For the last five years, Lawyerist Lab has offered lawyers business coaching, online business tools and resources, and a community of like-minded lawyers working to build their business differently. Now, Lawyerist is launching its latest community, Lab Legacy. A group for lawyers who sit in the CEO seat of their firm and need support outside Lab’s core offering. 

Confucius said, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” Lawyerist builds programs that allow lawyers to connect with the right people in the right room at the right time for their business.

Lawyerist Lab Legacy Offers Something Different

“Our Lab community stands out because participating lawyers all want to build client-centered practices. They want to push their firms beyond the way it’s been done for the last 100 years,” said Lab Legacy business coach, Stephanie Everett. “Lawyers hear ‘that’s never going to work’ in most of their legal networks. We’re trying to build a place where they can hear “yes, and! because we know it is possible—we have lawyers already doing it.”

We designed Lab Legacy for lawyers who have built their business foundation and are thinking about what’s next. These lawyers are ready to build their legacy—what they’ll leave behind. They are often scaling their businesses, adding additional offerings, or planning their exit strategy. 

Lab Legacy is for Lawyers Past Start-Up and Initial Growth

Members of this community meet three times a year for a multiday mastermind and work session. As a result, the lawyers have time and space away from their day-to-day responsibilities. This allows them to tackle big-picture business opportunities. Lab Legacy’s masterminds push these lawyers to think big. Finally, they learn from one another and have a bit of fun while doing it. 

“There are lots of articles and resources for lawyers trying to start a law firm from scratch. Unfortunately, lawyers ready to grow to the next level have fewer options and resources,” said Legacy Lab member Aaron Thomas. “Working with Lawyerist Legacy and having Stephanie as my business coach means I have help in those ‘middle stages’ of growing my law firm and the unique challenges that come along with it.” 

Lab Legacy member Erik Pelton, said, “Being in Lab Legacy has been tremendously valuable for me as our firm continues to grow and evolve to new heights. Having access to Stephanie and the Lawyerist coaches, along with a sounding board and wisdom from other founders of very successful firms, is priceless.”

Lab Legacy Heads to Utah in March

Membership in the Lab Legacy group is by invitation only. Lawyerist is hosting the next 2.5-day mastermind in late March 2022, just outside Sundance, Utah. Lawyers interested in learning more about Lab Legacy can connect with Stephanie Everett at

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Last updated July 12th, 2023