If you’re still chasing down clients for their signature on retainers, releases, and other documents, then waiting days or even weeks for them to return that document, we’re here to tell you there’s a much better way. With MyCase’s new e-Signature solution, you can easily prepare and send documents to clients who can sign them in just a matter of clicks, creating an easy and seamless document signing experience for both you and your client. 


Take the complexity out of document signing with fast and convenient e-signatures on your documents and agreements. MyCase’s e-Signature functionality features a sleek interface with a drag-and-drop design for your already existing documents and is available at no additional cost to its users. It seamlessly integrates with MyCase’s other features to help you craft a comprehensive workflow that fits best with your practice.

To prepare your documents for e-signatures, simply upload your document to MyCase, click where you need signatures, initials, or data boxes, and send the document to your client with a request for signature and custom message. From there your client can sign from any location on their computer or mobile device when it’s convenient for them. 

Once the document is signed, you and your client will receive an email copy of the signed agreement and the document will automatically be saved to MyCase under that client’s file. With such a streamlined process, clients will sign and return documents more quickly, avoiding delays and bottlenecks, and saving you follow-up work.

While giving your clients the option to e-Sign documents is efficient and convenient, it also creates a high-quality experience with your firm. Clients will feel more confident in you and your firm when you provide a modern and polished service with MyCase. 

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MyCase is a comprehensive law practice management software that helps you manage every aspect of your firm, including lead management, case management, the full billing cycle, and firm oversight. It offers powerful features and integrations to help you create a more streamlined and efficient practice. 

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Last updated March 3rd, 2020