Law firms looking to expand and grow or implement automated legal intake systems would benefit from incorporating a client relationship manager (CRM) into their tech stack. CRM software, like Law Ruler,  assists in tracking your interactions with current, prospective, and past clients. It can reduce the amount of effort your firm spends on potential new clients (PNCs). And, good CRMs will help you track the return on your marketing investments.

Law Ruler, specifically, helps law firms in three distinct ways. They have:

  1. Robust integrations and an open API (for non-native integrations).
  2. Numerous methods of automating your workflows within the system.
  3. Built-in, powerful reporting functionality.

Integrate With Other Software

Offices save time when they reduce double-entry of information. In fact, it’s one of the simplest ways to improve efficiency. And, since the intake process consequently gathers a lot of information, CRMs are a great place to begin reducing the number of times your office has to touch information. 

By integrating your CRM with applications like your Law Practice Management Software (LPMS), you reduce the number of times your office needs to enter client information, as well as the amount of opportunities you have to mistype or make other mistakes. Because of this, Law Ruler has deep integrations with some of its partners—including Rocket Matter, TimeSolv, and CosmoLex. Additionally, their open API allows any other platform with the appropriate credentials to connect to information stored in Law Ruler.

As most firms know, automating repetitive tasks in their offices can quickly increase productivity. It can also reduce headaches and simple mistakes. To this end, Law Ruler has multiple areas that allow for automation. 

First, their intake forms allow for conditional logic throughout the process. This means that once your office sets up it’s legal intake, certain decisions can be automated based on answers the PNC provides in the form. Most offices find that this means they can weed out clients who are not a good fit well before the consultation stage.

Additionally, Law Ruler has a comprehensive integration with HelloSign. The integration makes it possible to track the status of your contracts inside the Law Ruler application. This means you can see the status of each contract while it’s out for signature. After signing, each contract is sent directly into the document management area.

More than anything, though, workflow automation is where law firms will find the largest productivity increase. Law Ruler allows users to create tasks in workflow templates. These tasks can be dependent on each other, or the entire workflow can be dependent on a status change. This means that each different matter may have a distinct set of tasks based on actions taken by the PNC.

Use Reports to Make Smart Decisions

Law firms who track the value of their marketing and intake efforts can spend their dollars more wisely. Specifically, firms that can hone in on their best lead sources will be able to spend less time sorting through PNCs who are not a good fit. Beyond this, recognizing where your firm is going wrong (or right) in its lead conversions can help get the most out of the sources you are using. And lastly, tracking your return on investment (ROI) by assigning a value to each matter you have closed will assist your office in determining what marketing efforts are worth investment.

None of the above is possible without capturing the appropriate information and structuring it so users can get to it and compare specific data points to each other. Not only does Law Ruler have the built-in reports listed above, but it also allows for users to create custom reports to visualize a whole host of data your firm is tracking.

How to Get It

If you’d like to learn more about Law Ruler, just visit them at where you can schedule a demo for yourself and get ideas on how they can help you automate your legal client intake.

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Last updated August 30th, 2023