Doug Koenig, then a recent graduate of law school, had just finished helping a 94-year old client sort out some family legal issues. As they were winding down with a polite chat, his client began to describe the first time she had ridden a horse with her dad at the age of eight. With perfect clarity, she recalled the heady rush of the wind in her hair and the thrill of that first ride more than eighty-five years ago. “I heard that story and thought: I’m done,” says Doug. “I’m done with everything else I’m doing. I want to be an Elder Law attorney and hear more of these stories.”

What’s your why?

What’s your cause? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? These are the questions Simon Sinek asks in his iconic TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. “The inspired leaders and the inspired organizations—regardless of their size, regardless of their industry—all think, act and communicate from the inside out.” In other words, what’s your Why?

Doug’s affinity for the elderly and love of a good story were two small factors in his decision to become an Elder Law attorney. He discovered just how crucial Elder Law attorneys are in a time when the Baby Boomer generation are entering their twilight years with few resources available to them. His Why was to help the huge percentage of the population facing life-altering decisions such as power of attorney, long-term care, and financial assistance.

“I sit with them. When they’re done, they understand what’s happening and what their options are. When they walk out and say, ‘Thank you, I feel better.’ That’s fulfilling.”

You didn’t become a lawyer to file paperwork. You didn’t become a lawyer to juggle meetings in your appointment book. You became a lawyer to make a difference. To have a hand in creating a just world or to simply help people during their most challenging times.

Be their voice. We’ll be yours.

At LexReception, our Why is to provide your legal practice with the highest caliber personnel so you can keep fighting the good fight. With our “work anywhere” model, we’re able to find the best people based on talent, not proximity. And our virtual receptionists spend less time commuting, less time contributing to the alarming levels of tailpipe carbon dioxide emissions, and more time on their reasons for getting out of bed each day. You end up being represented by not only the most talented receptionists, but the happiest.

The best part? You can work Anywhere. We’ll take on the phone calls, the appointment-booking, the CRM updates. You can attend your client meetings, argue in court, and make those calls knowing we have you covered. Represent people and be their voice. We’ll be yours.

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Last updated January 8th, 2019