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Stephanie Everett

Chief Growth Officer / Lab Coach / Speaker

Stephanie leads the Lawyerist team; serves as our lead strategy and business coach for our Lawyerist Lab program; and regularly speaks at CLEs and legal conferences.

Her brilliance on the team is:

Stephanie leads with balanced confidence. She uncovers facts, does the research, and thinks about the implications, big and small. She is skilled at speaking in a way that makes people feel they can achieve anything they want. She inspires growth and motivates her team and community. She helps people overcome doubts. She’s thoughtful and accessible.


Balanced confidence. And by that, I mean the confidence that comes with knowing you have researched and learned as much as you should when approaching a new task.


“Stephanie is our strategic champion—she thinks quickly, creatively, and always comes up with a solution that takes our business to the next level.”

Stephanie kayaking with her daughter.
Stephanie and her husband at Hamilton.

Her history and specialties include:

Stephanie understands what it’s like to practice law and run a business. She started her career at a big law firm before co-founding her own real estate litigation firm. As the managing partner, Stephanie watched her firm grow from two lawyers to a team of twenty people in just seven years.

Her passion for running a business led her to pursue coaching and consulting so she could help other lawyers who work hard, but often felt stuck in their business. In 2016, she was tapped by a joint venture comprising the State Bar of Georgia, the Georgia Supreme Court, and Georgia’s five law schools to design and launch Lawyers for Equal Justice, an incubator helping newer lawyers start socially conscious law firms.

Stephanie joined the Lawyerist team in 2018 and launched our Lawyerist Lab program. She still works closely with the lawyers in our Lab program but splits her time and also oversees our business operations.

Stephanie wants to make an impact in her community and do her part to leave the world a little better. She has prevsiously served on the board of directors of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, the Mikell Camp and Conference Center, the Georgia State Law Alumni Council, and Making Your Business Les Cayes (a project to teach and provide funding to business start ups in Les Cayes, Haiti). She volunteers with her child’s soccer team and has served as a youth group leader and lay leader at her church.

In 2020, Stephanie was named to the ABA’s Women of Legal Tech list and is a member of the 2017 Fastcase 50 class. Her college, Oglethorpe University, presented her with the Spirit of Oglethorpe Award in 2018 for living out the school’s values of making a life, making a living, and making a difference. During her career as a lawyer, Stephanie was recognized as a Rising Star and a Super Lawyer and named as a distinguished lawyer by Georgia Trends magazine.

She is a co-author of Lawyerist’s popular book The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited, and host of The Lawyerist Podcast.

Stephanie hiking in Snow Canyon State Park.
Stephanie and her daughter iceskating at Rockerfeller Plaza.
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Offline, you’ll find her:

Stephanie and her husband, Jason, both avid Texas Hold’em players, own a craft beer distributorship, serving all of Georgia. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter–as long as it doesn’t involve running–in her home city of Atlanta.

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You can get her talking about:

Her first camping trip. Reward points. Her solo retreat! Things relating to or characterized by a good ol’ competition!

Her genius as a coach is:

As a coach, Stephanie is well-rounded, pragmatic, encouraging, and experienced. She was a pioneer of Lawyerist’s coaching program, Lawyerist Lab, and is passionate about (and really good at) helping lawyers unlock their firm’s potential, creating a healthy business, and making life easier. She packs in value and her coaching is transformational. She connects, coaches, motivates, and inspires Lab members. Cheer-leading others is her superpower persona!


Lawyerist Lab Coach

I asked myself of all of the people I know, who would be best person and Stephanie was #1 on the list

I find Stephanie to be highly practical and a natural teacher and facilitator. Stephanie has the experience of not only building a firm, but working with hundreds of firms across the country and being highly connected to industry thought leaders in addition to being one herself.”

Her speaking expertise includes:
Stephanie is a sought-after speaker and is comfortable with everything from a keynote speech to interactive workshops. She easily works with conference organizers to tailor topics and presentations to the needs of the audience. She’s an assured, approachable, and engaging speaker who knows how to bring up and down the energy depending on the crowd.



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