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Timeslips Rating:


  • Customer Experience & Support - 5/10
  • Pricing & Value - 4.5/10
  • Security - 7/10
  • Innovation & Future-Proofing - 2.5/10
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Rating Breakdown

Our Rating: 2.4/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

Community Rating: 1/5 (based on 1 rating)

The community rating is based on the average of the community reviews below.

Composite Rating: 1.9/5

The composite rating is a weighted average of our rating and the community ratings below.

Who Timeslips is For

Timeslips is generally only for lawyers who are already using it. The Windows-only desktop interface is outmoded and difficult to use in the era of mobility and working from anywhere. It is also much more expensive than most other timekeeping and billing software.  Lawyers at big firms who have an IT department to manage installation and daily functions may find it tolerable.


timeslips laptop view
  • Windows
Free Trial
Pricing Method
One-time Fee
Starting Price
Core Features
Most law practice timekeeping & billing platforms have a few core features. Although it is not always necessary for your software of choice to check every box in this section, you'll likely want to have a good reason for not requiring one of these features.
Time Tracking
  • 1
Expense Tracking
Track expenses as well as time so you can bill them to your clients.
Provide detailed estimates to your clients before generating an invoice or tracking any actual time.
Generate reports from timekeeping records to profits per partner. Note that some options have much more robust reporting features than others. If you know you will need a particular report, get a demo or trial to make sure you can get it.
Payment Processing
⚙ Payment Processing Options
Payment Forms Accepted
  • eCheck/ACH
  • International
  • Major Credit Cards
Starting Payment Processing Fee
Online Payments
Accept credit card or eCheck/ACH payments on invoices. Note that some billing software integrates with third-party payment services but don't provide a built-in payment solution.
Recurring Payments
Set up payment plans and subscriptions with automatic recurring payments.
Issue Refunds
⚙ Accounting Integrations
  • QuickBooks Desktop
Basic Bookkeeping
Basic bookkeeping means basic, checkbook register–style bookkeeping, not full accounting. You will still need accounting software.
Trust Account Management
Project & Task Managment
Document Management
Document Management
Some timekeeping and billing software includes basic document management so that you can add documents and associate them with your cases/matters.
Document Management Integrations
  • Box
  • DropBox
  • Netdocuments
Data Security & Migration
Data Migration
  • Standard data migration to the platform.
Data Location
Data Security
Miscellaneous Integrations
  • Outlook

Things You Might Want To Know

Budgeting. Budgeting on a client-by-client basis, particularly for larger clients, can give you a better sense of cash flow. Timeslips allows you to create client-specific budgets and easily duplicate those budgets if you’re planning on using the same basic scheme for multiple clients.

Passive time tracking. Timeslips can capture time automatically based on which applications and websites you are using. You can set up a number of rules for the passive tracking, including preventing tracking specific applications or windows or assigning categories based on the application or window you’re using. Passive time tracking can then be converted into time slips.

Desktop-based. You have to install Timeslips on your Windows computer. If you have multiple users, you’ll need a server to host it so you can all use the software together. This does mean you have complete control over the program’s uptime and security on your end but also limits your mobility of use.

Migration. Timeslips doesn’t support the importing of external data aside from correctly formatted Excel documents, which is a rather cumbersome process.

Security. Because you install the software on your own computer or server, you are responsible for the security of your data. At a minimum, you’d want to encrypt all the data on your hard drives so that, were they to be accessed, the attacker would only get gibberish.

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1 Timeslips Community Review

  1. Dale S. says:


    We have been TimeSlips users for nearly 20 years. We gave a two-year old version.
    We tried to buy one more license for a new employee last week, but were told that since our version (2017) is no longer supporting “older” versions. I was told I would have to spend $7000 to upgrade. I called my consultant and will fire TineSlips shortly when we buy a new system. They are the dumbest marketers I have ever seen! Stay away from them.