As noted in a previous article, Clio has launched its embedded app program.  This will allow select partners to integrate apps “in the tab of the matter.” This is part of a continued effort to promote a positive user experience for Clio users within third-party partner platforms. After all, Clio can’t be the legal tech operating system it wants to be if its user experience feels like a patchwork quilt.

This means that, within reason, Clio needs to maintain a certain level of control over the apps it integrates with. But, it still needs to be as open as possible to integration partners. Essentially, it needs to have a formulaic way of partnering with app developers. Not all of its potential partners are going to have the resources and experience of apps like Lawmatics.

Clio Certified and Embedded Apps

Clio solves this problem with its Clio Certified Apps program. Within this program is a host of benefits to encourage the program’s use, including the ability to build an embedded app.

In order to qualify to build in the tab of a matter, a developer must meet certain criteria. These criteria, for the most part, are user-experience aligned. Apps must have a 99.5% uptime on a 30-day rolling basis and provide demonstrable customer value.  Partners also must commit to a maximum customer support turnaround of one day.

Clio Integrated App Experience

Although partners get the benefit of working more closely with the Clio team, their benefit is also Clio’s. A more streamlined user experience means more users will adopt the application. Certified app developers are required to implement “Add to Clio.” This is a sign-in protocol that uses a single sign-on to allow users to simply sign in to Clio and they are signed in to both apps.

How to Get It

Ready to learn more about how Clio is changing the user experience? Check out our full review of Clio Manage in our Product Reviews. Here, you can read community comments, compare features, and see other demo videos. If you’re eager to jump in, head to and get a free trial or demo.

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Last updated August 30th, 2023