In addition to its automated tools, CosmoLex has set up a turn-key data migration service backed by a full-time team of engineers to help you easily and seamlessly migrate all your data into CosmoLex.


Moving your data from different programs to another shouldn’t be difficult, but for whatever reason, it is. Moving anything from client contact information, matter information, workflow, and financial data can be a cumbersome process that takes up time you could be spent actually practicing the law.

CosmoLex feels this pain, that’s why it’s developed a set of capabilities to make data migration easy. CosmoLex offers a tool that can automatically convert data from other applications, like PCLAW, TimeSlips, Clio, and PracticePanther, into CosmoLex. This means you can focus on your practice while CosmoLex focuses on data migration, so you can keep working while CosmoLex takes care of the rest.

While you’ll be able to migrate your data yourself, with CosmoLex providing free assistance and all the template, instructions, and import functions you’ll need to successfully migrate your data, the real draw is its dedicated data migration team. For a nominal fee, you’ll be able to work its CosmoLex’s data migration team to help you clean up and move your data into CosmoLex. Simply provide the data you want migrated and answer a few questions. Easy!

As you transition into CosmoLex, the data migration time can take up to 4 weeks, though on average it about one to two weeks to migrate your data, which includes lead time and actual migration time once its team is deployed. You’ll be able to work with a dedicated account manager to help you figure out where all your data is, what software you use, then begin the data migration process. There are two phases to the data migration process. First, you’ll migrate all your non-financial data, that is, your client, matter, contacts, notes, calendar, and tasks, then you’ll migrate your financial data. Because of the migration time, it’s important that you time and plan things accordingly, based on when you want to start using CosmoLex. Once the team has completely migrated all your data, you’ll be able to jump right in and use CosmoLex to the max.

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Last updated February 6th, 2019