Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is quickly becoming a must-have for any small to medium-sized law firm. Obviously, it’s easier to keep a client than to gain one. Lawmatics, one of the leaders in CRM for Legal, knows this as well as anyone, which is why they’re constantly adding features to help you delight your clients.

To that end, Lawmatics has recently expanded the client-facing features on the platform. Recently, they added a Client Portal that allows users to securely communicate with their clients, share documents, schedule appointments, and more. This is a rare move for a CRM, but to be expected from the team at Lawmatics.

Lawmatics Client Portal

The Lawmatics Client Portal helps you set the tone with your clients from the beginning of your relationship. Bringing this level of interaction all the way to the intake process means your clients become accustomed to it right off the bat. This is important, because a client portal that isn’t used by clients is worthless. 

But, not all Client Portals are the same. Some will simply allow users to pay invoices, while others are just a method of secure communication. Lawmatics, on the other hand, has a robust stable of features.

Document Sharing

Most interactions with clients will require some sort of document exchange. The majority of us will have the clients send emails with attachments and will move those documents into the client file. But, most email isn’t secure, and it certainly isn’t efficient. 

Lawmatics allows you to request documents from your clients, and allows them to upload them directly into the file. You can even create a task for them that they check off when they’re done.

Integration into Automation

Importantly, this Client Portal is connected to the CRM as a whole. Which means it can interact with Lawmatics’ automation functions. So the task that your client checked off above can create more tasks, send documents, or trigger anything that can be automated in the system.

Secure Client Messaging

On top of passing documents back and forth, Client Portals should be a place where we can communicate with clients. Afterall, email isn’t always secure, and text messages (unless encrypted by both parties) is an outright liability. So Lawmatics has included a threaded messaging feature where you and your client can communicate in a way that feels familiar. 

Check out our demo video with Matt Spiegel as he walks us through Lawmatic’s new features.

Lawmatics Demo Video

How to Get It

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Last updated January 22nd, 2022