice and minimize the time I need to focus on administrative tasks. Support is generally very prompt and can answer most questions on the first try. Even if more follow up is required they are prompt and committed to resolve the question or issues.

  • Diane D. says:

    Very Easy to Learn

    There was no life before Practice Panther. It was basically a new law firm and they started on Practice Panther from the very beginning. I believe this helped there to be no pains because it was a clean slate.

    Practice Panther was already chosen when I came on board. I believe the price, the ease of working the system and the look of the invoices were the deciding factor.

    Invoicing is a big portion of running a law firm and the bookkeeping system made things run very smooth along with a billing system set into play.

  • Kass D. says:
    I have been using PracticePanther for almost three years and can’t imagine how I ever ran a law firm before PracticePanther. PracticePanther is like having a full time employee, without the expense or compliance issues. It keeps all client content in one place – notes, time keeping, billing, tracking of attorney/client trust transfers, messaging, contact info, matter info, referral sources, and so much more. It has integration with emails, Zapier, MailChimp, drafting software, Quickbooks, Box, Dropbox, and other online platforms. Plus, the PracticePanther team is constantly adding new features, such as credit card and bank transfer payments at rates far less than other providers. My all time favorite feature is templates – all those letters and documents I use over and over are now easily and uniformly drafted with templates.

    PracticePanther gives me seamless technology capabilities all in one, easy to use place. In addition to the technology, their customer support is awesome! If I have a question, a knowledgeable customer support person assists me with my issue and stays with me until the issue is resolved. Really, I’ve always been so pleased with their expertise.

    In short, PracticePanther is simply amazing!

  • Dan L. says:
    Before PracticePanther, our business practices consisted of paper, copy machines and Excel spreadsheets. Administratively, all matter-related documents were printed and only accessible at our physical office locations. We had no cloud-based collaboration tools or task management systems. We had no method to track billable hours in real time. Invoicing was cumbersome and consisted of manual entry and sharing via snail mail. Everything took too long to complete. And then, when the pandemic hit, many businesses like ours could not collaborate or operate their infrastructure remotely, but rather were left without the tools to survive.

    But now with PracticePanther, our company can handle almost all matter-related and administrative tasks remotely. Time sheets, expenses, invoicing, retainer agreements, email, notes and other correspondence consolidation, mass client databases, task management tools and employee productivity analyses are all handled in the cloud. If you have an internet connection, then you can be connected to every aspect of your firm, anytime, anywhere, all with the simple click of a mouse. For example, I have personally been able to run our administrative processes from the WiFi connection of an airplane during business trips. Perhaps most importantly, in lieu of the pandemic, PracticePanther has given our staff the freedom and flexibility to operate without having to physically gather together in our offices. We haven’t skipped a beat since the pandemic hit in March 2020, and PracticePanther is primarily responsible. This software is a lifesaver…an all-in-one aggregation of our entire company’s infrastructure in one box. Our invoicing and contracts are now automated, generated and sent to our clients in a matter of seconds. Even better, PracticePanther directly integrates with Quickbooks and DocuSign, which means all payables, receivables and other financial information immediately update in our Quickbooks account. Our intake processes have also been streamlined. You can custom build a new intake form, and after it has been completed, PracticePanther automatically updates our client database and creates a new matter in the system. These conveniences have saved us a considerable amount of time and energy, so that we can focus on our work and not get bogged down in administration. By my estimation, PracticePanther has saved us 10-15 hours per week. Further, our time, expense and flat-fee entries can now be reviewed in real time, which allows us to catch potential errors immediately. PracticePanther also integrates with our email systems, so whenever a client corresponds with us, the emails are automatically documented in PracticePanther’s software, creating a nice chronology. Tasks and notes are integrated, too, even with our calendars, so we can all stay on task and monitor each-others’ schedules. PracticePanther keeps all of us on the same page, no matter where we are and no matter what we are doing. None of us can imagine life without it. After a full year of using PracticePanther, we don’t ever want to go back to the old way of doing business.

    The customer service. It’s impeccable. I know most of us hate calling customer service, only to be inundated with auto-attendant prompts and forced to press a million buttons to get help. That doesn’t happen here, because when I call PracticePanther, I get a human being on the phone who can easily solve my problems. That’s pretty rare nowadays. And oftentimes, they will even customize the software to our specific needs. Our account manager, Andy S., has always been professional, helpful and accessible. They make us feel like we are their only customer, and we all know what a big deal that is.

  • William W. says:

    Five Stars

    Before PracticePanther, we had compatibility issues with our clients who were all Windows / Office 365 based whereas we were using a Mac only solution that couldn’t work with Outlook or Gmail. We were not capturing all our time and were not billing correctly. PracticePanther took that away straight away and indeed paid for itself within a week·

    We looked at the market and decided on PracticePanther. While we are based in the UK the majority of the UK packages are bloated, very old fashioned, very expensive and lack much flexibility. What made us choose PracticePanther was the excellent trial period and most of all, the team at PracticePanther who are without doubt amongst best we have ever worked with. PracticePanther has made us more profitable, no more arguments about clients, and lack of billing and we are far more efficient.

    What surprised me most about PracticePanther was just how adept the team has been dealing with a UK based firm and we have never had any lost time or data.

  • Nancy L. says:

    I am a huge proponent of PP and am so glad that I chose PP almost 5 years ago!

    I used a competing practice management program before signing up for PracticePanther. I reviewed 10 different practice management programs and tested each of them for a week before making my decision to switch to PracticePanther. I found that PracticePanther had everything I was looking for and more, at a great price. That was almost 5 years ago. I have never regretted my decision. My Account Rep, Sam A., has always been extremely helpful and responsive. He goes above and beyond in every request that I make. The support team is always helpful too. The company makes frequent updates to the program and is very innovative. I love the features, such as workflows, calendar and tasks. I use templates for everything. I have a template for engagement letters (different templates for all different types of work we handle), closing file letters, cover letters, etc. I love how we can create a template and the document is completed with the information from the matter or client. I use intake forms for every new client to complete. These are all customizable and work fabulously. I can send 30 invoices out to clients in a brief amount of time. Many other programs sync with PracticePanther, which saves even more time. I use, for example, Box.com for document storage and that syncs with PracticePanther. I cannot even quantify the time I save by using PracticePanther. I have 5 other attorneys in the firm who all work remotely and any of us can access any client or matter in real time from anywhere in the world. I highly recommend PracticePanther to anyone looking for a complete practice management program that will save them a tremendous amount of time and money. I am delighted I chose PracticePanther for the practice management system for my firm five years ago.
  • Colton B. says:
    When I rekindled my law practice I wanted to do it as a virtual practice, as I didn’t have office space in Colorado. I was in New York. I explored my options, and found that the things that were most challenging were client confidentiality and payments.

    I chose Practice Panther because it solved both problems, through the use of the Client Portal and Law Pay. In addition, PP included time-keeping, document building, and more. It is the whole package.

    Practice Panther is competitive price-wise, and offers as much as any other program, and more than most.

    Onboarding to Practice Panther caused me to think about all aspects of conducting a law practice, and it organized me in a way that was new. Everything is in one place!

  • Ronald K. says:

    No Support, Lotsa Problems and No Refund

    I was behind the times–still using a computer based PM, so four months ago I started looking for a cloud based application. I had two requirements: 1) it would have to sync with my bankruptcy software (50% of my practice); and 2) I wanted a seemless way of saving emails to contacts/matters since this is a major form of communication for me.

    At the time, PP was marketing an easy sync with Jublilee–one of the three or four major petition preparing software packages on the market. In fact it has a canned webinar on its site about the “exciting news” that it integrates with Jublilee. If you watch the webinar closely (after the fact I did several times) you can actually see where the sync doesn’t seem to work and the PP guy tries to excuse the lack of a result as “it sometimes takes a few moments.”

    The truth is, the sync doesn’t work AND PP doesn’t give a shit. I tried to get it to work for four months. IT NEVER FULLY WORKED. Moreover, if you contact PP support, their response was: “talk to Jublilee.” (BTW, I was generally pleased with Jublilee’s efforts to try and resolve my sync problem.) When PP wasn’t telling me to “talk to Jublilee” they would refer me to a canned answer in their “Q & A” database that really had nothing to do with my problem.

    As to my second requirement that I be able to save emails to a client or matter— if you are using Microsoft Outlook 365, there is an “add-in” that you have to download from Microsoft’s website that allows you to use PP within Outlook.
    PP also has a canned webinar that takes you through the steps to add this in. I tried to load this onto my Outlook and it didn’t work. Tried to do it again, didn’t work. Tried a third time, still didn’t work. Send PP a question–what do they do refer me to their canned webinar. Frustrated I contacted Microsoft, as I had “tech service agreement.” They tried to figure out what was wrong, and the initial person who I spoke to also could not figure out why it would not “add-in.” Finally, after several hours and Microsoft bringing in another engineer we were able to get the PP “add-in to work.”

    Bottomline: don’t use PP, it doesn’t work and they don’t support their product beyond referring you to their canned webinars. BTW, I stupidly paid a year subscription for PP (I know I should have my head examined). When I asked several days ago if I could have a partial refund, I was put on hold for several minutes, and then the rep, said they would get back to me “very soon.” I am still waiting–maybe they are going to refer me to a “canned webinar.”

  • Amy S. says:

    Be prepared for delays, lies and ineffencies

    While this software has potential, it has far more negatives than positives at this time. It can’t do simple basic things such as putting a file on hold. And their support is a joke. You can’t get someone in real time, then the answer you get is completely different depending on who you are talking to. The support staff doesn’t even seem to know it’s own system.

    Our office did not have a paperless system before, and as I had worked in prior paperless offices I was put in charge of the transition. We’re now 6 months in and still not using the system because things do not port over correctly, nothing works as they promised and we’ve had to do so many workarounds that it practically borders on efficiency.

    While I do understand that my firm is not the norm in what we do, there are basic needs that would affect every form (for example putting a file on hold as mentioned above) that the system can’t do.

    There were some red flags when we were looking into the system, such as the flat out refusal of the salesman allowing our IT person to speak to their IT staff saying he could answer every question, the fact that he told us what we need to hear to placate us, only to find out what he told us was flat out WRONG when we actually got to the use stage. When it came to transferring our files to this system they did little to nothing and it took me personally 4 weeks of about 60 hours a week doing nothing but fixing what they brought over.

    Overall, avoid this system. We’re stuck for now, but honestly, construction paper and crayons works out better than this system does.

  • Ryen S. says:

    Robust, Mostly Reliable, Kinda Mediocre

    My firm has been using PracticePanther now for almost 6 months, after porting over from SmokeBall. I can say unequivocally that it’s night-and-day better than what we were using before. The fact that it’s essentially a web app, makes it accessible from any device – especially helpful for a small firm with a BYOD policy.

    Hours tracking is simple, straightforward, and easy to review. Similarly, once you understand the database structure – i.e. that everything builds off of the initial contact, it’s pretty easy to build business practices off of. However, while PracticePanther works, it isn’t seamless – and the lack of insight customer service reps have into their own software could be a deal breaker for a firm without internal IT know-how.


    1. While PracticePanther sells itself as fully integrated with Google Drive, it’s not. Multiple users will pretty much break Drive integration for even a small firm – just plan to use DropBox.

    2. Every contact must have a unique ID number for integration with any cloud platform, yet the option for creating that unique identifier is optional, only to be explained as required after hours on the phone with support.

    3. Occasionally software rollbacks have been set for mid-morning on a weekday, essentially breaking your paperless office at an essential time – but this hasn’t happened in a while, so I don’t want to be unfair.

    If you want practice management software that can do it all, PracticePanther is a good bet. However, it isn’t intuitive, seamless, or straightforward. However, it is reasonably priced with responsive customer service reps, willing to work through problems.

  • David W. says:

    Most user friendly law firm management software out there

    Practice Panther is it. Even for a newbie attorney entering the automated law firm practice management world, Practice Panther is by far the easiest to use software with the greatest number of top used applications in the legal field. Their demo and training tutorials have been so far a very easy to follow experience, where I’ve been able to interact from the comfort of my office via a p2p sharing portal my screen with one of the PP specialists. Every single question I asked, he had an answer. What I liked the most, aside from liking a lot of the features, is the ability to stylistically design my own invoices to my clients. It makes me feel like my brand is not only competitive but actually professional. I’m highly satisfied so far and don’t have a single complaint, only good positive feedback. Like!
  • Harj says:

    Practice Panther is the best CRM, CMS combination out there

    Practice Panther is the best practice management tool out there for lawyers. The team take on board suggestions and work consistently to improve user experience. Clean interface with great intuitive functionality.
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