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  • Customer Experience & Support - 8.5/10
  • Pricing & Value - 8/10
  • Security - 8/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 8/10
Comments Rating 5 (6 reviews)

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Our Rating: 4.1/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

Community Rating: 5/5 (based on 6 ratings)

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Composite Rating: 4.4/5

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Accel Marketing Solutions is a comprehensive digital marketing agency for attorneys and law firms. They handle web design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), video production, content marketing, and more. In promoting firms, they focus on creating relevant, trusted content that will enhance your SEO, and increase your potential client conversion.

Because they focus on quality content, their social media marketing has an emphasis on syndicating the content that is being produced for your site. Through blogs written specifically for your site, or your own content, Accel Marketing Solutions looks to establish your firm as an expert in the field of law firm digital marketing services.

Who Accel Marketing Solutions is For

This law firm digital marketing agency is designed for attorneys and law firms who are looking for a sustained, comprehensive marketing strategy that takes potential clients from the awareness phase all the way to conversion. They are not simply a website builder, or a Facebook ads manager. Attorneys who are looking for piecemeal help on PPC, social media management, or the like, may not find this to be the right product. Their value comes from building a strong reputation for the attorney. And it is a sustained process.

Accel Marketing Solutions Features

Services Offered
  • Law Firm Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Starting Price
Free Consultation
A free consultation or website audit can help you figure out if a particular marketing agency is a good fit with your law firm.
Focused on Law
Some marketing agencies focus on representing law firms, while others apply their skills to multiple industries.
Marketing can be winner-take-most, especially when it comes to search. That can present a conflict if a marketing agency represents direct competitors. Many marketing agencies won’t represent direct competitors for this reason, although exclusivity may cost more.
Law Firm Websites
A well-designed law firm website with a solid SEO strategy is the foundation of any law-firm marketing plan. Besides just creating the website, companies may offer to draft copy, produce videos, and maintain and support the website.
Will You Own Your Website?
If your web design company owns the assets it creates for your website, it can be difficult to transfer your website to another hosting provider or marketing agency.
Drafting effective website copy, including pages and blog posts, is a specialized skill, and it can help your firm launch a new law website much more quickly than if you intend to draft the copy yourself.
Video Production
Professional video production can enhance your website and drive visitors to contact your firm.
Before you hire, you should look at other websites the company has designed. A public portfolio makes this easy.
Website Maintenance
Websites require technical upkeep, which isn’t always included in your fee.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO involves more than just optimizing keywords for search engines, but the end goal is for potential clients to find your website. Note: effective SEO is not cheap, and cheap SEO is rarely effective.
On-Page SEO
On-page SEO involves optimizing the content and metadata of your law firm website pages. This is essential but fairly basic.
Building off-site links back to your website effectively probably requires a strategy and a fair amount of work. Linkbuilding tactics can include writing guest posts, outreach, and more.
Local SEO
Search engines use what they know about your location when they deliver search results, and not just in map apps. Local SEO aims to boost your results when location is relevant.
Other Marketing Services
Pay-Per Click (PPC) Advertising
PPC advertising puts your search results on top of targeted search queries.
Google Certified Partner
An optional certification that means Google has certified the vendor as an expert in Google Ads. It does not mean the vendor has any kind of special relationship with Google.
Brand Design
If you need a logo or other marketing assets, you might want a branding package for your law firm.
Social Media Marketing
Your marketing agency can help you design and maintain a social media presence.
Email Marketing
Email marketing can be highly effective, and a marketing agency can help your firm develop and execute an email strategy.
Offline Marketing
Offline marketing may include things like letterhead, newspaper ad design, etc.

Additional Details about Accel Marketing Solutions

24/7/365 Live Chat

Live chat can be an integral part of your client intake funnel. Therefore, it is not entirely surprising that Accel offers this as a solution for attorney websites. After all, why spend so much effort getting people to visit the website if you’re not going to connect with them for law firm digital marketing support.

Accel can easily set up live chat on your website. Receptionists can handle intake questions, and general inquiries about your firm. Since they’re a service for attorneys, the receptionists are careful not to give any legal advice. Additionally, if the potential client contacts the live chat during business hours, Accel can connect them directly to the attorney’s office for intake.

Reputation Management

Poor reviews of your firm or practice can obviously affect your ability to attract clients. Therefore, management of client ratings and comments is a necessity for the modern lawyer. Good management, however, will not only minimize negative reviews, but also increase your SEO and build your firm’s reputation at the same time.

Accel Marketing Solutions offers reputation management services as well. These efforts encourage and highlight positive reviews from your clients. They make it easy for good clients to share their positive experiences. And they mitigate the impact of negative ratings by increasing overall reviews of your firm. Additionally, they highlight positive reviews on your social media and throughout your site. So the public sees your firm through the eyes of your best clients, not those rare unsatisfied cases.

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6 Accel Marketing Solutions Community Reviews

  1. Noah K. says:

    Great client focus... Responsive and Effective

    We have worked with Accel for about 10 years and they have always been easy to reach, quick to accommodate, helpful with directing overall vision and how to get there and forward looking. We have consistently received excellent comments and traffic on our website and the Accel team knows who we are when we call. We feel they understand our business and are a partner in the process. Overall very positive experience.

  2. Jacqueline V. says:

    Loyal Accel Customer for YEARS

    I have been using Accel as for marketing and SEO for almost ten years. One of the best things about Accel is the personal service and responsiveness. Everything we ask them do is done so promptly, I couldn’t do it faster myself. I also appreciate their guidance on making my firm standout. Elliot, David and the whole team are really an invaluable partner in digital space. I give them 5 stars.

  3. Zachary T. says:

    Great Company! Just What We Needed!

    Accel Marketing has been our marketing firm for the past year. They have totally revamped our firm website! Elliot, David and their entire team have been very responsive as we require constant updates to the website. They’ve effectively tied in all of our social media accounts as well. They also took the burden of updating and optimizing all of our search engine/online presence, including google so that our business is much more “visible” online. Our online presence has never been better. As a thriving law firm in a competitive market, we track every single phone call or contact for marketing purposes. Instead of a stale out of date site, our current site is now active and generating new clients almost daily. The number of calls we get because of our increased online presence is staggering. I would highly recommend this company!

  4. Paul W. says:

    Accel is the best!!!

    I have been working with Accel for about 6 years and they have done a spectacular job in making sure that my firm is always on the first page and is very often the number 1 firm on the page. They have increased my visibility enormously and that has translated into financial success.
    They are 5 star for me!!!

  5. Kenneth T. says:

    The best we have worked with

    Over the years we have worked with a variety of website design/SEO/ website maintenance firms. Of our experiences with various vendors, our best experience hands down has been with Accel. They are diligent in working with you, to maximize your investment with them, to improve your website as a valuable tool in promoting your practice, and to promptly respond when the invariable changes and alterations are needed on your site. Accel gets a well-deserved “A” from me in all respects, and my highest recommendation.

  6. Allan R. says:

    Effective and professional

    I highly recommend Accel. I have been using then for about 15 years and could not be happier. Because of their efforts, my site ends up on the first page of Google search results almost without fail. They know my business, respond very quickly to my concerns and are very easy to deal with.