LawPay is optimizing its integration with MyCase by bringing the bulk of its functions in-house. And by “in-house” we mean, within MyCase. Rather than switching back and forth between the two platforms, users will now have a seamless experience using LawPay directly within their MyCase app.

This is something many watchers of this space were hoping for. After its recent purchase of the MyCase platform, LawPay is taking advantage of its intimate working relationship with the cloud-based practice management provider. While the platforms have allowed users to share information back and forth for years, they have never allowed for the efficiencies seen today.

Now, MyCase users can request trust account funds, save credit card information, and even send custom payment links without having to leave the platform. Check out the video below to see how LawPay is using its weight to increase the MyCase user experience.

LawPay & MyCase Integration Demo

How to Get It

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Last updated October 7th, 2022