These days, clients have different expectations about how their experience with attorneys should go. Clients are savvy, and you need to step up your game. To get their attention, and their business, you need to connect with clients on a personal level and establish trust beyond just being a lawyer. SimpleLaw’s new integration with the free HubSpot CRM helps you do just that. 


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Managing contacts and clients is an important part of an efficient law practice, but it’s an easy thing to overlook, or worse, ignore. As your practice grows, it’s even more important to manage your list of clients, both potential and current. A good Client Relationship Management software, or CRM, gives you a systematic approach to maintain and strengthen client trust and relationships to create a great client experience, and help you generate new business.

With SimpleLaw’s new integration with HubSpot CRM, managing client relationships has never been easier. You’ll be able to track, maintain, and nurture your interactions from a single streamlined interface. Even better, SimpleLaw and HubSpot are both well-suited for small to medium-sized firms and can easily scale with you as your practice grows. Simply connect your (free) HubSpot account to start growing and maintaining your client relationships from one place. 

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But SimpleLaw didn’t stop there. In addition to the HubSpot CRM and other strategic integrations, they now also offer optional public or private attorney profiles, and additional flexibility for automated time tracking. With these new updates and integrations, combined with its already powerful features, SimpleLaw is your one-stop shop for a law practice management solution that manages your cases, matters, and clients.

How to Get It

SimpleLaw is a case and practice management software platform provider created by attorneys for attorneys. SimpleLaw helps empower you to run a more efficient practice and spend more time practicing law with its many integrations and features, like private client portals, online payments, and mobile responsive web pages. 

To learn more about SimpleLaw, its features, or its integration with HubSpot, visit today!

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Last updated February 25th, 2020