A good answering service can be a lawyer’s secret weapon, but only if it brings things to the table an in-house, 9-to-5 receptionist can’t. Thanks to our cloud-based tools, LexReception’s virtual receptionists can work anywhere, giving them flexibility and 24/7 availability. Unlike office-based answering services limited to business hours only, LexReception offers game-changing perks, such as:

Stellar Customer Service, Anytime, Anywhere

Give your callers the luxury of reaching a live person any time, day or night. While a no-brainer for DUI and criminal attorneys, other legal fields gain surprising benefits from 24/7 availability too.

Peggy Hammerschmidt of bankruptcy firm Hammerschmidt, Stickradt, and Associates was skeptical when first approaching LexReception. There are no real, middle-of-the-night emergencies in the bankruptcy law and debt management industry. “There’s nothing that happens overnight or on the weekends,” says Peggy. “And I can’t fix it if it does, because we’re not open. So we’ve never thought we needed a virtual receptionist.”

Her tune changed when her virtual receptionists scheduled appointments for two callers who went on to become clients, earning Hammerschmidt, Stickradt, and Associates approximately $4,000 to $5,000 dollars within their first weekend of partnering with LexReception.

Coast-to-Coast Talent Pool

If you want to give your clients truly exceptional customer service, you need the best people manning your phones. LexReception draws from a talent pool the size of the United States. With so many candidates at our fingertips, we’re able to choose only the highest caliber workers as your virtual receptionists.

Not that we have to look very far. LexReceptionists work from their home offices. This, combined with paid learning time, a focus on work/life balance, and frequent promotion opportunities, attract the best and brightest. We get happier workers, your callers get excellent service. In fact, a recent article by Inc.com shows that remote workers outperform their office-bound counterpart.

Weather Any Disaster

Natural disaster strikes? Server goes down? No problem. Your service will always be reliable thanks to a distributed workforce that easily adapts to unexpected hiccups. A storm hits the East Coast, and our West Coast receptionists take up the slack. A city-wide power outage in Houston, Texas means nothing to our team in Portland, Oregon. Rest easy knowing nothing will stop your callers from getting through.

The Best Coverage for Lower Cost

How much extra is 24/7/365 after-hours and holiday availability? $0.00. No massive office building means no massive office lease, and we pass those savings onto you. You get talented, professional virtual receptionists around the clock without the extra cost.

The savings don’t stop there. Each LexReception plan comes with a suite of freebies including: cloud-based appointment scheduling software, chat support, CRM integration, and access to your recorded calls guaranteeing exceptional quality control.

You’re looking for an answering service because you need a better solution for your incoming calls. Our remote workforce can handle your calls anytime, anywhere at a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist. Check out our plans or give us a call at 1-800-245-8589 to get started!

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Last updated September 8th, 2022