You can make it easy for clients to pay online with MyCase’s Online Payment Capabilities, helping reduce the time it takes for you to get paid.


Efficient legal billing is critical for the health and success of any law firm. But a good invoicing system is pointless without a means to collect payments. Enter MyCase. MyCase’s Online Payment Capabilities helps you manage and collect payments with its client-centric payment options, making it easier on you and your clients.

Invoice Payment Page image showing how to add an invoice payment link

With MyCase, after creating a client contact and file, you can generate an invoice to either print out or email to your clients. If you decide to email your clients, MyCase generates a unique payment link for clients to pay online via credit card or eCheck (ACH). Clients paying with a credit card don’t even need a special login or client portal access, making online payments a painless process. You’ll receive real-time notifications when clients have made payments. Plus, since each payment link is associated with a client file, MyCase will automatically reconcile and update client files when payments are made, so you don’t have to.

If you need to issue refunds for credit card payments, you can quickly and easily do so from the MyCase interface. Your clients will receive their refunds within three business days. If you need to issue ACH refunds, you can do that too! Just call MyCase and someone from their support team will help facilitate that refund.

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MyCase is also trust account compliant. When collecting payment, you can designate whether the payment goes into the operating or trust account. MyCase only charges a single 3% transaction fee for credit card payments, which are approved at the time of payments so you don’t have to worry about monthly fees or insufficient funds for online payments. The transaction fee is always deducted from your operating account to ensure trust account balances remain consistent and accurate throughout the duration of a case. If you need to double check trust account balances, or run reports on any of your finances, eCheck and credit card payment details are available as Payments Reports, easily accessible through your dashboard.

How To Get It

To learn more about MyCase and its Online Payment Capabilities, visit MyCase for a free demo today.

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Last updated June 19th, 2023