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Our Rating: 2.9/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

FindLaw, a service of Thomson Reuters and sister company to Westlaw, is both an online legal resources portal and a provider of law firm websites and SEO services.


Consumer-facing resources. FindLaw provides consumers with legal information in a number of practice areas, including real estate law, bankruptcy, product liability, traffic laws, immigration law, and more. When a consumer chooses a topic, it leads to articles with further information, all of which have a link back to FindLaw’s legal directory. It also provides consumers with do-it-yourself legal forms for a fee, guides on how to hire a lawyer, and information about the United States legal system.

High traffic. Because FindLaw has consumer resources, it receives a relatively high number of visitors. Thomson Reuters states that there are 9 million monthly visitors to and 2 million monthly visitors to the legal directory itself.

Small firm focus. Although firms of all sizes can choose to be listed in the legal directory, the overall marketing focus of FindLaw is on solo and small firms.

Extensive directory information. Depending on which tier of placement you purchase, you can choose to include information that is beyond the usual directory content. You can add material on classes and seminars you have taught, link to representative cases, and include Super Lawyer status or other honors.


You’ll need to reach out for a custom quote. The cost will depend on which services you choose.

Who FindLaw is For

With its wide range of services, FindLaw is a good choice for solo and small firm lawyers who need more than just a directory listing and are seeking comprehensive marketing services. However, if you have FindLaw build your website, you do not own your website domain, and you will lose it if you end your contract with FindLaw. You do retain rights to your site’s content, but you would need to establish a new website. Because of this, FindLaw is probably not an ideal choice for attorneys who already have a well-developed or well-trafficked website, though some of those attorneys may still find inclusion in the legal directory valuable for referral purposes.

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